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The BrowShow presents “Doc, Doc, Goose”. Exploring the intersection of Sports Science, Medicine and Athlete Management with Insights, Interviews, and Information from the world of Performance Sport. Follow our Facebook page for show notes and links https://www.facebook.com/BRowShowPodcast Featuring Dr Rod Siegel, Dr Alice McNamara an Bill Tait

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How Could It Make The Boat Go Faster

Bill and Rod discuss how it could make the boat go faster, referencing Drew Ginn. Head to our Facebook page for the slides here: https://www.facebook.com/BRowShowPodcast/ Drew Ginn “Will it make the boat go faster” adapted to YouTube with video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n-G91HGegQ LEO Training with Drew Ginn: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/leo-training-strength-conditioning-endurance-health/id1087912497?mt=2&i=1000385659167 Study link: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/sms.12871/abstract;jsessionid=06AF9E8F77544274BDA86DF10104FF71.f03t03


9 Aug 2017

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Breathing, Mechanics, Function And Rowing With Dr Lizzy Kupcis

Breathing efficiency is an often overlooked but essential performance factor in aerobic sports. Dr Lizzy Kupcis (Patrick) talks to Rod and Bill about breathing mechanics and disfunction, and draws on her experience as the 2008/2012 AUS W8+ Olympic cox on how breathing efficiency can be assessed, trained and used in rowing.


16 Nov 2017

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Training Planning

The 3rd Podcast from the bRow Show

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23 Oct 2016

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Physiological Limiters To 2000m Performance (And How To Train Around Them...)

Bill and Rod discuss training around physiological limiters within 2000m performance.

1hr 34mins

14 Jun 2017

Rank #4

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Time Course For Recovery With Ana Holt (OMK)

Ana Holt talks to Bill and Rod about her Masters study which investigates the recovery times see in various types of rowing training

1hr 6mins

1 Nov 2017

Rank #5

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2000m Racing

Bill and Rod take a look at 2000m races.

1hr 8mins

15 May 2017

Rank #6

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Power Meters In Rowing

Bill and Rod discuss power meters in rowing.


15 May 2017

Rank #7

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Strength Training And Rowing with John Tascone

Bill and Rod talk with VIS Strength and Conditioning coach John Tascone about the use of strength training in rowing programs

1hr 12mins

28 Sep 2017

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Heat Training for Performance

The 2nd Podcast from the bRow Show


23 Oct 2016

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bRoShow Sports Science vs Coaching

bRoShow Sports Science vs Coaching by browshowpodcast


17 Oct 2016

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