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Exploring all things genetics. Dr Patrick Short, University of Cambridge alumnus and CEO of Sano Genetics, analyses the science, interviews the experts, and discusses the latest findings and breakthroughs in genetic research. To find out more about Sano Genetics and its mission to accelerate the future of precision medicine visit: www.sanogenetics.com

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EP 7 Impute.me creator Lasse Folkersen discusses his passion project

Lasse Folkersen discusses how he started impute.me as a passion project, out of sheer curiosity to understand his own genes and to help others with the same intention and as a result, he has now sequenced his entire living family. We discuss impute.me’s stance on data privacy where users data is automatically deleted after 14 days as well as the smart way impute.me keeps costs down and keep the platform running solely from donations.


2 Jul 2019

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EP 4 The Genetics of Depression

Dr Cathryn Lewis is a highly regarded Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Statistics at King's College London. Previously in her career Dr Lewis significantly contributed to research on the breast cancer genes BRA1 and BRCA2. She now leads the Statistical Genetics Unit at Kings College London. Dr Lewis joins us for this episode to discuss her latest research and the link between genetics and depression.


30 May 2019

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EP 25: Ethics of DNA Marketplaces and Data Sharing with Dr Mahsa Shabani

Patrick talks to Dr Mahsa Shabani, a researcher at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law, University of Leuven. From the golden state killer to blockchain, they discuss the latest ethical issues in genetics. They look at data sharing and involvement of patients in genomics research, and talk about Dr Shabani’s most recent paper, which looks at the ethical concerns with motivations for those who want to make their data available for research. Asking if people are choosing to share their data for financial reasons, is this ethical?


24 Dec 2019

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EP 3 A Diet Which Helps You Fit in Your Genes

Dr Giles Yeo is a geneticist at the University of Cambridge, a public speaker, TV presenter and the brilliant author behind Gene Eating. We sit down to speak with Giles about how our genetics influence our diet and our behaviour towards food. 


17 May 2019

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EP 22: Behind every data point is a person with Dr Paul Wicks

Get to know a little bit more about our new scientific advisor Dr Paul Wicks. Paul has dedicated much of his career to patient-centric research and building patient communities, particularly in rare disease. Paul has spent 17 years in the digital health and online community space, 13 of which were spent as a senior leader at PatientsLikeMe.


29 Oct 2019

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EP 19: Dr Patrick Short Discusses the Personalised Genomics Industry

This episode was originally recorded for CUTalks, the podcast of the Cambridge University Technology & Enterprise club. In this podcast, CEO and Co-founder Dr Patrick Short discusses the personalised genomics industry, as well as his journey from PhD to founder and some important lessons he learnt along the way.


25 Sep 2019

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EP 23: Microbiome in birth and health with Dr Yan Shao

Our guest this week is Dr Yan Shao from The Wellcome Sanger Institute, a non-profit British genomics and genetics research institute. In this episode, Dr Shao discusses the findings from his most recent study; where he and his team found significant differences in the microbiomes of newborn babies depending on delivery method.


21 Nov 2019

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EP 14 Genetics News

In this episode, we cover the latest genetics news stories including; 1) 23andMe’s plan to start collecting health data 2) New research that’s sounding alarm bells about the accuracy of genotyping tests 3) The largest-ever study of genetics and PTSD  4) A new $160 million round of funding for a SanFrancisco-based company working on the early detection of cancer 5) A breakthrough cure for another rare disease, amyloidosis, that’s just been approved in the UK


21 Aug 2019

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EP 15 DNA Today host Kira Dineen discusses Genetic Counselling

This week on our podcast we speak to Kira Dineen, a genetic counsellor in training and host of DNA Today. We ask Kira what she’s learned from more than 200 hours of conversation with leading doctors and researchers in genetics, as well as some questions about genetic counselling and her experience. This is part one of a special two-part episode. The other half of the podcast will be featured on DNA Today so make sure you head over to DNA Today for the rest!


23 Aug 2019

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EP 17: Genetics News (September 2019)

Last week, the shocking story that sick migrants undergoing lifesaving care can now be deported hit the NY times - but what effect will it have on clinical trials in America? Find out in this episode of our podcast, where we discuss the top four genetic news stories from September 2019. Also featured in this episode: A 500,000 genome wide study into the genetics of homosexuality, the FDA getting stricter on pharmacogenomic tests and new epigenetic signatures in Alzheimers.


