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DJ Phalanx – Supported by Armin van Buuren I Host of Uplifting Trance Sessions – a leading and awarded Trance podcast only with the best trance, vocal trance and tech trance promotions.State Control Records Label Group is an electronic dance music label. We are releasing trance and progressive trance music only with the best quality, the label music will consist of Trance mainly, sub genres of Tech, Dark and Uplifting Trance, our goal is to provide music as its finest, in our own way.

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 542 [06.06.2021]

Hello dear #TranceFamily, welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 542!On this episode you will hear two amazing world premieres by Peetu S & Zwek. Join the show and enjoy the trip ✨[0:00] 1. Zwek - To The Stars [State Vision] -World Premier-[5:24] 2. Ron With Leeds - Funky Beats [ReLaunch][9:39] 3. Dennis Lysenko - Relic [Alter Ego Records][13:50] 4. Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella - Orenda [Flashover Recordings][19:03] 5. John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Andrew Rayel Remix) [Armind][23:50] 6. Envio - Time To Say Goodbye (South Of The Stars Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!][29:38] 7. Alan Morris & Fenna Day - Burning Game [Amsterdam Trance Records][33:49] 8. Steve Dekay & D-Minus - Elevate [Suanda True][37:17] 9. Alternate High & Ka-Da - Love On The Moon [Ablazing Records][42:28] 10. Jimmy Chou - Forsaken [State Control Records][47:37] 11. Peetu S - Raver's High [State Control Records] -World Premier / Uplift Of The Week-[52:01] 12. James Kitcher - Aphrodite [Extrema Global Music][57:31] 13. Sergiy Akinshin feat. Danny Claire - Somebody I Could Be [Molekular Sounds][1:03:54] 14. UDM - Soundscape [Pure Trance Neon]

1hr 10mins

6 Jun 2021

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 541 XXL [30.05.2021]

Hello dear TranceFamily, welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 541. This is a special XXL Episode - 99 minutes with the latest and hottest trance music in the mix. Join the show and enjoy the trip πŸš€[0:00] 1. Golden Sky - Rise & Fall [Elpida Music][6:12] 2. Aurosonic & Susana - Weather The Storm (Progressive Mix) [RNM][14:03] 3. Roman Messer & Ruslan Radriges - Heartbeat [Suanda Music][17:55] 4. Thomas Bronzwaer - Constellation (Luke Bond presents BOND Remix) [ASOT][22:06] 5. Julius Beat & Andres Cuartas - Fly Away (R3dub Remix) [Dragon Recordings][26:46] 6. 4 Strings - You're Free [Carlo Resoort Records][30:42] 7. Harshil Kamdar & Ronski Speed - Cube Mission [Perfecto][35:34] 8. Alex Burn - Sunburst [Alter Ego Records][40:40] 9. Para X - Calista [Intense Emotions][46:14] 10. Myk Bee - Nothing Is Impossible (2K21 Mix) [Alter Ego Records][51:36] 11. Adam Taylor - Paradise Found [ASOT][56:27] 12. Syntouch & Divaiz pres. SYNDICATE - Sentimental Feelings [Butterfly Music][1:02:02] 13. Lepi - Flashpoint [State Control Records] -World Premier-[1:06:26] 14. Kaimo K & Elara - Start Again [Amsterdam Trance][1:11:55] 15. Jimmy Chou - Forsaken [State Control Records] -World Premier / Uplift Of The Week-[1:16:36] 16. Matthew Duncan - Rainmaker [State Control Records] -World Premier-[1:21:24] 17. Smash - Predator [Tangled Audio][1:27:31] 18. Alpha025 - Polaris (Dante Remix) [Edge One][1:32:51] 19. AlexMo - Xenon [Mental Asylum Records]

1hr 38mins

30 May 2021

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 540 [23.05.2021]

