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Do you love TV shows, comics, comedy and fantasy? Vigilante Verse brings you the new out of the box podcast in an audio book form, with all the things you love. Tune in every Friday for a new scripted, acted out podcast.Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thevigilanteverse/?hl=enTwitter: @vigilanteverse

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7: What's Up Danger!

In the mid season finale, we start off at the bar where everyone has had a little too much to drink. Things are said, emotions are revealed and a certain someone snaps and goes to the dark side. What will happen next?Continuous story line: Catch up on episodes 1-6Follow us on Instagram @thevigilanteverse & Twitter @vigilanteverseVoices brought to you by:Sonig VaradianCody GalanteBen KichenNick GendreauCameron PierceEthan Spaulding


24 May 2019

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