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Outbreakdown! With Erin and Eliza

Comedians/friends Erin Whitehead and Eliza Skinner have been checking in with each other during quarantine - now they’re checking in with you, too! Each week they’ll talk life during a global pandemic: emotional twists and turns, google quests for specific needs, thoughts both deep and shallow, how they’re filling their days and MORE. It’s a silly, sometimes dark, thoughtful conversation between two friends trying not to have breakdowns before this is over. Listen in.

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Episode 5: WE WERE ON A BREAK!!! 

Erin and Eliza check in about the revolution that began since they last recorded, different types of virus deniers, and they try to figure out a skill for Eliza to hone while in quarantine. 


30 Jun 2020

Rank #1

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Episode 4: Horse Girls and Cat Ladies 

Erin and Eliza talk about denial as a coping mechanism, quarantine projects, argue over Chex Mix, and dig into the horse girl and cat lady stereotypes. Listen in! 

1hr 8mins

28 May 2020

Rank #2

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Episode 3 - Origin Story

Erin and Eliza talk about how they met and became friends. Plus some more updates on Erin's pop tarts, Eliza's dog, and life in general - and some very dramatic monologues.

1hr 1min

19 May 2020

Rank #3

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Outbreakdown! With Erin and Eliza

Erin is groggy and has a lot of gripes! Eliza shares a dog trauma! They talk about water parks, therapy jargon, empathy, and eventually get so dark they get to hell... in an fun, upbeat way! Listen to the very end to hear the theme song I threw together and Erin doesn't know I added! We will need to change it.


16 May 2020

Rank #4

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Untitled (For Now)

Episode 1. Comedians/friends Eliza Skinner and Erin Whitehead catch up about where in life they were when the quarantine began, sexy anxiety dreams, toxic mold, party rules, AND MORE! Also, we need YOU to help name us.


12 May 2020

Rank #5