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Join Gina Maron weekly as she explores topics such as spirituality, sensuality, alternative medicine, energy healing, heart-centered discipline, and conscious parenting. in All About You, you'll discover just how these topics can apply to the goals you've established, your defined mission, and your life as a whole.Gina will encourage you to recognize your path by creating a sense of accountability for your own happiness. Learn how to welcome opportunities with open arms and how to seize and control of your own destiny to truly live a life of purpose. In Gina’s own words, “Awareness and knowledge afford you the opportunity to make elevated choices which ultimately support our collective drive to RISE”.Step by step, we’ll begin to unravel the keys, codes, and downloads that will enable you to engineer a life of bliss. Embrace and employ the mission of these conversations to see real positive change.Keep up with Gina on Instagram @ginamaron and stay connected with her at ginamaron.com

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EP24 Healing Trauma, Facing Fear, & Julunderbun from Serenity Trauma Healing Center

Working up the courage to share our stories can be daunting, but the healing power of giving a voice to our experiences-- the good, the bad, and the ugly—is unparalled.  Revisiting a traumatic memory is often overwhelming and deeply upsetting. It takes a lot of bravery to share deep-rooted suffering and trauma.  When bad things happen to us, it takes time to repair that damage and feel safe again. This is a courageous journey, leaving residual effects of shame, guilt, and a battered nervous system.  Many of us have experienced some level of trauma without even being conscious of the underlying imprints it has left on our subconscious.  As of recently, we’ve all been battling the same high-stress situation. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc as it jumps from country to country and household to household, millions of people have been consumed by fear and anxiety. The pandemic has brought about a boatload of new issues with it ranging from lost jobs to limited supplies. We have all been affected by this in one way or another, and when it passes, we’re sure to see that lasting imprint in our communities. Overcoming this is not impossible. This podcast is one that is especially dear to my heart as I share one my clients and we discuss her story and path to healing that trauma.  Her growth and willingness to share in order to be of service to others touches my heart so deeply and I am hopeful this will spread to my listeners. It has been, and still is, such an honor for me as a therapist to be able to witness the evolution of her healing journey and provide a platform for her to put it out into the world.     As I mentioned before, it takes a lot of courage to be vocal about our hardships. Yet, Ilana reminds us to look within. This process is liberating. We don’t have to settle for feeling alone and disconnected.  As a team at @serenitytraumahealingcenter , we are constantly working together to create an environment for our clients to feel loved, supported, and acknowledged. When we begin to tell our story in a safe space and trust that there is light ahead, we begin the process of healing.  For those who listen in, please know that there is someone out there who cares about you and you are never alone. When navigating the fear of finding your voice, remember that there is so many people out there to listen.  Keeping our trauma bottled up can be immensely damaging. It isn’t until you take that first baby step to opening up that a different perspective, a freeing perspective, will uncover itself. Feelings of shame and guilt quickly wash away when in a safe, supportive place. Hope and a promise of a brighter tomorrow are soon to follow.  From this place we begin to make sense of and organize memories in a more constructive way, allowing our nervous system to relax. Listen in with Ilana and I for an introduction to making healthier, happier choices. 


27 Mar 2020

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EP6 Music For The Soul, Moon Blood, Breast Milk Remedies & Uncircumcised Penises with Shylah Ray

