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Regardless of who might not say it, the majority of people who work out do so to enjoy what’s after. This means the fried food, cakes, cookies and yes, the alcoholic beverage. We understand that regular people aren’t out to lift the world or run the fastest mile ever. They just want to be able to be healthy and periodically enjoy the fruits of their labor. The cool thing is our show combines this reality with some great conversation around the thing that unites us, our love for fitness and enjoying what’s after. This show will combine REAL talk with real fitness and real beer.

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Episode 007 - Sip of Sunshine and the Brothers Holloway

Episode 007: Sip of Sunshine and the Brothers Holloway It’s episode 7 and we invite the co-owners (and brothers) of Paul Bunyan Fitness in Newtown Square, Ryan and Michael Holloway. We just celebrated 6 years of the gym being opened and Mike and Ryan help us relive a lot of the great and funny moments. We get into why they decided to open the gym in the first place and how it became Paul Bunyan. In this episode, we traverse thru naming the gym to Ryan’s basement. During the traversing, Mike talks about his favorite beers from Vermont to Ireland (maybe not so much Ireland). We briefly touch on Crohn’s disease and its effects on beer drinking. Chaz thankfully keeps Gene on topic as he takes this episode on a terribly wild ride. We close it down with the Jack’s Hard cider and Sip of Sunshine reviews and our thoughts about where Paul Bunyan will be in another 6 years. 0:41 Shout out to our sponsor Tavour. We got our first 1:03 Our Mission statement 1:49 Introducing the “sexy side of Ryan”. 2:18 This is the first episode where we sample TWO different beers (sort of). Chaz explains. 4:55 Why should Hershey sponsor this podcast? 5:00 Learn a little about Arctic Buzz, the new vodka infused ice cream. 5:50 The Sip of Sunshine story. 6:58 We start to discuss where the name “Paul Bunyan” came from and Gene claims longest standing member status. 7:45 Ryan recaps Gene’s first visit to the gym. 8:44 “What made you open the place?” 11:42 Mike discusses Josh McKinley’s starting to workout with the OG’s of Crossfit. 13:00 How many people ACTUALLY worked out in Ryan’s basement is still a mystery. 15:45 Mike gives a shout out to “one of the best guys around”, Patrick Holloway. 17:32 “Are you Paul?” 18:56 What does Michael love about the gym? 21:22 Gene tries to convince Mike to get Arctic Buzz sponsor our new podcast where he and I do P90x on video. With headbands. 22:25 Mike and Gene discuss the pants-less attorney. 26:40 Untapp’d review and discussion 27:45 Does a 10 exist or is it a unicorn? 28:40 Find out Mike’s favorite beer to drink and its IBUs. 32:40 Cans are making a huge comeback. Why? 36:40 Mike gives a shout out to Randy Gerber. 38:20 Ryan loves the intro and asks for the FULL version of the song from SL from Repeat Offenders(Shawn Jacks). 40:45 Ryan indicates that beer is better for you than water, after a marathon. Did he just make that up? 41:55 We should put beer in the vending machine. 42:10 Chaz brings us back to actually rate the beers. 42:45 Sexy voice Cider reviews. 46:00 Mike would rather lick cardboard than drink this beer. 52:09 Where do Ryan and Mike see Paul Bunyan in 6 years from now. 55:15 Is there a Barbells and Brews Café in the near future?


29 Jun 2019

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Episode 006 - Neshaminy Hef and Recap

It’s episode 6 already! We’re excited to go solo this episode and recap how the show has been and what we’ve enjoyed so far! We start out by introducing our Brewery today which is Neshaminy Creek Brewing. The brewery resides in Croydon PA and supplies the area with amazing beers, one of which we’ll be trying on the show. The beer is called Highwater Hefeweizen. This is a wheat beer with hints of clove and banana. Gene is the judge on the beer for the show today and he rates it well! After beer we discuss some beer related news and then turn into a completely different direction and discuss a controversy surrounding Castor Semenya. Castor is an olympic sprinter for South Africa and was denied competing by the governing body only to appeal the decision and lose. The controversy is discussed at length and we want to be clear in stating that we’re not medical professionals and have basic knowledge about the issue at hand. We do, however, have opinions about it and we share those with a little help with our medical expert Cara who keeps us on the factual side of the science. In the end we rate the beer and enjoy it all while coming to some conclusions of our own. Thanks to Neshaminy Creek Brewing for the amazing brew! Also thanks to Tavour our amazing sponsor and thanks to Paul Bunyan Fitness for the place to talk! HIGHLIGHTS 2:00 They don’t speak Mexican in Mexico 4:00 Tavour is coming! The shipment is in! 5:00 Neshaminy Creek Brewing is today’s brewery 7:30 Recap on the last 5 episodes 10:00 Dogfish Head being bought out by Sam Adams 15:00 Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company’s: Highwater Hefeweizen 19:00 Discussing the Castor Semenya Story 23:00 IOC ruling and Gene’s reaction 29:00 Cara enters to discussion 29:00 Gene rates the beer 37:00 Gene Chaz and Cara dig deeper into the controversy


24 May 2019

Rank #2

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Episode 005 - Negro Modelo and Cinco de Cara

