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Edition 74 - The Social Media Election?

It’s all about the election in Social Media Podcast 74 as fatBuzz account managers Liam Cutkelvin, Zara Cameron and Cameron Wilson delve into role social media played in the recent general election, was it the defining moment many had expected or a damp squib? As always we share and discuss the latest news and stories from the world of social media, including Facebook testing it’s own search engine; the latest developments from Meerkat and Periscope; the latest new Instagrammable experience known as foodography; how Dominos plan to take your orders via Twitter and much more The full podcast notes can be found below, including links to all the relevant articles: 01:04 - Facebook tests it’s own search engine. Further reading... 08:38 - Meerkat goes from Twitter to Facebook to revive its fortunes. Further reading... and Further readding... 19:02 - Twitter is allowing you to sign into Periscope without an account with them. Further reading... 23:33 - “Foodography” Further reading... 27:36 - Dominos introducing “Tweet for pizza” 31:36 - Is Uber already harming the traditional taxi? 38:07 - Main Discussion - The Social Media Election? Some highlights from the election on social media Figures and insight More stats A sign of things to come? Figures from the Guardian “The Social Media Election that never was” If you would like to share your thoughts on any of the topics, suggest a topic, or be featured on an upcoming podcast, please get in touch at hello@fatbuzz.com with the topic “Social media podcast”. For more updates follow us on Twitter @fatbuzz You can also reach those on the podcast from the fatBuzz team at: Gordon - gordon@fatbuzz.com - Twitter @gordonwhite Liam - liam@fatbuzz.com - Twitter @carmylite Zara - zara@fatbuzz.com - Twitter @myfascinationzc Cameron - cameron@fatbuzz.com - Twitter @wildsunn

29 Jun 2015

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Edition 73 - Up or Down Periscope?

In Social Media Podcast 73 Gordon hands over hosting duties to fatBuzz account managers Liam Cutkelvin and Cameron Wilson, as they discuss the latest news and topics in social media. In this episode we discuss the latest new social media app Periscope and share our thoughts whether does it merit being heralded as the next big thing in social media. We also discuss its potential for businesses and coin the phrase “scoping”... As always we bring you some of the best news from the world of social media. Including the latest rumours circulating around Google’s potential acquisition of Twitter, will the tech giant finally have it’s jewel in the social media crown? We also discuss the latest reports detailing how teens are abandoning Facebook in favour of other platforms, as well as one recent viral sensation that begs the question - how do you deal with annoying serial posts on Facebook? Here are the main topics and links relating to them from this episode: 01.03 - Rumors that Google are planning to buy Twitter - Further reading - http://bit.ly/1HZDxYf 09.01 - New mother receives letter attacking her for constant baby posts on Facebook, too far or representing frustrations of many boiling over? - Further reading - http://bit.ly/1CMUr7L 14.41 - New report details that more young people really are ditching Facebook because of Mum and Dad, should brands do the same? - Further reading - http://bit.ly/1PMu8sG 29.09 - Main discussion - Periscope - the next big thing? - Further reading - http://bit.ly/1PMu8sG How Periscope works - http://bit.ly/1CoUWbr Copyright issues have already been raised - http://bit.ly/1IJBKdx How can your business utilise Periscope? - http://linkd.in/1zhJGKn If you would like to share your thoughts on any of the topics, suggest a topic, or be featured on an upcoming podcast, please get in touch at hello@fatbuzz.com with the topic “Social media podcast”. For more updates follow us on Twitter @fatbuzz You can also reach those on the podcast from the fatBuzz team at: Gordon - gordon@fatbuzz.com - Twitter @gordonwhite Cameron - cameron@fatbuzz.com - Twitter @wildsunn Liam - liam@fatbuzz.com - Twitter @carmylite

27 Apr 2015

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Edition 72 - The Apple Watch finally arrives

It’s a full house in Social Media Podcast 72 as Gordon is joined by three members of the fatBuzz team, Cameron Wilson, Zara Cameron, and making her podcast debut, MJ McNally, for more discussion around the latest news and topics in social media. In this episode we discuss how more brands are turning to Instagram for better reach, with more and more users turning to alternatives to Facebook, we ponder what is next? As always, we also discuss the latest and curious news surrounding social media. Everything from Facebook’s new takedown guidelines and what our take is on the social networks latest step to remove any potentially offensive material appearing on your news feed, Twitter’s new quality filter feature, the removal of the “feeling fat” emoji, Facebook’s ever changing algorithm and we also get Gordon’s thoughts about the Apple Watch replacing traditional watches!