We all know how influential of a role music plays in our lives. Especially when lyrics hit home, making us feel validated and acknowledged. Whether it be one of those times where we think “how am I possibly going to get through this?” or moments of healing and transformation, Shylah Ray provides that feeling of comfort and support. Back in 2010, she was that artist for me. But beyond that, my friend and my soul sister.  Her music has been an inspiration to many. As women with similar passions, we’ve danced through it all side by side in great friendship. Healing, supporting, and sharing our collective journey-- not only as mothers-- but as strong independent women showing up with love and compassion.  I smile from ear to ear when I think of the countless crazy memories we share but smile even bigger when I reflect on the evolution of her journey musically. She’s a truly remarkable woman and its illustrated so clearly in every piece of music she’s created. Shylah lets nothing slip by her: no bullshit, pure honesty. Taking into account our vastly different lives, our relationship is an example of the potency of the divine feminine coming together to learn, grow, and support one another.  We all need a little more of that if we want to live an authentic empowered life. My Ojai days and Shylah were profound in so many ways. Alongside one of my closest friends, you’re in store for years of priceless stories and lessons. I am honored to share her with all of you in all her beauty, grace, and talent to sing from directly from the soul.  This conversation is a reflection of our friendship and love. Hold on for this one: Shylah is so unapologetically outspoken and it’s one of the million reasons why I love her.  We talk moon blood, breast milk , uncircumcised penises, the ever evolving journey of her music, and so much more.  When we come together, it’s always unpredictable and edgy. I must give a shout out to my amazing, talented brother who produced this podcast, created my theme song, and worked so hard on all the edits. Thank you Jimmy for keeping this one PG13, as hard as I know that must have been! After hearing this podcast, I am confident that  you will be downloading her music, stalking her Instagram, and watching the naked videos on youtube. There is a lot of her to get to know. Passion, play, and purpose is all part of this one! Like I always say: Think Big. Feel More. Explore.   Gina & Shylah talk about: Boochcraft bottles exploding Where In n Out sources their beef Addicted to Starbucks Writing music with no filter Not being prepared for motherhood Story behind the song about Menstrual Blood Free bleeding on a white cushion Sound baths Uncensored and no filtered opinions What is moon blood Drinking pee to survive Embracing the differences in one another Yoni egg story Emergency C sections Breathe of fire Experience as a Doula Squirting breast milk into her eye Breast feeding random kids Embracing the fear Saying yes for the experience Uncircumcised penises Do kids need cel phones Spider lizard or baby alligator? Morning rituals Always lemon water and oil pulling "I'm a bad ass beautiful mother lover fun playful amazing incredible person" Erika badu and Aretha Jazz hip hop soul Foria wellness pleasure oil Smelly microphones Geranium  Connect with Shylah Website Facebook YouTube Instagram


20 May 2019

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EP17 Sacred Erotic Movement, Feminine Sensuality, & Holistic Healing with Rie Katagiri

Our bodies store the truth deep within. When we connect to our bodies’ intelligence, we have an opportunity to find a deeper meaning to our life on multi-sensory level.  We move our bodies with the intention to explore aspects of ourselves that are waiting to be activated. Think beyond IQ, or any conventional measurement of intelligence. Redefine the word to illustrate your sensory capabilities and control over perception, rather than retention of information or critical thinking. In the past, I viewed Dance as being entirely performative. Once I shifted my perception, I discovered the power in movement was medicine for the soul.  When we dive into the language of being and express it through our body, the great mystery of our existence feels as if it’s no longer such a mystery.  Applying erotic sensual movement opens these portals connected to our sensuality, sexuality, and creativity. Fall in love with yourself and dance with your spirit.  In this formless form, we get soul power and let our bodies move in an organic way to surrender and trust into the alchemy of a new life energy that revitalizes us, reinvents us, and rewires us.  The ecstasy of your own creation moves into form.  This is an egoless place. Time shifts as we let go, and all of the fear, stress, judgments, and limiting beliefs wither away. As we surrender to the experience, the body expands, leaving you with a desire for more.    Sensuality Now more than ever, we are needing and wanting ways to feel connected to the core of who we are. Looking for answers and asking questions that leave our minds looping the same patterns. When we drop from our heads into our bodies and use our senses to open portals to hidden pathways, we discover our inner treasure chest.   In this talk with Rie, we dive into the depths of pleasured based movement for activating the female sensual body. When we breathe into our bodies and slow down, our minds soften into our core to feel the subtleties of existence we often overlook. We begin to experience ourselves in full, and feel our bodies’ intelligence. It is the energy of motion that allows us to apply intuition and inner knowing to follow our destiny. This physical process goes far beyond the tangible experience, making us more fluid in our thoughts and emotions.   A linear way of thinking leaves us stuck in old patterns and chaos. Flowing in our femininity is a sensual, lyrical form. This is the time to let go and let life in.  CONNECT WITH RIE Instagram @ RieKatagiri  http://www.riekatagiri.com/ https://www.eroticmovementarts.com/

