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Ever wonder about all the sports audio that ends up on the cutting room floor? From Seahawks to Sounders and everywhere in between, Q13 Sports Anchors Aaron Levine and Michelle Ludtka end up with hours of unused interviews and segments each week. This is the spot for some of that audio. Clips from Coach Pete Carrol, in-studio interviews with Storm players and special analysis from sport producer Alex Pope. Take a listen to these Q13 Extras!

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Q13 Extras: Seahawks Off the Field

In Q13’s new segment, “Seahawks Off the Field” Matt Lorch gets to know what makes a player tick, their inspiration and their personal stories that lie just under the surface.


12 Dec 2019

Rank #1

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Q13 Extras: Seattle Dragons stars talk everything from the upcoming season to their favorite meals

We're learning more about the inaugural season of the Seattle Dragons this week. Q13 News Sports Director Aaron Levine sits down with Dragons Quarterback Brandon Silvers, Wide Receiver Kasen Williams and Dragons President Ryan Gustafson. Tune in!


5 Dec 2019

Rank #2

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Q13 Extras: An exclusive XFL preview, plus should student-athletes be paid?

Our first Extras episode! Q13 Sports producer talks with Q13 Sports Director Aaron Levine about the XFL, before we hear from XFL insiders. Then, Alex sits down with former Huskies football player Terry Hollimon to hear about the changes coming to the NCAA.


22 Nov 2019

Rank #3