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Join Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher Dr Lauren Tober, for intimate conversations on life, gratitude, wellness and spirituality with some of the world's best teachers and thought leaders.Find all the show notes at www.laurentober.com/podcast.If you loved this show, help us spread the love by commenting and subscribing!

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Anneke Sips - On Digital and Mental Health

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with Anneke Sips.Anneke is a psychiatric nurse, a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and the founder of Network Yoga Therapy in Amsterdam. In this episode they speak about Anneke’s less than straight-forward journey marrying yoga with psychiatry, how we seek health and get lost in cures, the challenges with the mental health system, the role of the so-called ‘expert’ and the importance of digital health and wellness.


9 Nov 2021

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Kate Reed - On Sister Circles

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with Kate Reed to talk about sister circles, her journey from a mainstream education to working the spiritual realm, why it’s so important for women together with intention and the important ingredients of a women circle, in case you would like to hold one yourself.


12 Oct 2021

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Erin Lovell Verinder - On healing with plant medicine

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with herbalist and nutritionist Erin Lovell Verinder. Erin is the author of some truly wonderful books on plant medicine, including Plants for the People and The Plant Clinic. In this episode you’ll hear about Erin’s own journey and recovery from burnout, her Six Pillars to Thrive, Erin’s go-to suggestions for plants to support with healing from exhaustion, as well as anxiety, and some practical tips on dried vs fresh plants, and just how many times you can pour water over the same herbs in your tea pot.


28 Sep 2021

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Dr Renee Cachia - On nurturing parents

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with Psychologist Dr Renee Cachia to talk about her new book, Parenting Freedom. They explore why it’s more important to nurture parents than it is to provide them with parenting advice, and dive into a discussion around meditation, intuition, self compassion and co-regulation.


22 Aug 2021

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Robin Grille - On Parenting for a Peaceful World

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with Psychologist and author Robin Grille, to talk about the relationship between gut health and mental health, the evolution of parenting, how the way we parent our children changes the world, what needs to happen on a society and policy level to really make changes for children and families, and the ecological benefits of parenting well.


6 Jun 2021

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KC Baker - On the power of women’s voices (and growing a tail)

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with KC Baker to talk about how public speaking helped her to rediscover her self confidence after she lost it as a young women, why it’s so important that women’s voices are heard in the world, and KC shares some very practical, and fun strategies for speaking up, whether it’s in the workplace, on stage or having a difficult conversation with a loved one.


3 May 2021

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Edo Kahn on music, depression, spirituality, living and dying.

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with Edo Kahn to talk about music, depression, life, death and spirituality.Edo is an acclaimed musician, social entrepreneur and yogi, and is passionate about transforming lives, empowering individuals and uniting communities. He’s the co-founder of A Sound Life, an Australian charity to transform the lives of people in need through free music, yoga and meditation programs, and in this latest episode episode we talk about his journey through music, depression, opening to spirituality and his guru in India, how this supported him when his wife Jo died of cancer a few years ago, and much much more.


30 Mar 2021

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Dr Arne Rubenstein - On Rites of Passage

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with Dr Arne Rubenstein to talk about rites of passage. Arne is a father, medical doctor, the CEO of the Rites of Passage Institute and the author of ‘The Making of Men’. In this episode, we talk not only about the importance of rites of passage for young people in our communities, but also about rites of passage at all ages, the three key elements in rites of passage, the stages we move through from youth, adult to elder, and what to do if your adult partner is stuck in what Arne calls ‘boy psychology.’


21 Feb 2021

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Deb Roberts - On normalising mental health

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with Dr Deb Roberts, a writer, speaker and yoga teacher who is committed to normalising mental health challenges. Deb is an Adjunct Faculty member at Monash University in Australia and an ambassador, writer and speaker for Beyond Blue, an Australian mental health service.In the interview, Deb speaks about about her journey with depression and anxiety during her teenage years and into adulthood, how yoga has been supportive for her in overcoming mental health challenges, the role that medication and ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) has played in her life, and what we can do, as a society to reduce the stigma of mental illness and improve mental health.


12 Jan 2021

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Annalee Atia - On fierce advocacy for birthing

Dr Lauren Tober sits down with Annalee Atia to talk about pregnancy, birth and beyond. Annalee is a producer, co-founder of the non-profit PBB Media, the current National President of Maternity Choices Australia and is a fierce advocate for women, and human rights in childbirth. In this intimate conversation, Annalee shares her own birth story in Israel, where her parents had an illegal home birth, and we discuss pregnancy, birthing, continuity of care, advocacy and trusting your own body and intuition in the process.

1hr 1min

14 Dec 2020

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