1hr 4mins

9 Oct 2019

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EP4 Who Are You? Life Purpose & Soul Centered Living with Mary Hulnick

In 2003, I walked into The University of Santa Monica to embark on the journey of receiving a masters in spiritual psychology.  As a mom with two little girls at home, I was riddled with guilt as I left one weekend a month, venturing out of mommy mode into ALL ABOUT ME.  At the time, I really didn’t know what to expect. The only certainty I felt was that my life would change forever; and it most definitely did. Where to begin… One weekend a month, we were taught a skill and then applied it in trio format experientially with 220 other like-minded soul tribe members.  We dove deep into our studies, completely reprogramming ourselves and dismantling how we viewed the world. Our belief systems and everything we were raised to believe would be called into question.  Like many, the typical goal line in life was the only way I knew how to navigate. We’re raised to believe that obtaining the college degree, the house, the kids, the perfect marriage, having the ability to travel, feeding the ego, and denying our souls genuine happiness is the only formula for happiness and success. I wholeheartedly lived by the shallowness of this mindset until Ron and Mary Hulnick showed up in my life. The pioneers and founders of USM, the soul centered approach to living, changed by perception of myself entirely. I had yet to discover that I was a spiritual being having a human experience until I stepped foot in this program and my world was flipped upside down. Or rather, right side up.  Finally, I was seeing everything through a different lens, and manufacturing a life dictated only by my own rules. For the first time, I was allowing my heart mind to be the ruler of my domain and my soul the compass to guide the way. It was the biggest gift I had ever given myself and I am so excited to share the woman-- who forever changed my life-- with you. She was my spiritual mentor, someone I admire so much, with qualities that I knew would one day would become a part of me as I navigated my way as a spiritual being having a human experience. Everything I knew up until this moment was simply a compilation of others’ projections of me. I can honestly admit that I never knew who I truly was. My sense of self was in shambles, my purpose was clouded, and I wasn’t aware of how to be fully present in my body without the tools and skills USM provided to teach me to live from my heart mind.  This was the beginning of my life’s work to love myself like I’ve never been loved, to know myself like I’ve never known how, and to build friendships with portions of myself that I often used to run from. As I began to integrate and live from this place, I understood the meaning of gratitude in all its grace. My heart overflowed with emotion as I walked up the stairs to Mary’s office to discuss how to stay in our loving, be loyal to our souls, and find purpose and meaning in our lives. This conversation will leave your heart wanting more and your soul speaking to you. Please give yourself the gift of this talk as we share the journey into waking up from the past, evolving into YOU, and knowing that there is another perspective to life. What an honor to share this being of light Dr. Mary Hulnick! __________Educational background: Doctor of Philosophy – Iowa State University, Ames, 1971. Master of Science in Counseling & Guidance – Iowa State University, 1968. Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Psychology, Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa, 1966Licenses: Licensed Clinical Psychologist, California; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, CaliforniaFields of specialization: Spiritual Psychology; Consciousness Counseling; Couples’ Counseling; Soul-Centered Education; Nurturing the Divine Feminine; Honoring the Calling of One’s HeartDr. Mary R. Hulnick is recognized as a pioneer and worldwide leader in the field of Spiritual Psychology. Together with University President Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick, she serves as USM’s Founding Faculty and Co-Director, designing the University’s extraordinary curriculum and facilitating Programs in Spiritual Psychology where the hallmarks of the educational process are characterized as experiential, engaging, relevant, meaningful, supportive, inspiring, practical, nurturing, and, ultimately, transformational. USM graduates share that being with Mary and Ron in the classroom is, without exception, one of the most transformative, Loving, and memorable experiences that they will cherish for a lifetime.In her current role as Executive Vice President, Mary provides leadership of staff and faculty, strategic and creative direction, and executive oversight to the many departments of the University. She also has an active role in the University’s Executive Team.In 2011, she and Ron co-authored Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology, published by Hay House and available in 12 countries and 8 languages and recently released as an audiobook read by the authors on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. With the launch of USM’s Online Program, Ron and Mary continued to share the teachings of Spiritual Psychology beyond the classroom to the world, with two innovative, interactive courses—An Introduction to Spiritual Psychology and Loyalty to Your Soul®–Foundations. Then in 2014, Mary wrote 33 Days of Awakening, an online experience enjoyed by over 20,000 participants in 128 countries.  This highly successful course inspired Mary & Ron’s latest book, Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living, was published by Hay House in 2017.Licensed as a Clinical Psychologist and a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California, Mary has maintained a private practice for more than 30 years, working with individuals, couples, families, and groups.  She holds both a Ph.D. and an M.S. degree in Counseling and Guidance from Iowa State University and is a member of Psi Chi, a national honorary Psychology fraternity, and Sigma Tau Delta, a national honorary English fraternity.  Mary is a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and a member of the American Psychological Association. Gina and Mary talk about: The divine feminine Living from a loving place Seeing the living essence in everyone Everybody has a gift and purpose Heart / Soul centered listening Learning to listen from your heart Ego vs soul = mind vs heart = think vs feel Victim consciousness Self honesty Life is more than the finish line A soul having a human experience Ways to dig deeper Programs in Spiritual Psychology | Life Coaching & Leadership ... Loyalty To Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology “Loyalty To Your Soul” summer workshop Connect with Mary Facebook info@universityofsantamonica.edu https://ronandmaryhulnick.com/


