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It’s important to learn about culture especially somewhere as diverse as the city of London. Only recently people are starting to highlight the fact that there is a Filipino culture & having the desire to actually learn about it. Whether it be perceived as good or bad, it’s still our culture that should be embraced. Being born and raised as a girl in East London, we go through and grow through it differently, if you’re intrigued on how. Give us a listen! Oh and 2 2's now... Chismis (Tsismis) means Gossip!

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Chismis or Nah - Sneaky kids?

Welcome to our new little segment/minisode - Chismis or Nah! Where we debate and talk on a topic/statement to come to the conclusion of if we agree or nah 🤓 In this weeks minisode we talk on strict parents - we know most of you have them! Make sure you let us know if you agree or disagree or even give us a topic to talk about! DM us on @22chismis on all platforms ✨💕


10 May 2021

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38. We're back for the millionth time!

After 5 long months of lockdown and not being able to go to the studio, we are finally back...again! And we hope this is the last time we have to make a return, rona please exit the groupchat. 👉🏼 We update you guys up on everything from new jobs to fashion fails. We have missed our weekly chismis so a catch up we definitely needed! Being in a global pandemic has been difficult, not being able to function normally as a podcast has really tested us but we are so grateful for all the support we have gotten over the past year! ✨🥰 We would love to hear what you have been getting up to! DM us @22chismis on all platforms! 💓


3 May 2021

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37. I bought him a PS5

February, the month of love. Happy belated Valentine’s Day! 💘💐💝 In this episode, we delve into love languages, dating, gift giving and most importantly self love. Relationships are all fun and games but it all draws back to you 👈🏽 Make sure you find us on all platforms and spread that good good love ❤️


22 Feb 2021

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36. We’re back... again!

Guess who's back, back again! 🥳 Now that lockdown 2.0 is over, we are hopefully back for good! We've missed a month of studio so it's only right we have a catch up with you chismosa's - working from home, getting on trains & continuing on with life during a global pandemic, can you imagine?  Although we missed our 1st birthday we are so grateful for all the support we have gotten from you guys over the past year. We are so happy that you are joining us on our journey. ✨ We would love to hear what you have been getting up to! DM us @22chismis on all platforms! 💖


14 Dec 2020

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35. I knew I was his side ting

We know you guys spend a lot of time watching TV dramas, teleserye's & movies, as do we - especially during this lockdown! 😷 In this episode we put ourselves in different scenarios from different tv shows/movies from the Philippines & the UK. It's interesting figuring out what you'd do in certain situations...... imagine finding out you're the side ting 👀  or being friendzoned 😩 - Thank God it's just acting!  We love a good drama scene or comedy skit, esp one that's asian & homegrown, shout out to BAM & Beyond on Youtube!  If you enjoyed this episode & would like us to do more like these please let us know! Ask & we will deliver 😉As always @22chismis on all platforms! Happy Monday Chismosa's 🥰


30 Nov 2020

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34. He’s a mummy’s boy 😕

Oh my gosh, parenthood?! Seems like light years away for us chismosa’s! Can you picture it? Having a little mini you? 🥺🥰Growing up in the London has meant we’ve adopted different views and ways in which we will raise our kids compared to our parents. So this week we discuss everything we’d do the same and differently to our parents in the world of parenthood. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Is there anything you’d do different? Or maybe you are a parent & you’re rising your kids different to how you thought? We’d love to know! DM us @22chismis on all platforms. P.s Love to our amazing parents for shaping us into the amazing people we are today! 💗


16 Nov 2020

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33. Grow up & Glow up 🤪

“It’s just a phase” - we’ve all had about a hundred of them! In this weeks episode we reminisce on our phases going from teens to adults. It’s fun thinking back on things that you used to be into, trends that you were following & realising DAMN I’m so glad for the glow up! 😂 We’re always going to evolve & grow so it’s nice to go down memory lane every now & then! If you have some crazy phases that you’d like to share with us - slide into our DM’s we’d love to hear them! @22chismis on all platforms! 💕


2 Nov 2020

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32. The D word

And I oop... Yes the D word. You guys must be thinking huh?! You've got to listen to the episode for context hehe 🤪In this episode we dive into what self love means to us and what’s been helping us become more self aware. Something we believe should be a priority and is going to be a slow long journey of growth. 🥰 ✨Loving yourself can sound like a selfish thing but it’s important that we take care of ourselves, I mean they don’t tell us to put our oxygen masks on first before helping others for no reason! Remember the chismosa’s are always here to listen if you need someone to talk to - find us @22chimis on all platforms!


26 Oct 2020

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31. No mum, I’m a creative!

Wait, a Filipino creative? No way! Who? What? When? Where? How?? Yes, we know we’ve all heard it before, as 1st Gen we’re pushed to have stable careers such as engineer, teacher, lawyer etc. 🤓In this episode we explore Moeysha’s (@bymoeysha) journey into being a creative and how she navigates through it growing up. We also speak about her project ‘BINIBINI’ with Filipino women around the world, gathering together stories and discussions to talk about our culture. 🇵🇭 This was is definitely insightful and inspiring, we’d love to meet other Filipino creatives (and of course those who aren’t) so make sure you connect with us on all platforms @22chismis, we’re waiting!!! ❤️


19 Oct 2020

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30. Pinay Princess

Being born and raised in a whole other country to the one you’re living in sounds scary right? 😫 Well in this episode we talk about what thats really like. Featuring the lovely Moeysha (bymoeysha) - she gives us an insight into life growing up in the Philippines & then moving to London at a young age. Having to start afresh & learning to adapt to a whole new world, not to mention even learning what the word grass meant 😂 Have you had to migrate to another country before? If you have, we’d love to hear about your experiences! - As always dm us @22chismis on all platforms! ✨💕


12 Oct 2020

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