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The 'NKD with... ' podcast takes you on a journey with educators, sports people, entertainers and business people, who are pursuing and executing on their passions and purpose in life. Join hosts, Andrew Katoa and Sam Wykes, as they use their passions for education, sport, health and connecting with people to provide value and entertainment for their listeners.

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EP5 NKD with Kev Toonen - The power of perspective, choice and owning your life

In this episode we go NKD with highly accomplished strength trainer, Kev Toonen. We dive into topics such as masculinity, fatherhood, post traumatic growth and self-belief. Kev has had nearly 20 years military experience which included time in the Elite Special Forces - SASR unit. We talk about the reasons behind why he chose to enter such an arena and the lessons he was able to take and implement into his life now. Kev gives an insight into the brutal selection process for the special forces and what kind of attributes they were looking for in the candidates. Kev is a highly accomplished strength trainer. He is co-owner of 98 Training and Program Director at 98 Gym. Kev is also Head of Strength for NRL club, the Sydney Roosters and he shares who he would like to see go through the special forces selection program and lessons from coach, Trent Robinson.  Join us for this value packed episode as we dive deeper into the life of Kev Toonen. Find out more about Kev here: www.98gym.com Instagram - @strengthelite Find out more about us at www.nkdu.com.au Leave a review and let us know what you thought about this episode on our socials! Instagram: @nkdu_apparel Facebook: @nkduapparel

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14 Jul 2021

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EP4 NKD with Matthew Hartigan - Purpose, Practice and Persistence

This is a value packed episode for any aspiring athletes, coaches, player recruiters and educators who are passionate about supporting the development of young people in the classroom, on the field and off it. Matthew Hartigan is involved in a number of roles including Head of Excellence at Marsden State High School. We explore what that role involves and how excellence is upheld within the school. In 2020, he launched 3P Performance which focuses on providing a professional training program for aspiring rugby league players. Many clients have moved onto NRL clubs with his support. Matt shares his approach to player recruitment as he is part of the recruitment team for the West Tigers NRL club. His ability to develop trust and rapport is a key strength. Join us as Matt shares his journey, experience with player development and reflection on current NRL players and their progression into the professional arena. Instagram: @matthartigan10, @3p__performance Facebook: @purposepracticepersistence Website: www.3pperformance.com.au/  Subscribe to our podcast, leave a comment and follow our journey on our socials: Website: www.NKDU.com.au  Facebook: @nkduapparel Instagram: @nkdu_apparel


3 Jul 2021

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EP3 NKD with Ed Quirk - Control the Controllables

If you are a rugby fan or you just enjoy hearing stories about people having a crack and bouncing back from adversity, you won't regret tuning in for this one. Ed Quirk is a professional rugby union footballer who has played for the Queensland Reds where he won a Super Rugby title and then took an opportunity at the Sunwolves over in Japan. He has also spent time with Canon Eagles in the Japanese Top League.We start the conversation with his upbringing in Capalaba, QLD and talk about the challenges his family went through with his mother's battle with cancer and mental illness. A former teammate of co-host Sam Wykes, the two share some classic stories about their time in Japan and how they approached losing plenty of football together. Throughout our chat, 'Quirky' highlights the good, the bad and the ugly sides of professional sport. He shares an insight into his sacrifices for his wife and kids, who he hasn't seen for over 9 months and talks about the upcoming one-off game he is playing in for the Sunwolves against the Japanese International side.Plenty to enjoy in this epidsode!Instagram: @ecquirkFind out more about us at www.nkdu.com.auLeave a review at:Instagram: @nkdu_apparelFacebook: @nkduapparel

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9 Jun 2021

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EP2 NKD with Tristan K'Nell - Talking with champions and the truth behind podcasting

If you are a lover of sport and enjoy hearing about the journeys of world class athletes, you don't want to miss this. In this episode, we go NKD with Tristan K'Nell who is an author of the book 'Talking with Champions' and host of the 'Talking with TK' podcast and more recently, the 'Talking League Fantasy Podcast'. He has interviewed international sporting people such as Laila Ali, Evander Holyfield, George Forman and many more.  In this episode, Tristan shares his passion for rugby league and his experiences growing up refereeing in Western Sydney and also at representative levels. He also goes into detail about how to get guests onto your podcast and shares tips and advice for us as 'newbies' to the podcasting game. If you are wanting to start a podcast or learn more about the craft, make sure you are ready to take some notes.  Here is where you can find out more about Tristan: Website: www.talkingwithtk.com and www.talkingleaguepod.com Podcasts: Talking with TK and Talking League Pod Instagram: @tristanknell Thank you for listening to the 'NKD with...' podcast and be sure to head to our socials and website below to find out more and leave us a review. Website: www.nkdu.com.au Email: nkduapparel@gmail.com Instagram: @nkdu_apparel Facebook: @nkduapparel Always grateful,  Andrew Katoa and Sam Wykes


17 May 2021

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EP1 NKD with Ron Moala - Breaking through limiting beliefs and challenging the stereotypes of our Polynesian people

EP1 NKD with Ron Moala - Breaking through limiting beliefs and challenging the stereotypes of our Polynesian people We are keeping it in the family for the first episode of our NKD with podcast. Joining hosts, Andrew Katoa and Sam Wykes is musician, song writer and business owner of 'Backyard Barbers', Ron Moala. Residing in Darwin after moving over from Aukland, Ron discusses the challenges he had with moving and adjusting to the different cultures and lifestyle. We talk about the humble beginnings of his business 'Backyard Barbers' and the impact of the stereotypes others had on him due to his age and heritage. Ron shares his collaboration in the hit song 'My Uso' - STNDRD (remix) and his hopes for our Polynesian people to work together. If you enjoy this episode, leave us a review and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at NKDU Apparel. Intro song: Ron Moala - Be OK Connect with Ron Moala on Instagram @ronmoala Check out NKDU Apparel - Designed for Passion and Purpose www.nkduapparel.com.au


1 May 2021

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