6 May 2019

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EP13 Chilly Pads, Hotel Ice Baths, Sleeping Herbs, & Sungazing With Wellness Guru Luke Storey

Luke Storey: bio-hacker, and truly the Rolls Royce of wellness. For the past 18 years, I have explored and experimented with so many healing modalities and when I met Luke Storey in my Kundalini teacher training, I was in awe of his journey and our shared passion. I had finally met someone my age that was on a mission to bio-hack through the old paradigm belief systems, heal past childhood wounds, and take responsibility for their wellness/high vibe lifestyle.  I resonated with this and so much more that he shared on his epic podcast, which is part of where I found inspiration in starting my own. Thanks to Luke, I am sharing my passion for creating the life I know I was meant to live. The truth is, we all have the potential to rise above but somehow allow limitations that hold us back, looping in the same patterns.   Luke is a former celebrity fashion stylist turned bio-hacker with all the knowledge to re-calibrate and reinvent a life that is more self-honoring, nurturing, and balanced. This is your fast pass to optimal health. And a great opportunity to shop in his wellness superstore. ( Really, there’s SO much to discover and explore at lukestorey.com ) In all seriousness, I have yet to come across a more knowledgeable person on all things wellness. He has completely transformed his life for the better and is now sharing with you a mega wealth of information and a road map for your own growth.  No more second guessing yourself; just listen, get inspired, and get motivated. Like always: think big, explore, and feel more. Big love Gina xx  GINA & LUKE TALK ABOUT:  Being addicted to dopamine Having a spiritual awakening the first day of rehab Getting caught up in external validation Rebirthing through breathwork How to live fully present Emotional hangovers Taking responsibility for yourself  A life in the now is a life without suffering Eckhart Tolle Author Byron Katie Fight or flight  The importance of a strong sense of self The problem is not the problem Reparenting your inner child  Co-dependent relationships Sacred self care Conscious parenting  The common denominator of happiness How we are disconnected from nature  How humans have put themselves in a zoo living in cages How we have evolved to be outdoors How to use the Sun for healing Red light therapy  What is the Bates Method Getting into our Primal nature Five rhythms in Topanga Canyon Using movement as medicine  Tracking sleep with an Oura ring How safe is kratom  anyway Neurofeedback sessions to help sleep  Peak brain Institute in West LA Clearlight infrared saunas  Getting your mind into a Theta state  A variety of breathing techniques Getting to the root of the trauma Awesome supplements to boost testosterone Luke’s ultimate morning biohack coffee recipe Microdosing story while attending a Tony Robbins event  What is a solar callus and why everybody needs them

