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Women, we are warriors. Let your strength shine through and encourage the other women in your life to do the same. Our show highlights the real-life moments where audacity is needed, and bold actions are required. Carrie and Taryn are your hosts, and they welcome you into a friendship that will enrich and empower your life. They will bring together women from all walks of life to share their stories and demonstrate that audacity is there, rising within all of us.

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Episode 50: Do Things Afraid with Jolene Shrock

Jolene Shrock is a mom, a wife, a noonday ambassador, a founder of a non-profit, and a survivor of a hijacked plane. If all of this isn’t enough, Jolene struggled with infertility after always dreaming of being a mama and living the American dream. As a faithful woman, it was hard for Jolene to wrap her mind around this struggle that she was given. Eventually, she realized that adoption was her path and with that, came giving back to women and babies around the world. Living through fear and taking on things even when they scare her became something that Jolene lives by. She shares this advice along with other insight in episode 50. Listen as she shares her story full of heartbreak, happiness, and fulfillment.

27 Aug 2019

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