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Inspiring and insightful conversations about the Way Of Tea (Cha Dao). Podcast by Global Tea Hut

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Eight Bowls Part I

In this episode we discuss the first half of the Eight Bowls of our tradition. Join us in the next episode for the second half of the discussion!

1hr 3mins

25 Jun 2018

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How To Improve Your Tea

A life of tea is a life of self cultivation. And what  every artist in any craft discovers eventually is that beyond the  skills, beyond the techniques, beyond even talent, and then of course,  beyond the instruments and tools and medium, is the artist herself.  - Wu  De In this episode we discuss the ways to improve our tea and our practice. Brew yourself a bowl of tea and join us!

1hr 2mins

23 Dec 2018

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Manifesting Simplicity: Zen And Tea Part 2

"The simplicity, in practice, in Zen is about living wholly and without reminder. It’s not an adding something onto it. It’s not doing one’s activities while in some superstate. It’s doing the activities wholly and completely with the whole of yourself unified, so you’re not thinking about your facebooks while chopping spring onions." - Wu De In this episode we explore the relationship between Zen, Tea and simplicity.

1hr 3mins

11 Feb 2019

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Creating A Vision

The first lesson the Buddha gave after his enlightenment was that the source of our suffering is due to our constant arguing with reality. We want what “is" to be "is not” and what “is not” to be “is” and we are in a state of antagonism with our lives and reality itself. Creating a vision that suits the world is about healing our relationship to our life. - Wu DeIn this episode we discuss how to create a vision that suits the world as opposed to expending our energy constantly trying to create a world that suits our vision.

1hr 14mins

20 Nov 2018

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The Extended History of Tea Part 1

This is the first of a two part discussion where we outline the extended history of tea. Grab a bowl of tea and join us!

1hr 22mins

22 Sep 2018

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Cha Dao Is 80% Cleaning

In this episode we discuss the importance of cleaning on the path of Cha Dao.


5 Jun 2018

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The Extended History of Tea Part 2

There is an important distinction between seeing and knowing. Seeing is something more intuitive and knowing is based on data and research and facts. There is sometimes this idea that we can be a scholar of something and from the knowledge we can get to the seeing. But that is actually the reverse order. The natural order of things is that we see first and from this intuition we can create knowing. This is the Zen perspective.In our tradition we start with leaves in a bowl tea. Put some leaves in a bowl, add hot water and sit with it in quiet. As the intuition develops, knowledge will come later, easily.

1hr 37mins

22 Sep 2018

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Cultivating Optimism

Grab yourself a bowl and join us as we discuss how to cultivate optimism in life in the face of adversity.

1hr 4mins

30 Nov 2018

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Returning To The World

In this episode we discuss the merits of service, self-discipline and what it is like to return to the world after serving at the Tea Sage Hut.


6 Aug 2018

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Zen and Tea

In this episode we discuss the relationship between Zen and Tea

1hr 10mins

11 Jun 2018

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