1hr 25mins

31 Jul 2019

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EP14 Inner Smiles, Pro Aging, and Soul Facials with Erika Terhes

How to radiate beauty with Erica from Desired Facial Have you ever watched a woman walk into a room and immediately felt her essence?  Her presence radiates confidence and sensuality. Is that outer-beauty? Or inner-beauty?  Probably a little bit of both. How does she do it? I think we all know how hard it is to keep up with all of that. It’s crazy, really. Self-care is often one of the first things to go when we get caught up in all of the stress and chaos that life brings us. Sometimes, we set aside that time for self-care, but it doesn’t give us the results we had hoped for. Here’s why: we all want that instant gratification, but the true key to sustaining beauty while aging is working from the inside, out. This will outlive and outperform any product or the newest and most in-demand fads.  Personally, I do both. And that’s what I would suggest for everyone. Pairing your self-care from within with the external pampering we all love will give you a glow like no other. I love my products, being a woman, and everything that comes along with my femininity. Here is my Westlake Village, California little secret: Facial workouts with an arsenal of tools to support my inner transformation. As a little girl, I was always fascinated with my mothers beauty. I would spend hours watching her as she squeezed into her extremely tight sasson jeans, laying on the floor, working very carefully so as to prevent a break in her long red painted nails.  My introduction to beauty was one of perfection. I never thought I could ever keep up, and it led me to rebel at a young age, cutting my hair short and dressing like a boy.   It wasn’t until I started working on myself from the inside out that I fully understood what it meant to achieve that inner glow. The essence and powerful presence you feel from someone who can take your breath away without a word.  That was the beauty I set out to cultivate. This talk with Erica of Desired Face is the alchemy of connecting with all aspects of our being and how to become a whole woman by addressing old traumas, confronting limiting beliefs, resentment, and unfinished business. I invite you to take a deep breath, center yourself in your heart, and listen in as we dive into this conversation on what story our face reveals to us and those we encounter.  We’ll also discuss what face workouts support the aging process and how to upgrade skincare with tools that enhance that outer glow. The real meaning of pro-aging is having our inner reality match our outer reality. When we make peace with aspects of ourselves that we often don’t take time to acknowledge, our face begins to transform and show our truth.  I am beyond excited for you to hear Erica and I share our journey on beauty. Connect with Erika INSTAGRAM  @desiredface.efw https://desiredface.com/


15 Aug 2019

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EXPANDIN 'Future Self' Meditation (music only)

10 minute music for meditation


10 Apr 2020

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EP15 Soul Sweat, Meeting Your Fears, & Living Radically Alive with Stefanos Sifandos