Hello dear trancefamily, this is Uplifting Trance Sessions with your host DJ Phalanx. On this Episode I will play a lot of exclusive state control releases in the mix with the finest trance promotions. Join the show and enjoy the trip πŸš€[0:00] 1. Christopher Corrigan - Let's Not Wait (Paul ICZ Remix) [Aural Sonic: 138][7:08] 2. Alexander Komarov - When I Leave [A State Of Trance][10:55] 3. Mehmet Elysium - Stardust [Pegasus Music][15:09] 4. Cern - The Message (Ehren Stowers Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!][19:33] 5. Ciro Visone & Frank Watson - Boundaries Of Life [State Vision] -World Premier-[24:39] 6. Mark L2K - Wonderland [Ablazing Records][30:25] 7. James Williams - Bella Vendetta [State Control Records] -World Premier / Uplift Of The Week-[34:56] 8. Petr Vojacek & Paul Steiner - New Vision [TAR#138][38:50] 9. Rem-X - Leaving Reality [State Control Records] -World Premier-[43:45] 10. Miikka Leinonen - Is There Life [State Control Records] -World Premier-[48:19] 11. Jak Aggas & Elles de Graaf - In My Arms [Amsterdam Trance][53:21] 12. Bluskay - Gravitate Towards You [Molekular Sounds][57:17] 13. FloE - Perceptor (Tycoos Remix) [Entrancing Music][1:01:13] 14. Kinetica - The New Generation [Kinected Recordings]

1hr 6mins

23 May 2021

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 539 [16.05.2021]

Hello dear #trancefamily, this is Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 539.On this Episode you will hear the first release of our new sublabel State Soundscapes. Welcome Simon & Peter πŸ™Œ.Join the show and enjoy the trip πŸš€[0:00] 1. Cquenz - Distant Memory [Ablazing][4:10] 2. Kita-Kei - Yurikamome [Pure Trance Neon][9:39] 3. Jue - I've A Dream [State Vision] -World Premier-[13:54] 4. Tomas Abester - Saroo (A.R.D.I. Remix) [Amon Vision][17:29] 5. Ferrin & Low - Breeze (Woody van Eyden Remix) [ReLaunch][22:08] 6. Alatheia feat. tranzLift - Bay Of Dreams [Beyond The Stars Recordings][26:18] 7. Tommy Kierland - Soul Exploder [Beyond The Stars Recordings][31:14] 8. Mindsoundscapes - When Dreams Come True [State Soundscapes] -World Premier-[35:26] 9. DJ Phalanx & Myk Bee - Shine [State Control Records][40:47] 10. Metta & Glyde & Maxine - All On The Same Road [Amsterdam Trance Records][45:49] 11. Ajam Shaz - The Metric [State Control Records] -World Premier-[50:13] 12. Steve Dekay - Epic [Who's Afraid Of 138?!][54:08] 13. Arc In The Sky - Vainqueur (Chris Deme 2021 Bootleg Remix) [CD-R]


16 May 2021

Rank #4

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 538 [09.05.2021]

✨ Hello dear trance nation out there. This is Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 538 packed with an overdose of trance, uplifting, vocal and tech.Of course, I will play my new collab track with Myk Bee. Shine will be out on 14 May 2021. Join the show and enjoy the trip πŸš€[0:00] 1. Super8 & Tab vs Factor B - From Way Back [Who's Afraid Of 138?!][4:50] 2. Solarstone - Seven Cities (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Armada Captivating][11:48] 3. Corrado Baggieri - Sunset In Sicily [State Control Records][16:19] 4. N-sKing - Cavern Of Chaos [Extrema Global Music][22:26] 5. Fischer & Miethig - Simple Life [Phoenix Recordings][26:51] 6. DB Mokk - Silver Clouds [Antima Music][30:47] 7. Abstract Vision feat. Hydro Poison - Sedative [Infrasonic Pure][36:21] 8. Indecent Noise & Everlight - Kernel Panic [Pure Trance NEON][41:23] 9. Indecent Noise feat Noire Lee - Sunglasses At Night (Raw Tech Audio Remix) [Mental Asylum Records][45:23] 10. DJ Phalanx & Myk Bee - Shine [State Control Records] -Uplift Of The Week-[50:44] 11. Andrew Rayel - Silver Lining (FLRNTN & Tom Klay Remix) [Armada Music][54:44] 12. Allan Berndtz - Unikum [InfraRed][58:41] 13. Kayan Code Feat. Lyd14 - Ignite [Regenerate Records][1:04:18] 14. Henry Moe - Apollo [Monster Neos][1:08:42] 15. Vision X & Impulse Wave - Keras [HQ Recordings]

1hr 14mins

9 May 2021

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 537 [02.05.2021]

