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In this conversational series with female designers across the globe, we will explore unique and personal stories about career challenges, cultures, creative outlets and the struggles faced when trading creativity for money.This podcast engages design's kind and kindred souls—those women who crave collaboration and seek to combat isolation and insecurity through story telling and knowledge sharing.

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017 Give it up, or give it your all with Kathleen Shannon

I sat down with Kathleen Shannon again to hold a discussion around knowing when to walk away vs. when to push through. With our respective projects and experience, we both reveal our current challenges and subsequent decisions.


26 Jun 2014

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016 Doting on language, words, and type with Raquel Rodriguez

Traversing between two seemingly distinct worlds, Raquel Rodriguez became a designer and letterer after spending several years as a librarian. This week she shares with us how design and librarianship coalesce, how she’s just figuring out freelance as she goes, and her passion for building up, connecting, and shedding light on her community via podcasting.


19 Jun 2014

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015 Games of all shapes and sizes with Catt Small

Catt Small, game enthusiast and designer, works at SoundCloud in her home town of New York, New York. When she’s not at her day job, Catt throws her energy and passion into events and projects that promote diversity, empathy, and empowerment within the design community. Her fascination with games of all sorts allows her to explore life in a unique way and encourage others to do the same.


12 Jun 2014

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014 The business of seashells and baskets with Isa Seminega

Isa Seminega is a London based brand strategist and a passion project adventurer. One of her most recent projects is helping her children start their own business. Though they are young, they continue to surprise her daily with their creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirits. When she's not designing for clients or coaching her children, she's dreaming of moving her family to Rwanda.


5 Jun 2014

Rank #4

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