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A podcast about baseball and baseball stats. Send your questions and comments to feedback@highheatstats.com.

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Episode 11: Gary Thurman Family Reunion

Adam and Andy sit down to discuss the Veterans Committee Hall of Fame voting process, the SABR Overlooked 19th Century Baseball Legends committee, the Gary Thurman 1988 Topps blog post I made 5 years ago, playoff format and timelines, as well as delve into a bit of trivia about Rockies and Marlins managers. Follow the links above to learn more about some of the things we discuss, and follow Adam on Twitter @baseballtwit.


27 Sep 2013

Rank #1

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Episode 10: High Heat Lunch

The group reviews Out of the Park Baseball (simulation software) and also meets up for lunch to discuss our goals in writing about baseball. One note: in the podcast I saw that OOTP 14 is taking pre-orders… that’s wrong. The game is out already and available to play right now!


29 Aug 2013

Rank #2

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Episode 9: Beat the Heat #1: Sully

Sully from the Sully Baseball Daily podcast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sully-baseball-daily/id580843151) comes on to tackle the same trivia questions from Episode 8! Can he beat the High Heat Stats team? At the beginning of the podcast, Sully talks about the hat you see in his photo, taken during the recording of this episode. Check out Sully’s blog (http://sullybaseball.wordpress.com/) and follow him on Twitter @sullybaseball.


21 Aug 2013

Rank #3

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Episode 8: Trivia Quiz #4

Dalton, Bryan, and Dan rumble with more baseball trivia, and one of them ends up controlling the fate of the other two.


14 Aug 2013

Rank #4

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Episode 7: Intentional insensitivity

Bryan, Dalton, Dan, & Andy toss around the questions of hitting with runners in scoring positions and the quality & intent of umpiring, and also make cases for a few guys they’d like to see in the Hall of Fame.

1hr 6mins

6 Aug 2013

Rank #5

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Episode 6: Trivia quiz #3

Andy wracks the brains of Dan, Dalton, and Bryan. Accusations and name-calling abound.


30 Jul 2013

Rank #6

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Episode 5: A clown award, bro

Bryan returns, joining Dalton, Dan, & Andy to make predictions for the rest of the 2013 season.


19 Jul 2013

Rank #7

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Episode 4: Bunting skills competition

Andy and Ashley compare perspectives as fans from different generations, and also discuss the All-Star game, the Mariners, and more.


9 Jul 2013

Rank #8

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Episode 3: Trivia quiz #2

Andy quizzes Dan, Dalton, and Adam in our first standalone trivia quiz. All three contestants do well, but one particularly impresses. Stay tuned for some epic bloopers.


29 Jun 2013

Rank #9

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Episode 2: WAR - What is it good for?

Andy, Dalton, Adam, and Dan discuss strikeouts in 2013, some obscure players and obscure facts about famous players using the Play Index, and we break down how Wins Above Replacement is calculated, different versions, and its use.

1hr 22mins

23 Jun 2013

Rank #10