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We talk with well known fly anglers about the people, places, things, or ideas that shape their fly fishing adventures.

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S2 E6 Wisdom From The Guides - Round I

Southeastern Fly Host and Guide David Perry takes a day off and stops in to speak with Susan Thrasher of Southern Brookies and David Knapp of Troutzone Anglers. These three Tennessee fly fishing guides answer angler’s questions about fly fishing travel, high-sticking, dry-droppers, dry flies, and they finish with an in-depth conversation about streamers. This is a no holes barred fly fishing Q&A session about all things fly fishing.  This episode is full of useful fly fishing information from three experienced guides who love to help anglers catch more fish. Click play and joins us for Southeastern Fly- Wisdom of the Guides Round I.

1hr 13mins

1 Jun 2020

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S1. E6. Guest - Charity Rutter, Owner of R and R Fly Fishing

Owner of R and R Fly Fishing and Rise Fly Fishing Advice , Charity Rutter joins us on this episode of Southeastern Fly, The Angler's Influence. Charity walks us through her fly fishing story, which begins in rural Oklahoma and winds its way through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Right away Charity provides insight about some of the projects she is currently working on such as an all ladies "Glamping" trip. We walk along with Charity as tells us of growing up in Oklahoma and then about moving to Tennessee where she met her husband Ian and how they began their guiding business.  As usual, if there is a bear story to be told you will hear it here on influence. Charity tells of a peanut butter bar seeking bear that made itself right at home in the backseat of the family auto. Finally we talk about Casting for Recovery and the fantastic job that organization does for lady anglers.


12 Feb 2019

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S1 E7 David Cannon, Author and Owner of David Cannon Photography

On this episode of Southeastern Fly - The Angler's Influence we travel to Unicoi Outfitters in Helen GA to talk with fly angler, photographer and writer David Cannon of www.davidcannonphotography.com .    David is a full-time commercial- and editorial photographer based near Atlanta and he specializes in two totally unrelated genres of photography: architectural and lifestyle. On the lifestyle side he works with some names you’ll be familiar with: Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Flyfish Journal, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Winston Fly Rods. He’s also the author of the book Fly Fishing Georgia: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters, which has been out since 2009, and the second edition will be released later this year.  On the architectural side he works with groups like Southern Living, STAINMASTER flooring, as well as architects, designers, and builders, and Since 2006 he’s been married to Stephanie, who is a designer in North Georgia, and who also was named one of America’s 100 Most Creative people by Country Living Magazine last year, and they have two young daughters, Shiloh and Afton.   Come along as we talk with David, upstairs at his favorite fly shop, about his fly fishing adventures from fishing a family farm pond, through Georgia, then  all the way to Brazil to fish in the Amazon.


6 Mar 2019

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S1 E13 Guest Mark Brown of Chota Outdoors

On this podcast episode of Southeastern Fly, David loads the mobile studio and travels to Knoxville, TN to talk with Chota Outdoors, Mark Brown. Mark talks about growing up North of Atlanta and fishing with his brother, who was a big influence in Mark's fly fishing and who taught him everything from casting to tying knots. Mark brings a wealth of paddling knowledge to this episode and discusses some of the finer points of reading water. Mark and David talk at length about the subject and Mark reveals some resources he used to learn the water including two publications that would help angler's at any level of experience. Finally Marks talks about hiking and fishing with his Dad and how his Dad taught him to move slower and experience more on any adventure outdoors. Mark and David wind down the conversation as Mark reveals his experience of seeing a mountain lion in East, TN.


28 Aug 2019

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S1 E5 Guest-Tate Cunningham, Moonshine Rods Partner

Drummer for the band Safetysuit and Moonshine Rod Company Partner, Tate Cunningham talks with us about his first time fly fishing in Deckers, to befriending the guys at the fly shop. He leads us on the path as he fly fished with local Nashville musicians who took Tate through fly fishing 101. We also talk about reading John Gierach books even though neither of us can pronounce John's last name the same way twice. His laid back and easy going style, along with a couple techniques to help with your fly fishing game, makes for enjoyable conversation. Come along as we meet Tate Cunningham.


