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a comedy podcast from John Lisle, L.A. Lloyd and Drew Bennett

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Beaver Cool Aid – Episode 26: Adult Diapers

• 00:15  John changes baby diapers • 09:11  Texas vs. North Carolina legalizing pot • 19:18  Jimmy Buffett retirement communities • 23:40  Bad themed cruises • 29:59  Drew is Gene Simmons; Lloyd is Marilyn Manson • 36:02  Just wanna bang on the drum all day • 40:29  Depend adult diapers • 47:29  Drew’s ridiculous questions to Lloyd and John


16 Aug 2018

Rank #1

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Beaver Cool Aid Episode 27: Manu Ginobili retires…Louis CK returns

Beaver Cool Aid Episode 27: Manu Ginobili retires…Louis CK returns 00:11 Lisle, Lloyd and Drew pay respect to the retirement of Manu Ginobili 03:01 Louis CK returns to do stand up but is it too soon? 09:09 Eddie Murphy may have 10 kids, but do you need to be a 50+ Dad with newborn 17:29 Drew and Lloyd celebrate their birthday at a Kansas show 21:52 Canada beats the USA again with Sex Doll Brothels 27:50 Miniature horses as service animals on Southwest airlines. Explicit 18+


30 Aug 2018

Rank #2

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Beaver Cool Aid – Episode 28: Beto’s Nikes

•00:11 Beto’s Nikes •05:30 Syndication Penetration: Lisle’s legacy remembered or forgotten? •18:02 Hurricane Florence blows •22:01 Drew’s feet problems •23:19 Lloyd cuts the cable •28:10 Burt Reynolds remembered from Bandit to Boogie Nights •32:58 Lisle explains how to get free digital TV with rabbit ears •39:59 Drew visits Universal Studios


13 Sep 2018

Rank #3

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Beaver Cool Aid – Episode 33: Life Happens

You have to give it up to the three guys who put the high in hiatus.  It’s been a bit of a gap to say the least since the last Beaver Cool Aid.  Lisle said it best during this one, “Life Happens.”  Lisle, Lloyd and Drew get caught up with on what happened with each other over the holidays…somehow they try to find the funny in all of it and share with you.00:10          2018 recap08:21          Dave Grohl’s 50th birthday13:50          Lloyd prepares for High School reunion17:55          More Dave Grohl tidbits from Lloyd21:05          Amarillo restaurant feeds non paid govt. employees25:23          NFL Big Game predictions30:55          Alexa takes over37:48          Hair Club for Lloyd42:38          Christmas leftovers Explicit 18+


17 Jan 2019

Rank #4

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Beaver Cool Aid Episode 32: A Hallmark Holiday

The holidays are here and Lisle, Lloyd and Drew reflect on Thanksgiving and prepare for the biggest show of the year Beaver Cool Aid Christmas II. 00:11     Manscaping: Drew discovers unwanted hair 06:12     KISS: The end of the road 10:14     Thanksgiving memories 15:36     Christmas Podcast II preview 18:46     Lloyd loves Holiday movies 23:40     Megyn Kelly loses her spot 27:09     Mack (Brown) is back Explicit 18+


3 Dec 2018

Rank #5