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eBook Timelines

How to add timelines to your iPad ebooks using iBooks Author and Timeline 3D or Easy Timeline.


9 Apr 2012

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Embedding Web Timelines

Have you considered using a timeline instead of an image in your article? This video tutorial shows you how to put interactive timelines directly into your web pages and blogs.


18 Jul 2011

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Web Timelines

This tutorial will show you how to publish your timeline chart to the web. Web timelines fit easily into your website or blog. They are viewable from desktop browsers, as well as from your mobile devices.


2 Jun 2011

Rank #3

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Cinematic Timelines

A demonstration of "Cinematic Timeline" features of Timeline 3D. Includes event movies, soundtracks, automatic narration, and more.


13 Feb 2011

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What is Timeline 3D?

Timeline 3D is software for Mac OS X that makes it easy to present historical facts in a way that reveals connections and clarifies relationships.


27 Aug 2010

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BEEDOCS 102: Sharing Timelines

This video is going to give you a brief overview about how you can export your timeline as a movie, as a PDF document, how you can print it out, or include it in a Keynote presentation.


4 May 2010

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Gabriel Lucas

Gabriel Lucas discusses helping teachers integrate Timeline 3D into their K-12 classrooms.


8 Apr 2010

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Bill Jacobsen

Bill Jacobsen discusses how he uses Timeline 3D to help tell the story of endangered Chinook salmon in Northern California.


15 Mar 2010

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Community Spotlight: Ted Kionka

Whether you are doing trial work or an appeal or even a presentation to a client, what lawyers have to keep in mind is that your primary job is to tell a story.


17 Nov 2009

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Basecamp Timelines

In the latest version of Timeline 3D I've added a new feature so that you can quickly create timeline charts of the information in your Basecamp projects. I think this will be really useful to help you present executive summaries of your project status to either team members or to your customers.


8 Sep 2009

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