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Every week, go behind the scenes with marketing and creative leaders. This podcast will go deep into the process of how great marketing campaigns and creative projects are taken from idea to launch. You’ll learn how different companies develop their strategies, manage their processes, structure their teams, collaborate with stakeholders, and which tools they use to make it all happen. Host Brian Bosché, Co-founder of Slope, a creative agency turned software company that was acquired by Smartsheet, investigates how teams and individuals harness creativity to deliver real-world value.

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Shann Biglione, Head of Strategy at Zenith, on creative strategy in advertising

Shann Biglione is the Head of Strategy at Zenith USA, and has previously worked at Walt Disney Studios, Doco, and Publicis Media in China. Brian and Shann go behind the scenes to talk about Shann's career in media and agencies, the different aspects of creative strategy, launching new products, and how campaigns can work effectively across different channels.


19 Jan 2021

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Nathalie Balda, Sr. Social Manager at Prime Video, on the role of social media in entertainment

Nat Balda is a Sr. Social Marketing Manager at Amazon Prime Video, and previously worked at Netflix and HBO. Brian and Nat go behind the scenes to talk about social media in entertainment, building a voice on a brand account, and the importance of social media in growing fan communities.


16 Dec 2020

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Christina Garnett on Marketing Twitter and Social Media Communities

Christina Garnett is a Strategist with courses about social media on Hubspot Academy and work featured in the Next Web, The Startup, and Better Marketing. Christina's tweet encouraging people to join and introduce themselves to Marketing Twitter went viral, igniting the community and prompting over 2,300 replies. Brian and Christina go behind the scenes to talk about Marketing Twitter, the rise of niche social media communities, how to add value on social media, and how brands can better work with online communities. Follow Christina Garnett on Twitter Join the Marketing Twitter Slack Community


8 Dec 2020

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Johnas Street, Sr. Global Social Media Manager at Cadence, on creativity in B2B social media

Johnas Street is a Sr. Global Social Media Manager at Cadence Design Systems, a company with over 7,000 employees that enables electronic systems and semiconductor companies to create innovative products. Before getting into B2B social media, Johnas was an American Idol finalist and acted on the BET show "Being Mary Jane". Brian and Johnas go behind the scenes to talk about the role of social media in B2B marketing, how to stay creative in B2B social media, and how to manage work life balance in social. Follow Johnas Street on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Johnas_Street


19 Nov 2020

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Caroline Murray on creating engaging ads for car dealerships

Caroline Murray is a Performance Manager at Dealer OMG, an online marketing agency with a focus on advertising for car dealerships. Caroline works with car dealerships around the country to create hyperlocal ads on Facebook and Instagram. Brian Bosche talks to Caroline about working in an industry that's being forced to innovate, how to create engaging ads on social media, the best ways to report performance metrics to clients, and what marketers in other industries can learn from local car dealerships.


29 Oct 2020

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Rudy Willingham on showcasing creativity through personal projects

Rudy Willingham runs an agency with a focus on making ads people want to see, not have to see, and previously worked at WONGDOODY and DNA in Seattle. Rudy's creative work has been featured on ESPN, NBC, and Yahoo, and he has over 75,000 Instagram followers and over 750,000 TikTok followers. Brian Bosche talks to Rudy about why he started his own agency, how he developed his creative focus, how to build a social following, and why creatives should showcase their creative work through personal projects.


15 Oct 2020

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Nik Conklin, Head of Content at :betr, on scaling content production as a small team

Nik Conklin is the Head of Content at :betr, a media company with the mission to give people experiences that make them think, celebrate, embody and dream of a more positive world around them. Nik was previously the Senior Director of Creative Solutions at Clemson University. Brian Bosche and Nik go behind the scenes to talk about producing consistent content with a small team, creating content during a pandemic, building creative teams, and how to prioritize different types of content across channels.


8 Oct 2020

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Paul Bae, Director of Social for the OKC Thunder, on growing a social team

Paul Bae is the Director of Social Media for the Oklahoma City Thunder, a professional basketball team in the NBA. Paul has previously worked in a number of different industries outside sports as well at companies like Google and CBS. Brian and Paul go behind the scenes to talk about social media in sports, managing the growth of a social team, capturing ROI, and innovating with new technology solutions.


17 Sep 2020

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Alexis Robinson, Owner of One Brand Agency, on building brands for athletes

Alexis Robinson is the owner of One Brand Agency, a brand management agency that focuses on building brands for athletes and influencers. Brian and Alexis go behind the scenes to talk about athlete branding, what athletes can do to attract brands and partnerships, and best practices for brands when they work with athletes and influencers.


10 Sep 2020

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Mo Mooncey "The Hoop Genius", Sky Sports NBA Presenter, on building your audience as a content creator

Mo Mooncey, aka "The Hoop Genius", is an NBA Analyst and Presenter at Sky Sports in London. Mo is also the Founder of Hoop Genius, a popular basketball YouTube channel and podcast in the UK. Mo went from writing and producing videos in his dorm room to being on the NBA Heatcheck on Sky Sports. Brian and Mo go behind the scenes to talk about how Mo got started creating content, how he grew his audience, and how he leveraged his work for better opportunities in media.


2 Sep 2020

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