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Being immune to negativity

Learn how to stay centered in yourheart which is the strongestforce of the universe. If you canstay centered in love then youcan always remain positive,happy and peaceful.My message to the world is:FIND YOUR STRENGTH IN LOVE

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Staying centered in your heart

Learn how to stay centered in your heart in this free online broadcast.


4 Sep 2014

Rank #1

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How to always feel safe

Learn how to always feel safe in a world where there are such things as violence, rape and war. Your heart is the key to ultimate safety. Nothing is stronger than it. Know that you can always choose to protect yourself in a way that makes you unbeatable.


13 Aug 2014

Rank #2

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How to be immune to negativity

Learn how to stay centered in your hearth which is the strongest force of the universe. If you can remain centered in love then you can always be happy, positive and peaceful no matter what.


2 Aug 2014

Rank #3