22 Jan 2019

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S1 E9 Jen Ripple, Owner of Dun Magazine

On this episode of Southeastern Fly, The Angler's Influence, we talk with the Editor of Dun Magazine, Jen Ripple. Our conversation begins when Jen admits to only knowing how to fish with a fly rod and how she was swimming and diving while her siblings fished on the lake near her home.  Jen takes us on a journey to Ann Arbor where she learned to tie flies then spent her time learning to fly fish as the ice began to thaw. We talk about Michigan and how she ended up in the town of Dover, TN where she is surrounded by water again. Jen also talks some about different techniques of fly fishing as well as gives us some insight on Dun Magazine. 


7 May 2019

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S2 E5 Why Fish Do - What Fish Do

Host and Southeastern Fly Guide David Perry has an in-depth discussion with Author, TV & radio personality, and all around fishy guy Joey Monteleone. David and Joey go all-out as they talk about everything from where fish choose to stay and why, then they visit on why stealth in fly fishing presentations are so important to an angler's success. They don't stop there and get into the weeds about what fish eat and why plentiful food is so important in choosing the right fly. This episode is full of useful information for anglers at all levels. It's no just about fishing in the Southeast, Tennessee, or Middle Tennessee, the information is useful just about anywhere people fish for freshwater species. Sit back and relax as David and Joey have one of the most technical and fishy discussions that has been recorded on Southeastern Fly.

1hr 7mins

11 May 2020

Rank #7

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S1 E11- Cleve Evans- Owner of Forgotten Coast on the Fly

On this episode of the Southeastern Fly- The Angler's Influence we go back to the Panhandle of Florida to talk Cleve Evans who is the owner of Forgotten Coast on the Fly. This time we talk species and locations from trout to tarpon. We talk all things fly fishing from why we practice casting to how we explore new areas to how we explore new areas and why exploration is important. Our first stop are the mountains of North GA where Cleve learned to catch freshwater trout with his Grandmother in and around Suches GA. As Cleve grew and learned more about fishing, he picked up the fly rod and eventually went to Calloway Gardens where Kent Edmonds taught him the basics of casting and fishing on the fly.  From there Cleve joins friends and begins to explore the areas he spent in his youth. Finally, Cleve landed on Panama City Beach and began to explore the Florida Panhandle. He was bit by the saltwater bug and bought a skiff to further explore the area for redfish, jacks and tarpon.  You are invited to come along as we get to know Cleve Evans, Owner of Forgotten Coast on the Fly.


23 Jun 2019

Rank #8

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S1 E3 - Guest Daniel Munger - Owner Fly Fishing Made Easy

On this episode we spend time speaking with Daniel Munger who is the owner of Fly Fishing Made Easy. Dan talks about growing up in North Alabama and fishing Smith Lake then he talks about his transition into fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He brings us along as he talks about purchasing Instinctive Fly Fishing, a book that erased some of the myths of fly fishing. From there Dan takes us along his path which eventually winds into the Rocky Mountain National Park where he talks about living on a classic Rocky Mt. trout stream. He gives real life experiences such as fishing for "The Shark" and finally we wrap-up the episode with Dan explaining how the wildlife in the Park kept him entertained and always aware of his surroundings.


18 Nov 2018

Rank #9

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S2 E3 Blake Parsons, Current Music City Trout Unlimited President

Podcast Host and Southeastern Fly Guide David Perry stops by Fly South in Nashville, TN to speak with Blake Parsons about bringing Trout Unlimited (TU) back to life in the Music City. David and Blake talk at length about the current state of TU, how the organization is working with TVA, the USACoE, TWRA, TWRF, and other government agencies to improve the health of Middle Tennessee fisheries. Blake and David speak to the state of the Caney Fork tailwater and the work the Corps has undertaken to make repairs to Center Hill Dam as well as the measures that are being put in place to improve cold water storage. Trout in the Classroom has been successful around Tennessee and TU is partnering with teachers as well as TWRA to bring trout to the children of Tennessee in hopes of teaching conservation. They also talk about habitats that can be positively affected with proper care. Finally David introduces the Rivers of Mt. Rushmore in the Southeast and Blake runs through his top four bodies of water in the Southeast. This is an interesting episode for the anglers of Middle Tennessee and around the Southeastern United States.


25 Feb 2020

Rank #10