15 Apr 2015

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Edition 71 - Is it time to look at alternative platforms_ And, that dress!

In Social Media Podcast 71, Gordon is back and is alongside two of the fatBuzz account managers, Liam Cutkelvin and Cameron Wilson, for more discussion around the latest news and topics in social media. In this extended episode we discuss if small businesses should use alternative social media sites and apps to promote themselves online, or should they accept that current platforms are the best way forward? Once again we go through the latest and most intriguing news that is happening within the world of social media including Twitter analytics, how Facebook are changing the way likes are counted on pages, and we share our thoughts on the the latest viral sensation...the dress! We also have an interview with Tim Barlow from Attacat following the New Media Breakfast earlier this month, he talks with us about utility marketing. Here are the main topics and links relating to them from this episode: 01.03 - The dress - We discuss what we think of this viral sensation that swept across social media, and also what color we reckon it was! Further reading - http://bit.ly/1B1sYBJ 10.30 - Twitter have started producing analytics for tweets - How will this affect users and how they tweet? - Further reading - http://mklnd.com/1B9YxJP 29:25 - Facebook is changing how it counts likes - Are the changes enough? Should people place such importance into the number? - Further reading - http://on.mash.to/1CHhKph 39:17 - Main Discussion - Should small business change to alternative social media platforms? - Is there room for any more platforms? - Further reading - http://bit.ly/1nBS5rs Tagstr - https://tagstr.co/ Ello - http://bit.ly/YbkoRY Procurious - https://www.procurious.com/ Malzee - https://mallzee.com/#/ 1:11 - Tim Barlow NMB Interview - Tim speaks with Gordon about utility marketing following the New Media Breakfast earlier this month - Full presentation notes can be found here - http://bit.ly/1FEUXbo

11 Mar 2015

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Edition 70 - Who will inherit your Facebook profile when you die?

In Social Media Podcast 70, Malcolm White takes on hosting duties and is joined by fellow fatBuzz members Liam Cutkelvin and Zara Cameron, who makes her first appearance on the podcast. In this episode we discuss Facebook’s new legacy feature and ask the question, how do you know who to leave your Facebook profile to? Is this a step too far or the natural step forward in todays ever social media-centric society? Continuing our new format we also discuss recent topics and news that is happening in social media, from virtual reality updates to the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook and Twitter. Here are the main topics and links relating to them from this episode: 00:50 - Facebook introduce new ad relevance score - We discuss what this means for marketers and if this will pave the way for more quality content. 13.18 - Twitter wants you to see one ad in every 20 tweets - Will veteran users take to this strategy? 24.12 - Facebook has added a new call to action button on business pages - We discuss our thoughts on this addition and whether or not we think it will be effective. 29.13 - Posting a photo is now the worst way for people to see your posts on Facebook - We react to this surprising development and share the best ways for your posts to be noticed on Facebook according to a new study. 39.16 - Viewmasters, Google and Facebook creating virtual reality apps - We discuss the future of social media on virtual reality, and what we can expect from these developments. Oculus rift (VR headset tech recently accquired by Facebook) video. Microsoft Hololens video. Tony Hawk Hoverboard video. . 45.25 - Main discussion - Facebook’s new legacy setting, who do you leave your profile to? We chat about whether or not we feel this is taking social media too far and share who we would leave our to.

25 Feb 2015

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Edition 69 - Love is in the air!

In Social Media Podcast 69, Gordon is joined by Kyle and introduces the latest member of fatBuzz Liam Cutkelvin in this Valentines inspired “Love edition”. Fear not, this isn’t all about romance...this episode is all about the social media campaigns that we loved from last year. We discuss the our favourite campaigns in social media from last year, including the Ice Bucket Challenge which took the internet by storm last year and raised millions for charity across the globe. We also share our thoughts on the #NoMakeUpSelfie craze which swept social media and how it has had many positive aspects outside of its fundraising achievements. It is a terrific example of how a viral campaign can educate some social media users about how social media actually works. This podcast also marks a change in format. We outline what we plan for the future and discuss recent topics and news from in and around social media. Here are some of the things we discuss: The Ice Bucket Challenge - What we loved and the positives we can take from it #NoMakeUpSelfie - Educating the masses #fatBuzzlovesyou - Our Valentines red noses from last year Curtis Moore Christmas video - The benefits of having some fun on Social Media Superbowl XLIX - Officially the biggest on twitter, what we remember from it on social media and how brands are linking in with the event Gordon's social media challenge Twitter introduces instant timeline - Is this a positive move? Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admits the platform isn’t great dealing with trolls - Is there a real way to tackle this issue within social media? The need to gather data and are you really building a direct relationship with your consumers on platforms like Facebook?