Hello dear trance nation. I am back after fighting my with hardware 🀣At this brandnew epsiode I will play my latest collab with my friend Myk Bee. Shine is a track with atmospheric and hypnotizing trance leads. I hope you like it πŸ™Œ[0:00] 1. Paul A. Pele - Lost [Eximinds Airlines][5:22] 2. Shedona - Creations [State Control Essentials] [9:52] 3. ReOrder feat. EKE - Let You Go [A State Of Trance][14:04] 4. Benjamin Duchenne - Closer [Flashover Recordings][18:35] 5. Manuel Rocca - Caribe (Exolight Remix) [Levitated Music][22:49] 6. Rich Triphonic - Exhale [State Control Records][26:59] 7. Hays - Rising Star [Uplift Recordings][32:05] 8. Ben Gold & Allen Watts - Change The World [Who's Afraid Of 138?!][37:11] 9. Forza:Duo - One Night In Lyon [Kinected Recordings][41:57] 10. DJ Phalanx & Myk Bee - Shine [State Control Records] -World Premiere / Uplift Of The Week-[47:47] 11. Tempo Giusto - In Another Life [Who's Afraid Of 138?!][53:07] 12. Axel Walters - Base Rock [Suanda Dark]


2 May 2021

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions 300 [Replay]

🎧 Hello dear listernes, due technical problems with my sound system I was not able to record a set this weekend. For this reason I have uploaded Episode 300 again - one of the most successful episodes ever. I will be back next weekend with fresh sounds 😎1. Jorn Van Deynhoven - We Can Fly (Extended Mix) [ASOT]2. Alternate High - Miss You (Original Mix) [RIFT Recordings]3. Bernis - Meridian Sun (Original Mix) [State Control Records]4. Sound Apparel - The End (Original Mix) [Pulsar Recordings]5. Myk Bee - #wearetrance​ (Original Mix) [CD-R]6. Cloudriver - Sylvia (Original Mix) [Tangled Audio]7. Marc de Buur - Neverland (Original Mix) [State Control Records]8. SkyAlmost - Rome (Astuni Re-Lift) [Soul Waves Music]9. Dimension & Moonsouls - Rise Above The World (Ultimate Remix) (Infrasonic Recordings]10. Araya - Pursuit (Original Mix) (Original Mix) [Red Zone Recordings]11. Liam Wilson - Family (Maria Healy Remix) [Subculture]12. Manuel Le Saux - One (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Discover Records]13. Manuel Le Saux - Dissidia (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Camouflage]14. Athema - Love Fights All (DJ Space Raven Remix) [Toxicrecords]15. Dart Rayne - Sophia (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars Records] 16. Darren porter - Spellbound (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]17. Elite Electronic & Three Faces feat. Amy K - Firefly (Mark W Remix) [Suanda True]18. Allura - Things Will Get Better (Original Mix) [State Control Records]19. Pedro Del Mar & Beatsole - Pianophoria (Original Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]20. Dreamy - A Trip back To 2002 (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]21. Touchstone & Ian Standerwick - She's Wonderful (Photographer Remix) [Digitized Recordings]22. ReOrder - A World Of Trance (Original Mix) [Silent Shore Records]23. Allen Watts - Magnus (Original Mix) [In Trande We Trust]24. Mike van Fabio & Alex van Reeve feat. Geert Huinink & Kim Kiona - Hope (Original MIx) [Abora Recordings]25. Aenon - I Will Never Leave You (Original Mix) [State Control Records]26. Dmitri Reign - Agiou Orous (Sunset Remix) [Cloudland Music] 27. Graeme Harrison - Xanthe (Allen & Envy Vs. Mark W Rework) [Discover Records]28. Aley & Oshay Feat. Angel Falls - I Found My Way (Original Mix) [State Control Records]29. Mike Sanders - No Way Out (Nikolauss #140​ Remix) [State Control Records]29. Afternova - By Your Side (2016 Update) [Abora Recordings]30. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Orkidea - North Star (Factor B Southern Star Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]31. Para X - Fields Of Joy (Original Mix) [State Control Records]33. Azima - Before The Dawn (F.G. Noise Remix) [Lifted Audio]

3hr 16mins

25 Apr 2021

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 536 [18.04.2021]

