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I teach conscious coaching-grads how to ditch potential-roadblocks so they can get out of their way & expand financially without procrastinating.⚡️lenaluisa.com

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How to boost your CONFIDENCE

Feeling full of self-doubt when it comes to your self-confidence?  Do you believe that confidence is a character only some of us were gifted with?  What would you do if you were to show up with more confidence on a daily basis? And what positive impact would that have on different areas of your life?  You might want to tune into today's episode and learn the tools & methods that helped me to gain & maintain my confidence. 


25 Aug 2019

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8 Thoughts that shifted my Money-Mindset for the better

I recently went to Auckland to the National Achievers Congress 2019 to hear a bunch of amazing speakers talk about money, mindset & motivation!  In this episode I share with you the 8 Thoughts from the day that massively impacted the way I see "money" and what has helped me attract more of it into my life. I have always been fascinated by all things business, investing, cashflow... But WOW my beliefs and understanding about money was the one reason why I never had any... or spend it as soon as I got more!  With the help from mentors, coaches and inner self-work I went from my dad having to buy a one-way ticket to NZ 18 months ago... (less than $0) to actually being in control of my finances, free from financial 'anxiety' every time I buy something a solid idea of how to manage my money and make it work for me in the future.  Speakers list below: David Leon - Wealth Mentor Grant Cardone - Cardone Capital Elena Cardone - Empire Builder Gary Vaynerchuck - VaynerX & VaynerMedia Graeme Holm - Infinity Group Adam Hudson - Reliable Education 


18 Aug 2019

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Becoming your true & authentic self

Being my true self... what does that even mean?  That has been a question I have been asking myself since the age of 18 now. I'm sure there are many meanings and explanations to it but to me it's simply being 100% me, not having to worry about what other people think, living by my own standards & rules and being able to authentically connect with people without being afraid of showing them all of who I am.  In this weeks episode I share with you how you can become YOUR true and authentic version of you and what methods help me on a daily basis to keep evolving & growing.  #trueself #authenticity #beyou


15 Sep 2019

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How to deal with negative people

This weeks episode is on... How to deal with negative people! I'm sure we've all had to deal with negative people, comments or feedback at some point in our lives... But how do we deal with them and make sure they won't stop us from following our vision & dreams? In today's podcast episode I'll share with you what I've learned about negativity and some effective but simple tools how to shift from a state of feeling shitty about it to fuelling your passion even more. Credits: Jay Shetty - On Purpose Podcast Brene Brown - The Call to Courage


1 Sep 2019

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Let's talk emotions! What they are and how to control them before they control YOU

If feelings and emotions are the end product of past experiences and you are feeling the same way every single day - doesn’t that mean that nothing new is happening in your life? So if you want to change your emotions - you need to make some changes in your life that create different emotions! Create new habits, go to new places, meet new people... Don’t stay in the same destructive cycle.  In this episode I will teach you how I have learnt to control my emotions and turn them from fire into fuel.


4 Aug 2019

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