Episode 005: Negro Modelo and Cinco de Cara We’re back! In this episode Gene plays therapist and referee as we welcome Cara, who is a physician assistant and also Chaz’s wife. The group discusses Cara’s distaste for beer and also what she prefers to drink. They go on to talk about her health and fitness journey and what she believes should be the standard for medical professionals. The beer of the week is Modelo Negro and in honor of Cinco de Mayo they decided to take the cerveza route! Modelo Negro is a mexican lager that has a darker color and slightly bitter undertones. After sampling the beer and watching Cara’s face after she drinks it (she hated it), the gang discusses about some varying health topics. We’re so thankful to our amazing sponsor Tavour for giving our guests a discount! Please download their app and order some beer! Also thanks to our music guy for the dope intro. Special thanks to Cara for coming on the show and talking with us! Cheers to your health and fitness. HIGHLIGHTS 2:00 Gene and Chaz discuss choosing the beer this week 5:00 Chaz introduces his Cara to the show 6:00 Cara discusses her dislike of beer 7:00 The gang discusses resting bitch face 9:00 Cara discusses her fitness journey and then goes on to debate Gene on why its a very popular sport 14:00 Gene talks about the beer: Modelo Negro which is a mexican lager developed by Modelo Beer Company 16:00 Cara talks about how her and Chaz met and then dated in college 18:00 Worrying about health issues vs ignoring them 25:00 Gene and chaz witness Cara taste the beer of the week 30:00 Cara talks about her love of sweet alcoholic drinks 35:00 What makes Cara feel the strongest and healthiest? 36:00 The group talks about Orange Theory and why it works 45:00 Health information: Cholesterol and Fats 50:00 Plant based Diets; Cara and Chaz talk about their decision to go that route 55:00 Review and give us those 5 stars!!


7 May 2019

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Episode 004 - Troegs Boysenberry and First Guest

Ep 004 Troegs Boysenberry and First Guest Our first guest is here! Chaz and gene welcome Chris Strohsahl to the podcast. Chris is a longtime member of the gym and crossfit in general. He brings a wealth of health and fitness knowledge as well as some pizza and donut thoughts! A special shoutout to Tavour! Our first sponsor is a beer buying app that enables the buyer to get those very special beers that can’t be bought locally. This app is amazing for anyone who loves beer. We welcome Troegs Brewing to the show as well by showing off their Boysenberry Tart Ale. This refreshing beer is discussed at length by the guys while going into some serious issue regarding specialization. The guys have some thoughts on if specialization is good or bad and then they go into who it benefits. Chris makes great points about age being a factor while Gene acknowledges some personal points on his children’s activities. Whether you think its good or bad the discussion is definitely worth listening to. To end the guys talk about sport vs activity and then transition into Chris’ two favorite things; pizza and donuts. He talks about the best spots locally and what makes each spot good. We want to thank Chris so much for being on the show. His expertise was an amazing addition. Thank you to Tavour for the discount code for our guests. We’re excited for what beers they have and we’re even more excited to get our first shipment in. As always a special thanks to Paul Bunyan Fitness for the location and SL from Repeat Offenders for the fire intro.  HIGHLIGHTS 2:00 First guest Chris Strohsahl is introduced 3:00 Chaz introduces their sponsor Tavour and details how they work 5:00 Chris discusses his health and fitness experience; specifically in Crossfit 8:00 The gang discusses working on things that you’re not good at and specialization 13:00 The gang introduces Troegs: Boysenberry Tart Ale 21:00 Gene talks about a funny story while judging Chris in the Open 23:00 Chris discusses his background in exercise and sport and starts the conversation of specialization 33:00 The gang discusses sports vs activity 37:00 Chris talks about his love for pizza and what makes a good neapolitan pizza 40:00 Best donuts in the area


23 Apr 2019

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Episode 003 - Ommegang Hennepin and Fat Lions

Ep 003 Ommegang Hennepin and Fat Lions In this episode Gene and Chaz discuss food and nutrition but with a more personal touch. Gene discusses his journey from being overweight to losing that weight and improving everything in between. The star beer is from Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY. This saison has a refreshing champagne like taste with a smooth finish. With this the guys discuss what IBUs are and how they apply to the taste of a beer. After some drinking Gene finishes telling his journey but not without a few laughs and criticisms from Chaz about some of the diets out there today. They discuss what the paleo diet is and also why challenges can be rewarding or detrimental depending on the person. They finish with a great question for the audience. “Have you ever seen a fat lion?” This question should peak interest of anyone who is stuck in their weight loss journey and want to understand what it takes to get there. HIGHLIGHTS 3:00: Gene discusses the Phantom Vibrate 4:00: Gene and Chaz discuss Ommegang Brewery and the Brew of The Show 6:00- They talk about Gene’s health and fitness journey 12:00- Gene and Chaz compare their “oh shit” moments 13:30- Gene pops early 15:30- They explain what IBUs are and how that details the beer 17:30- The Beer: Ommegang Saison is discussed 22:20- Rating: 7.3/10 24:00-Back to Gene’s journey 27:00- Paleo diets are discussed 31:00- Chaz and Gene talk diets and why they work and don’t work 38:00- Gene restates how important it is to understand how you felt when you were at a healthy weight vs being overweight or obese 45:00- Have you ever seen a fat lion?


4 Apr 2019

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