We all want to live luxurious, successful, happy lives. However, we often are so dead-set on these goals we fail to remember that riches and prosperity come in many forms- many of which are right in front of our faces.  I was programmed from as early as I can remember to find happiness in material things, spending my youth completely unaware of just how fulfilling internal personal victories can be. It wasn’t until many years later that I slowed down enough to see the flicker of light radiating from my soul.  In that moment, I paused and explored aspects of myself that were painful to visit. It took courage I didn’t know that I had, but this brutal confrontation was what I needed. In the face of transformation, I saw clarity.   How do we transform?  How do we live from the inside and venture into that unchartered territory of our inner landscape?  You must be brave and trust that in taking this leap of faith, you will gain in the end.  When I finally accessed a glimpse of my inner landscape, a lifelong mystery began to unfold.  Who was I?      That’s when transformation looks you deep in the eyes.  The voice of the soul that cries out for acknowledgment and validation.  Allow it to be seen. In my talk with Stefanos Sifandos, we explore the path of transformation. The courage it takes to get brutally honest with yourself, shift the mindset, and evolve to live a life that is in alignment with your dreams. As the layers shed, and the true form of self is revealed, you discover the prosperity of the soul and heart mind.  As you progress to new levels of your own personal development, you are often blindsided with the raw-ness and vulnerability of the unknown. Having this new perspective lends hand to creating a life that resonates from the heart mind.    When the heart is fulfilled, life starts happening for you instead of to you.  The risk has its payoff, and you’ll reap the benefits of the beautiful experiences to come. I love this talk with Stefanos as we relive the moments of our own pain and soul sweat, and crossover into taking responsibility for our own happiness. Take the opportunity to pursue these self-honoring acts and begin the road to an expanded version of yourself. Love yourself, honor yourself, befriend yourself. The ecstasy in this newfound discovery pulls you forward, leaving the toxic pieces of yourself behind as you trailblaze into unlimited potential.   The real prosperity and success is living a life on purpose, feeling passionate, and radically alive.      Connect with Stefanos https://www.instagram.com/stefanossifandos/ https://stefanossifandos.com/


4 Sep 2019

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EP5 Cancer Free Lifestyle, Internal Deodorant, and Being Your Own Doctor with Jennifer Levin

I have been a stay-at-home mom for 22 years in my community of Westlake Village, California. I’ve met many women over the years, but there is one mom in particular who I always find myself in complete awe of: Jennifer Levin.  She’s a cancer survivor and the strongest, most resilient woman I know.  Always growing and evolving, she is truly amazing.  After surviving breast cancer, she took her own health to the next level and studied nutrition. Not only did she pursue this line of study for self-benefit, but made it a point to help others with her knowledge as well.  She is overflowing with wisdom, and knows the ins and outs of living on a cancer free diet.  She has started a blog and is truly a wealth of information.  This is one of the most insightful, knowledge filled talks I’ve had yet.  Together, we cover a plethora of topics including: living risk free of cancer, hormones, alternative lifestyle, cutting edge drugs and anything and everything to keep you energized, healthy, and motivated to upgrade your lifestyle habits and choices.  Everyone needs to hear this talk , so please share this with friends and loved ones, especially all the women in our lives. I guarantee you’ll take away something new that will enhance your life and make you healthy, happier, and thriving.  One of my primary goals when starting my podcast was to be able to reach as many people I could, distributing the knowledge of the incredible people that have truly changed my life for the better. I’m confident these conversations will provide the same service to you. Gina and Jennifer talk about: Fran drescher's Cancer Schmancer Uterine cancer Turmeric Dandelion root tea Anticancer lifestyle Check your estrogen levels Over a hundred and fifty toxins within the home The argument about soy Why you shouldn't drink out of plastic bottles Get your hormones checked 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer - Dr Veronique My Brest friend Deodorant is bad news What you can use for internal deodorant Cold hydrotherapy How to activate the lymphatic system Why we need to be our own doctor Cancer statistics Reconnecting with nature Beware of the EMF’s The very common vitamin D deficiency Grounding Spiritual Beings having a human experience Ayahuasca trips in the Amazon Cellular memory Self-care and self-forgiveness Infrared sauna Naltrexone Mistletoe with chemotherapy Vitamin B17 Food as medicine Water filtration systems Hydrogen tablets Fluoride is a toxin Divinia bottled water Crater Lake Oregon Living Spring Water Salt Carbon 60 CBD Intermittent fasting The science of fasting film Daily rituals for sacred self care Life force energy The importance of just being Filleted Aloe drink Anti-cancer nutrients and supplements Connect with Jennifer https://www.yougotthis.life/ @biohackingjen