πŸš€ Hello trance nation, this is Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 536. This week I will play my new collaboration with Myk Bee and Tech Trek in the mix with the best and latest in trance music. Join the show and enjoy the trip πŸ‘Š[0:00] 1. Armin van Buuren feat. RBVLN - Weight Of The World [Armind]{4:07] 2. Roman Messer & Sarah de Warren - Risk It All [Suanda Music][7:51] 3. Robert Nickson - Sundown [Pure Trance][14:09] 4. Corin Bayley pres. R3B0RN3 - Buying Time [Pure Trance NEON][19:29] 5. TP One - With Every Breath [Sensual Bliss Recordings][23:41] 6. Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery - Home (Maarten de Jong Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!][28:24] 7. Re:Locate, Simon Anthony & Meredith Bull - Lost Myself In You (Katrin's World Remix) [Amsterdam Trance][34:01] 8. Manuel Rocca - Magic Spirit [Levitated Music][38:39] 9. Alternate High - Escape [Beyond The Stars Recordings][43:43] 10. ZeroMusiX & Adam Morris - Euphoria [State Vision] -World Premiere-[48:07] 11. Myk Bee & Tech Trek & DJ Phalanx - Out Of Patrol [State Control Records] -Uplift Of The Week-[52:49] 12. Adip Kiyoi - Discovery [Suanda True]


18 Apr 2021

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 535 [11.04.2021]

πŸ‘Š Dear trance nation, welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 535. You are invited to listen to fantastic melodies, euphoric leads & techlifting vibes. Join the show and enjoy the trip πŸš€[0:00] 1. Fisherman - Apache 2.0 [Armada Captivating][4:01] 2. Woody van Eyden & Quantor - Rocker [High Contrast][7:59] 3. Radion6 - Element 115 [Carlo Resoort Records][11:14] 4. Mhammed El Alami & Exolight - Velvet Skies [Ablazing Records][15:42] 5. Tycoos & Kiran M Sajeev - Undertow [Suanda True][18:57] 6. Steve Dekay - Geminidi [Kinected][22:32] 7. Doppenberg - Twice As Far [A State Of Trance][27:14] 8. PITTARIUS CODE & Steklo - I'll Be Here [State Vision] -World Premier-[31:37] 9. Steve Allen & Manon Polare - Another Song [Amsterdam Trance Records][36:02] 10. Brian Murphy - Over The Horizon [State Vision] -World Premier-[40:12] 11. R-TEC - Bloodmoon [Phoenix Recordings][45:28] 12. Kiran M Sajeev & Gayax pres. Sound Pandits - The Beginning [HeavensGate][50:30] 13. Madwave - Dreaming of a Better World [Abora Recordings][56:18] 14. Ben Ashley - Unity [State Control Records] -World Premier / Uplift Of The Week-[59:56] 15. ANVE - Night Time (Dan Schneider Remix) [Butterfly Music][1:04:49] 16. Chris SX - Runit Dome [Joyride Recordings]

1hr 10mins

11 Apr 2021

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DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 534 [04.04.2021]

Hello dear listeners, welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 534.🐰 I wish you and your families a Happy Easter 🐰Join the show and enjoy the trip. [0:00] 1. Danyka Nadeau - Hurt (Millennial Remix) [ASOT][5:13] 2. James Kitcher & Adam Taylor with Vic Blonde - Beacon of Light [Extrema Global Music][9:23] 3. Aaron Sim - Right Of Way [Beyond The Stars Recordings][13:34] 4. Ciro Visone & Michele Cecchi - Stripes Of Tomorrow [State Control Records] -World Premier-[18:05] 5. Myde & Sharon Valerona - For Better Days [Amsterdam Trance][23:32] 6. Spy & Mhammed El Alami - Balance [Flashover][27:25] 7. Chris Deme - Dystopia [State Vision] -World Premier-[32:40] 8. Dan Schneider & ZeroMusiX - Cronos [State Vision][37:15] 9. Myk Bee & Tech Trek & DJ Phalanx - Out Of Patrol [State Control Records] -Uplift Of The Week-[42:25] 10. Stuart Davidson & District5 - Thuban [Trancespired Recordings][47:40] 11. KaKi - Singularity (Ken Plus Ichiro Remix) [Lightning Gate][52:56] 12. Jackob Rocksonn - Victims Whisky [Butterfly Music]


4 Apr 2021

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