10 Sep 2019

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EP 18: Elin Haf Davies: How Aparito Uses Wearables & Mobile Apps to Run Patient-Centric Clinical Trials

Our guest this week is Elin Haf Davies, who is the CEO of Aparito - a technology company that focuses on patient-generated health data. Elin is also an inspirational speaker, trans-atlantic rower and pediatric nurse. In this episode we discuss clinical trials, the use of technology in patient-centric studies and the work of Aparito.


19 Sep 2019

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EP 24: Diagnosis to clinical trial in 6 weeks with Gemma Stunt

Dr Patrick Short talks to Gemma Stunt about her son Bertie’s diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, how to get involved in clinical trials and what life is really like with a currently ‘incurable’ genetic condition.


6 Dec 2019

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EP 13 How Eurocentricity is holding genetics back with Dr. Alicia Martin

Dr. Alicia Martin, a researcher at the Massachusets General Hospital and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, discusses the issues surrounding Eurocentricity in genetics studies.


13 Aug 2019

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EP 10 Eric Topol on how Machine Learning & AI can Contribute to the Future of Healthcare

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Eric Topol, author of ‘The Patient Will See You Now’ and ‘Deep Medicine’. Eric has had an incredible career which has been largely focused on researching cardiovascular disease and heart attacks, both of which he worked on in the Cleveland Clinic and Scripps Institute. In this episode, we discuss wireless medicine and the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in medicine and healthcare.


23 Jul 2019

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EP 6 The Phlebotomist Depicts a Dystopian Future Governed by DNA Testing

The Phlebotomist is a play written by Ella Road which imagines a future where your genetic rating influences every aspect of your life and is determined through a single blood test. We spoke with Ella to find out about her inspiration and the cross overs between modern day genetic testing and The Phlebotomist. The radio adaptation of The Phlebotomist is available now in the UK on BBC iPlayer.


18 Jun 2019

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EP 20: Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome with Allison Watson

In this episode Patrick Short speaks with Allison Watson the co-founder and secretary of Ring20 Research and Support UK patient organisation and the co-chair of EpiCARE’s patient advisory group. Allison discusses the Ring Chromosome 20 syndrome and the work of Ring20 Research and Support UK.


4 Oct 2019

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EP 9 Conversation with Gencove CEO & Human Genetics Researcher Joe Pickrell

Human Genetics Researcher Joe Pickrell is the CEO of Gencove who offer low-pass sequencing technology which is both cost-efficient and provides highly accurate variant calls across the whole genome. Having trained as a statistical geneticist, Joe discusses his early work with Jonathan Pritchard, developer of Structure and his work at the New York Genome Center to reduce the cost of whole-genome sequencing using computational methods such as imputation. This interesting discussion covers a range of topics from low-pass sequencing to eQTL to the ways in which modern humans are still evolving.


16 Jul 2019

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EP 8 Dr Sonya Abraham on biologics, arthritis and the gut microbiome

Sano Genetics CEO Dr Patrick Short interviews Dr Sonya Abraham, a researcher at Imperial College, London who looks at different conditions like arthritis and psoriasis to discuss biological therapies (or biologics) and how the gut microbiome affects these treatments.


9 Jul 2019

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EP 5 Could Weed Killer Cure This Rare Disease (Alkaptonuria)?

We talk to Nick Sireau (co-founder of Findacure and chairman of the AKU society) about his two sons, who were both born with Alkaptonuria which is an ultra-rare genetic condition that causes the bone's surface to turn black and corrode. Nick has worked tirelessly to help establish a new clinical trial, exploring whether a chemical originally used as a weed killer could provide a treatment for this debilitating condition. So far the signs are very positive, but Nick is currently awaiting the final results which will be disclosed in September.


11 Jun 2019

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EP 12 Q&A: Quora's Top Genetics Questions

Dr Patrick Short answers the top genetic questions on quora. Which include:  1) How reliable is the DNA testing offered by sites like Ancestry.com or 23andMe? 2) Does DNA testing for diet and fitness really work? 3) Does 23andMe provide accurate results for people of Indian heritage? 4) How much of the genome does 23andMe sequence? Can their data be used to study disease? 5) How seriously would you take the DNA ancestry and health reports from a place like 23andMe?


6 Aug 2019

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