13 May 2019

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EP11 Fake Fear, Cookie Dough Dating, & Being Your Own Healer with Josh Nasar

Laughter is one of life’s greatest gifts and acts as medicine for the soul. I live for the moments when I laugh so hard my whole body feels radically alive. In all of my crazy experiences throughout this journey, one of my most prominent memories is sitting with my eldest daughter so excited to meet the laughing saint. We all sat on our meditation pillows, nervously waiting for this heartfelt man that was supposedly going to just sit and laugh for an entire hour.  I was up for anything-- I’ll never turn down an opportunity to let in some extra joy or happiness—but not quite sure what to expect. In he walked, a light filled man with a smile from ear to ear. He sat in easy pose and stared at us as giggles and smiles flooded the room. He burst into a roaring belly laugh that lasted for the remainder of the hour. Laughter sets our spirit free and serves as a reminder of how serious we all can be without even knowing it. We should all remind ourselves to let go and laugh, at not only ourselves, but at this crazy life that can get so heavy at times. It’s impossible to find myself being too serious anytime I’m around my good friend, and comedian, Josh Nasar. He can make one silly face and instantly I’m back to why I’m really here on this planet. To laugh, play, and surround myself with people that make life fun!   Also an actor, he once played a tough cop on one of my favorite shows that I used to religiously binge watch called “Sons of Anarchy.” Josh is so talented, the internet can’t get enough of him either: I’ll never forget when he went viral on YouTube. Whether he’s standing in his underwear on the side of the road hitch hiking, or giving me relationship advice, there is truly never a dull moment.   The first time we did a radio show together, Josh made me feel so at home and so comfortable discussing myself to an audience. I couldn’t stop laughing, and I was intrigued by just how personable he really is. I’ve come to know him as such a creative, inquisitive individual with a knack for networking and a love for life in general. This podcast was a perfect example of what happens when the two of us hang out. We just let it roll and always leave feeling complete. To me, that’s a real friend. I love this talk with Josh as we laughed through it all and created another priceless memory, and I’m so excited to share it with you. FULL SHOW NOTES : https://www.ginamaron.com/pod-cast


3 Jul 2019

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EP8 Love As Medicine, Sacred Self-Care, Self Intimacy, & Vulnerability with Dr. Nikki Starr

We all seek to feel and experience love. Both self-love and the love of those who surround us are imperative to leading a life with a wide open heart. In my life, I’ve come in contact with several outstanding women that truly understand the depth of this feeling as a powerful tool to navigate through the heart mind. Together, Nikki and I dive into the abyss of love and explored all of its forms.  Love is a basic need and when we have a full love vessel we are at our prime creatively, overflowing into all areas of our lives.  Love and sex. Familial love. Platonic love. Love for our pets. Love of nature. Love of chocolate. Love of travel. Love for food.  The list goes on and on, for every one of us. There are countless ways to give and receive love.   Do you give yourself permission to let love in, even if you’ve been wounded by it?  Do you live in love or live in fear?  I love this conversation with Nikki because of how transparent we were able to be with our own journeys and the trials and tribulations that we faced in relation to love. We discuss far beyond a simple romantic ‘I love you’ or any of the traditional expressions of the feeling. Seeing it from a new perspective offers you the opportunity to pinpoint the lessons that loving relationships are able to gift us. Our hearts are tender and fragile, but they are intended to heal and learn to set healthy boundaries. To honor the heart will set you up for the growth and expansion we all search for. Dr. Nikki Starr is a Medical Doctor turned transformational coach, healer, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur.  She creates programs and facilitates classes that help you look within and connect with your deeper self.  Always guided with love!  Show Notes here:  https://www.ginamaron.com/pod-cast Connect with Dr. Love Dr. Nikki Starr Website Email Dr. Nikki: https://drnikkistarr.com/contact Twitter @DrNikkiStarr Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drnikkistarr


4 Jun 2019

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EP10 Music With A Purpose, Cosmic Art, & Self love with Rachel London

