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TFR is one of the fastest growing event series in London. Starting in 2017 with 50 attendees in the upstairs of the BOG pub, to a sell out 400 attendee event at the Vaults, Waterloo.These risky shenanigans have now made a debut on the airwaves and will penetrate your eardrums with more kickass speakers on a weekly basis.Hosted by OG risk taker Mr Paul Mellor, and TFR queen Cookie Tabinor. The pair drink a bottle of bubbly and delve into the past and present of some of the biggest names within the creative industry.

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08 Dan Kelsall. TFR: The Podcast

Dan Kelsall has two official titles; Chief Hype Officer for his business Twikel, and Head of Hype for employer branding start-up, GradTouch.You’ve likely seen his posts on 'The 6 Types of Office Breath' smash up your otherwise awfully stale LinkedIn feed. This week, Paul and Cookie uncover the Mancunian’s secret to LinkedIn domination, why we all need to be a bit more (ugh) authentic and a bonus in depth chat about... poking the bear?


7 Jan 2019

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