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Campaigner Khady Gueye on Fighting for Racial Justice, Continuing Conservations About Race, and Racism in Rural Areas

In this enlightening episode campaigner Khady Gueye opens up about her experiences of racism growing up as mixed-race in a rural area. Khady talks about organising the BLM protest in Bathhurst Park in June 2020, the backlash she received and how this affected her within the local community.  Khady also talks about the need for education in stamping out racism. Since then Khady has set up the Local Equality Commission (LEC) which works with schools, charities and other community initiatives to facilitate youth and outreach programmes. The LEC is a long-term community-based solution to continuing the conversations about racial justice and economic inequality and has set out a path to meet this challenge.  Born out of the BLM protest Khady in part organised in Bathurst Park, the LEC seeks to suture some of the fractures that have occurred over the last decade of austerity as well as the cultural divided that have emerged from the opposition to cancel the local protest.  You can read more about the Local Equality Commission here: https://www.localequalitycommission.co.uk/ Facebook: Local Equality Commission Twitter: @RuralParity_LEC Instagram: @localequalitycommission


20 Feb 2021

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