14 Feb 2015

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Edition 68 - Facebook reach drops but conversion rate increases dramatically for scenic railroad

In Social Media Podcast 68 we talk to Meilee Anderson, Marketing Director at Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in Washington USA. Meilee is kind enough to share with us the recent success the organisation has enjoyed with Facebook; she explains that whilst the reach has dropped considerably, the conversion rate has increased massively. With a spend of around $4000 they have seen revenue increase by tens of 1000's in the past year. We start the conversation with a chat about the recent Ice Bucket Challenge which swept the internet and raised millions for charity, then we explore some of the activities on Facebook that have resulted in such a noticeable return on the comparatively small investment. Meilee shares details of which posts work and how she monitors the activity in order to fully engage with the community on the page. Here are some of the things we discuss: The Ice Bucket Challenge - The hidden positives in the campaign Facebook reach drops but the conversion rate increases Key people of influence - Why it is important to engage with influential people Facebook Insights - That value in studying your insights Facebook engagement - Which type of posts work best Click Baiting - Facebook's recent announcement about tracking the value of links Facebook links - The recent advice issued by Facebook about the best way to share links in status updates Split testing - Change things one at a time Instagram and making full use of the hashtags Twitter - Experiments with Twitter advertising Facebook Ads vs Promoted posts LinkedIn - Why it's more than just a B2B platform Getting board level buy-in for social media expenditure Some music to finish... Rosalie by Jarrod Dickenson We finish the podcast with some music from Jarrod Dickenson, the American singer/songwriter based in New York. Jarrod kindly allowed us to share one of the tracks from his most recent album, The Lonesome Traveler. The track we chose is Rosalie, we hope you enjoy it.

8 Sep 2014

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Edition 67 - Facebook no loger likes the Like Gate

In this Episode, Gordon White, Kyle Murdoch, Kenny MacMillan, Graeme Geddes, Malcolm White and Cameron Wilson conduct the usual light hearted banter around the world of social media. During the podcast they discuss the recent announcement from Facebook that they will soon be dropping the Like Gate functionality on the platform. Other news from Facebook included the recent appearance of a Buy Button, and a recent experiment when they manipulated the news feed of over 700,000 users. We also discuss the loyalty App, Swipii, whether employees should get a smartphone break, and recent changes to LinkedIn.

12 Aug 2014

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Edition 66 - SEO: What business owners and marketers need to know in 2014 with Tim Barlow

Tim Barlow and Gordon White discuss some of the key points from Tim's New Media Breakfast presentation entitled - What business owners and marketers need to know about SEO in 2014. Tim shares Attacat's approach with clients and explains how SEO is an outcome rather than a strategy or tactic. Amongst other things we discuss: Why some sites 'can't' be optimised to get to the top of search engines The need to communicate the unique value proposition The value in becoming the undisputed king in your sector What are good and bad links? Spam comments on blog posts The need to fully understand what people are looking for How to establish the right keywords for your business proposition Why paid search should be a serious consideration How small businesses can reduce the cost of SEO The mistakes people make when using Google Adwords There's a great deal of valuable information from Tim in this podcast that will help businesses of all sizes. For more information about Tim Barlow and Attacat please go to Attacat's web site at: http://www.attacat.co.uk

3 Jul 2014

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Edition 65 - Facebook's Slingshot might cause problems for those with social media pre-nups

In Edition 65, Gordon, Graeme, Kenny and Cameron from the fatBuzz Team discuss a wide variety of topics in and around social media including: Twitter at the World Cup in Brasil LinkedIn's new layout Facebook's Slingshot Freedom of Speech on social media channels Social media pre-nups Uber The Apps that teens use most Facebook's outage ...and a whole host of other interesting topics. See the supporting blog at: http://www.fatbuzzblog.blogspot.com

21 Jun 2014

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