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Medical Q&A with Andrew Becker, PA-C, ATC, EMT-B, CWS

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Issue #19 - Exemption Denied

We're a whole TWO MONTHS late in uploading this episode, but it's an important update that we need to give before moving forward. As the title suggests, Andrew's exemption was rescinded and he was fired from the hospital that he's worked at for almost 8 years because he refused to get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing (which only the unvaccinated were subject to, btw). We also talk about scotch, giving thanks, fighting dragons, singing Psalms, and Knight's Fest!


16 Mar 2022

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Issue #18 - Mandate Update

We're back! After a nearly two month hiatus, we're back with an update on the verdict from the hospital on Andrew's vaccine status. We also talk a bit about the various viruses that are circulating at the moment, including Omicron, Influenza A, and RSV. 


14 Jan 2022

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Issue #17 - Thanksgiving Special

In this episode we bring our 4 kids into the 'studio'! If you want to hear a lot of giggling and kid-versions of what Andrew does, as well as everyone telling all their favorite wound stories, give this one a listen! 


24 Nov 2021

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Issue #16 - Vaccine Mandate

In this episode, we talk about what the recently announced vaccine mandate at the hospital means for Andrew. We talk religious exemptions, science behind the mandates, medical ethics, patient autonomy, and what we're doing in the face of another job loss. 


18 Nov 2021

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Issue #15 - Concussion Care

What *is* a concussion? Do you have to hit your head to get a concussion? Is it the same thing as a TBI? How do you treat it? What are laws surrounding possible concussion for student athletes? Why do we have our kids (specifically sons) play sports that have high concussion risks? How do you treat a concussion? Listen in as Andrew answers all these questions!


11 Nov 2021

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Issue #14 - Wounds

Leech therapy, maggots for debridement, silver as an antimicrobial, and hyperbaric medicine! This week we talk wound care - one of Andrew's specialties. 

1hr 4mins

29 Oct 2021

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Issue #13 - Off-season Training

We're coming up quickly on the end of fall sports season and winter sports are just around the corner - what should athletes be doing in the off-season to prepare for the next sport? Should they be doing cardio, lifting, or actually resting? Well, it depends! Listen in as Andrew talks myofibrils, overtraining, stretching, and the like.


7 Oct 2021

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Issue #12 - What is a PA?

We’re never really sure who does and who doesn’t know what a PA is - we’ll say that Andrew is a PA and they’ll nod understandingly, but we’re always wondering if they’re thinking Public Accountant? Production assistant? Power amplifier? Power of Attorney? Press Agent? Purchasing Agent? So in this episode we talk about what kind of PA *Andrew* is. We also hit on emergency mental health services and “being there” for those we love.


23 Sep 2021

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Issue #11 - Mandated Medicine

We're a couple of days late with this week's episode, but we squeezed it in! In this episode, Andrew fills Betsy in on how the clinic open house went and some of the questions people had for him and the other providers. Of course Covid came up, so we talk some of the recent developments and try to be encouraging on that front.


12 Sep 2021

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Issue #10 - DPC 2.0

In this episode we go deeper into what DPC  (Direct Primary Care) is, and we talk about it both from the perspective of provider (Andrew) and patient (Betsy). We talk about  how it's different from both concierge medicine AND the standard insurance based model, how the Spruce app works, the benefits to not working with insurance companies, what's included in your monthly membership fee (and what isn't), the benefits of on-site pharmacy, and the access available to both patient and provider and how that makes for a more personal, direct, streamlined level of care that benefits everyone involved.


2 Sep 2021

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