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Tenting updates and a graduating senior's reflections

This is the last episode of DukeWeek to feature Jake Sheridan and Matthew Griffin as co-hosts. Jake is graduating, so in this episode he reflects on this time at Duke and what he'd tell his first-year self. Also, staff reporter Audrey Wang discusses updates to tenting policies for the Carolina men's basketball game.  Good luck on finals! Host and producer: Matthew Griffin Graphic designer: May Fu December 7, 20201


7 Dec 2021

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Could Men's and Women's Soccer Win Their NCAA Tournaments?

It’s a bad week to be a turkey, but a good one to be a Duke soccer player. Duke’s men’s and women’s soccer teams both won flashy victories in this Sunday in the second round of the NCAA tournament. How good are these teams, and could they win the championship? Sports reporter and Blue Zone Editor Sasha Richie takes a look at our soccer teams’ wins and the road ahead. Evictions are “alive and well” after a national moratorium ended, says guest Jesse McCoy, the Duke Law Civil Justice Clinic’s supervising attorney. Fortunately, Durham is well prepared and faring better than other counties across the state. What does eviction in Durham look like right now, and where is it headed? The new QuadEx housing system is set to transform the undergraduate experience next fall. Features Managing Editor Katie Tan went to the first information session on the incoming policy to learn more about it. What’s going to change, and how do students feel about the dramatic housing makeover? So can we just call the semester off here? Host and producer: Jake Sheridan Graphic designer: May Fu November 23, 2021.


23 Nov 2021

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Are new climate agreements enough? A Duke climate scientist reflects

Drew Shindell, Nicholas distinguished professor of earth science, has been an author or reviewer on multiple United Nations reports on climate change. He was also at this month’s COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. On this episode of DukeWeek, he talks about his work and the agreements nations made at the summit to try to limit climate change. Features Managing Editor Katie Tan discusses the history of housing inequality in Durham, and staff reporter Adway Wadekar breaks down which Duke employees make the most money. It's basketball season! Time to start getting those tenting spreadsheets ready... Host and producer: Matthew Griffin Graphic designer: May Fu November 16, 2021


15 Nov 2021

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Duke Basketball Preview: Coach K’s Last Year

Duke Basketball is back! The men’s team kicks off their season — Coach K’s last — with a season opener against the 10th-ranked University of Kentucky Wildcats on Tuesday. The women’s team starts their’s with a game against Winthrop. Chronicle Sports Editor Jake Piazza comes on to tell us what to expect from the Blue Devils, what new players will be stars and how he thinks the season will go. Then, Durham County Commissioner Nida Allam talks about her campaign for U.S. Congress. She entered the race to fill the House seat soon to be vacated by David Price on Monday. Hear why she's running and what she hopes to accomplish. After that, Chronicle Managing Editor Nadia Bey joins us to share details about a plan to revamp the Trinity curriculum. What could change and when might changes come? Clear heart, blue face, can't lose. Go Duke! Host and producer: Jake Sheridan  Graphic designer: May Fu November 10, 2021. 


10 Nov 2021

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Duke Immerse students lose items worth thousands in theft

Items worth more than $20,000 were stolen from students in a Duke Immerse program during a trip to Oakland, Calif. Duke has tried to help students recover from the loss and replace their belongings — but some aren't satisfied with the response.  Identity groups leaders say they were left out of the decision to move the Career Center to Bryan Center office space, and that the office should become dedicated space for marginalized students.  Keith Upchurch discusses how he and his dog, Nugget, have seen campus change over time since March 2020. It's that time of year when it's freezing in the morning and hot at noon. Welcome to North Carolina.  Host and producer: Matthew Griffin Graphic designer: May Fu November 2, 2021.


2 Nov 2021

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The Duke endowment shot up 56% this year. What does that mean for students?

The Duke endowment grew 56% in the last year. Whose behind the endowment, why did it go up, and what does that mean for Duke? Reporter Gautam Sirdeshmukh breaks down the endowment’s big jump. COVID cases are way down here at Duke. Only 11 students and 3 faculty members tested positive last week. The numbers have trended down and stayed low since the outbreak we saw early in the semester. Duke Vice President of Adminstration Kyle Cavanaugh joins us to talk about how COVID is trending at Duke and which coronavirus-restrictions could go away next. Election Day for Durham mayor and three city council seats is only a week away. When it comes to learning about candidates, the Chronicle’s got you covered. Reporter Ayra Charania shares with us what she heard at a candidates forum for Durham’s Nov. 2 municipal election. What’s your Halloween costume?!? Host and producer: Jake Sheridan Graphic designer: May Fu October 25, 2021.


26 Oct 2021

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Was a Duke heiress a murderer?

In 1966, billionaire tobacco heiress Doris Duke ran over and killed one of her employees. Now, a new book and a new eyewitness argue the death was no accident. Reporter Sana Pashankar discusses the story, which you can read at chron.it/dorisduke. Then, the co-editor of North Carolina Central University's student newspaper talks about NCCU campus life this fall. Chronicle Recess Editor Tessa Delgo gives an overview of what's going on in the arts at Duke, including exhibits and film screenings you might want to check out. Spooky season is here, and the scariest thing of all is that midterm season won't seem to end. Hope you have Halloween plans to take your mind off that upcoming exam. Host and producer: Matthew Griffin Graphic designer: May Fu October 19, 2021.


19 Oct 2021

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Low Durham primary turnout, Caballero suspends mayoral campaign

Durham voted in its municipal primary last week. But only 10% of Durhamites voted, and a major mayoral candidate dropped out afterwards. Chronicle Editor-in-Chief Leah Boyd breaks down the primary results and shares how you can vote in Durham’s upcoming general election. Then, Chronicle reporter Chloe Nguyen talks about what the end of the CDC’s eviction moratorium means for Durham. She fills listeners in on how the arrival of big companies like Google and Apple impacts Durham’s housing market and how experts view the state of eviction in Durham. After that, Chronicle Sports Editor Jake Piazza lays out the COVID-protocol for Duke basketball and the Cameron Crazies. He also shares an update on Duke football and men’s and women’s soccer. So, uh, can we get another fall break? Excited to see a bunch of old folks reliving their glory days this parents’ weekend. Host and producer: Jake Sheridan Graphic designer: May Fu October 12, 2021.


12 Oct 2021

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Reflections on a Long-Delayed Commencement

The Class of 2020 finally got an in-person commencement on Sunday, 16 months after they celebrated with a virtual ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Student speaker Sabrina Sabrina Maciariello talks about her experience at commencement, the themes of grief woven into her speech and her advice for current students.  Features Managing Editor Alison Korn talks about problems the Mitchell-White House, a Cultural Living and Learning Community designed to provide a safe residential space for Black students, has had with Duke administration. Enterprise Editor Chris Kuo talks COVID-19 policy — and what Cameron Indoor Stadium might look like this year. It's almost fall break. You've got this! Host and producer: Matthew Griffin Graphic designer: May Fu September 28, 2021


28 Sep 2021

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Heck of a Housing Overhaul

What does Duke's new residential college system, which will roll out next fall, mean for campus life? Why won't the University have selective housing sections after the 2022-23 academic year? Editor-in-Chief Leah Boyd breaks down the QuadEx system. Also, DSG President Christina Wang describes what the student government is working on this year. Reporter Adejuwon Ojebuoboh talks about how the Duke, Durham and Triangle communities are welcoming Afghan refugees. Midterm season will be here before you know it. Time to start reviewing your notes! Host and producer: Matthew Griffin Graphic designer: May Fu September 21, 2021


21 Sep 2021

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