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Magnetic As F*ck with Jenna Black is a podcast created for spiritual and visionary women ready to rise into their power, purpose and prosperity, so they can enrich the world. Join Jenna to expand your business, money and life to a whole new level of rich abundance, pleasure and impact.Jenna is a business and wealth coach, intuitive soul guide, money queen and energy healer. If you’re a coach, healer, leader, mystic or creative ready to rise into a 6 figure plus empire, magnetize soul clients, money and desires with ease and do it all with pleasure, flow and queen vibes, then you’re in the right space.It’s time to become Magnetic As F*ck, and ultimately become the woman that you came here to be. Connect with Jenna:Website:https://www.jennablack.coInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/jennablack.officialFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/jennablack.official

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Expanding your capacity to receive

One of the beautiful universal truths I am always reminded of, is that we truly live in an abundant universe, and our capacity to receive is only limited by our own beliefs and energy. There’s a powerful exercise that I’m so excited to share with you today that will help you expand your capacity to receive the wealth and abundance you desire. Because the truth is, money is energy and energy is all around us, at all times.  Ready to open up your channels to receive? Let’s dive in!  xx Jenna  Connect with me further: Visit me online :: www.jennablack.co Join Queens of Abundancewww.jennablack.co/queensofabundance/ Join me on Instagram :: @jennablack.official Join me on Facebook :: @jennablack.official Sign up for my free money manifesting meditation here If you loved this episode, please share that love by leaving a 5 star review and subscribing on iTunes!


22 Oct 2019

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