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Shadow Wood

is a science fiction audio drama series inspired by BBC's Torchwood. Shadow Wood's monthly releases depict the adventures of the Shadow Wood team as they protect Earth from the mysterious beings that fall through a rift in time and space.

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Shadow Wood: The curse of Norton Folgate

Norton goes to the library hoping to find a new book to read. Instead he finds an ex-lover, a time-travelling robot and a book about the life he never lead. This episode was written by Joshua Dyer and stars Aidan Dickson as well as Jenna Rose.


1 Apr 2021

Rank #1

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Shadow Wood: He comes at night

You've seen him in the corner of your eye. That shadowy figure. Perhaps he was in a dark alley, at the end of your street, at the foot of your bed. You're sure he's there but then he's gone and you dismiss it as imagination. But you weren't imagining it, he was there, he is real, he was after you. But tonight, in this episode of Shadow Wood, the shadowy figure has met his equals. This episode was written by Aidan Dickson, starring: Lyn Nugent, Linda Kurn and Nick Kaye


1 Feb 2021

Rank #2

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Shadow Wood: Lights,camera,Shadow Wood!

Shadow Wood has always operated in secrecy. Now, two people are attempting to destroy that secrecy and are succeeding. Will Shadow Wood be able to return to darkness or will they have to face up to the rumours being spread about them. Find out in series 3's explosive opener!


1 Jan 2021

Rank #3