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07 | GVNP (Season 01) - with Dave Friedman

Hope everyone had a great holiday season & a happy new year! In Episode 07 we talk with Dave Friedman. Dave's a mechanical engineer from Pittsburgh, and a competitive cyclist in local events. As a master of anything with wheels, he keeps the stoke high, and enjoys biking with his wife, and two daughters. Follow along, and get to know one our closest friends, as we share the good vibes and hear his life's journey. Good Vibe Announcements: Trick or Treating Florida Man With some other goodies to share as well. Much Love


6 Jan 2020

Rank #1

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06 | GVNP (Season 01) - with Mark Easton

Join us as we have our most jam packed episode yet! In episode 06 we chat with Mark Easton; a successful entrepreneur (Co-owner of Buccos Roofing), and newly Father to a beautiful baby girl. Follow along, and get to know one our closest friends, as we chat through his journey of how he got to where his is today.  Mark Easton (@buccosroofing) Good Vibe Announcements: Earthling News Savannah, Ducks, and Police Student wins $75,000 for science fair project Price of Insulin Styrofoam & New York City We also have some other good vibe goodies to share! Hope you enjoy! Much Love

1hr 1min

30 Oct 2019

Rank #2

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05 | GVNP (Season 01) - with Michael DePhillips

In this episode we bring on our good friend Michael DePhillips - not only is he a coding wizard and business savvy entrepreneur (SDP Digital), he's also an avid gardener and versatile handyman.  Michael DePhillips (@steel_city_gardener) Good Vibe Announcements: Tree planting drones Willie Nelson's Lucky Horse Ranch Mabel Nesmith's 110th birthday A New Jersey high school And a few other segments that are jam packed with good vibes. Keep the stoke high!


2 Jul 2019

Rank #3

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04 | GVNP (Season 01) - with Jes Stockhausen

Jes Stockhausen (@guyinthewind) makes his appearance as we introduce the New segment to the podcast! "Where in the World is Guy in the Wind?" - Our Good Vibe Ninja world traveled news reporter gives us his stories from the road and updates as he travels to the bottom of South America in his Van he built 3 years ago.. We also have some more good vibe announcements from around the world, the word of the day, and some good vibe tips sprinkled in there. Enjoy!


30 May 2019

Rank #4

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03 | GVNP (Pre-Season)

Getting our podcast more dialed in with episode 03. Spreading more good vibes, jiving on new segments, and our first encounter with an unreachable ninja! Who could that be.. Stay tuned!


30 May 2019

Rank #5