I walked into café gratitude a couple years ago on a blind date, so kindly set up by our mutual friend. I could hardly contain my excitement knowing that this was going to be a friend, a soul sister, and a plethora of precious memories to come. And that she was: Rachel Londyn. Rachel smiled and waved and my heart was uplifted. We all have those moments. When you know, you just know. And here we are now, having a great talk about all of the things that matter to both of us. In this conversation we revisit that first moment. We knew we had done this before in a distant star galaxy. I can get a bit galactic in my star seed lineage. As I sat down, Rachel asked me if I was a Pleiadian. “I thought you would never ask!” I knew. She knew. Some call us the sparkling sun; multi-dimensional spirit-beings, bringing light, knowledge, and wisdom. Meet Rachel Londyn. The multi-dimensional artist who creates her art and music from a cosmically energetic portal to reveal the gifts your soul was here to create. Her artistic mastery perfectly embodies a high vibrational portal to activate YOU in curating the seen and unseen worlds that words often can’t express. This transmission is the channel, the truth: we are all spiritual beings merely having a human experience. We drop into our humanness and dive into a variety of exciting subjects. Come have an experience of the divine feminine as we discuss the topics that matter. Do you want to live and make conscious choices that are in alignment with honoring your soul? The intimacy of self-care and self-honor is in your choices. Let loose: learn to find comfort in the fact that playfulness is sexy and living ritualistically will set you free. Her lyrics bridge these two worlds that we are all “stardust” and just want to be have a bigger experience of LOVE. “Love me harder” “Hold onto me longer” FULL SHOW NOTES AND LINKS  https://www.ginamaron.com/pod-cast


26 Jun 2019

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EP19 The Art Of Saying No, The Gifts Of Infidelity, & Mysticism Of The Earth With Cyntha Gonzalez

This episode features an extremely intimate, heartfelt talk with my Kundalini yoga sister @cynthagonzales. This soul driven creatrix is on a mission to heal and inspire, rooted in a unique background and spreading her wisdom all across the globe. I was fortunate enough to have her land on my doorstep and spend two hours discussing relationships.   I am ecstatic to share her countless lessons and stories regarding conscious relationships, the gifts of infidelity, and her vision quests in the remote UAE sand dunes (approximately 3 hours from Dubai).  Believe it or not, these are just a fraction of the topics we touched on in this multi-dimensional look into intimacy. This multifaceted conversation spins magic, and most divinely, the alchemy of our friendship as we share energy.   My passion for years has been providing a voice to all the beauty and gifts of being a woman.   In our collective missions to uplift, inspire, and curate soul talk, we can’t help but embrace that Shakti medicine. Through compassionate self-forgiveness and our emotional intelligence, we all have an opportunity to live radically alive.  I encourage you to listen to this deep talk as we dive into our truths and collective mission.    Seeking the truth and being devoted to the alchemy of the soul is a devotion and longing for the deeper meaning of life.  As life comes at us, we often retreat into the solace of our heart-mind seeking meaning that our ego minds often struggle to find clarity within. Most everyone carries some form of trauma with them, consciously or unconsciously, and Cyntha has so graciously woven through the interplay of relationships for you to find closure and understanding in your battles. With compassion and incredible forgiveness, she reminds us of the blessings that can often override the pain and suffering that leaves us feeling frozen without hope. Her dynamic approach to navigating the healing modalities as an application to evolve, transform, and heal show us the potential in our light to overshadow those dark clouds.   This is the voice of the soul as it expands and the courage of a heart that takes risks. I love each and every one of these talks so dearly and am so grateful for the love and beautiful feedback I’ve received from so many of you. Thank you for listening and subscribing. It means the world to me.  Big love    Connect with Cyntha https://www.cynthagonzalez.com/ https://www.linkedin.com https://www.instagram.com/cyntha_gonzalez/

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22 Nov 2019

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EP12 (Moms With Purpose & Passion Series) Purpose*Passion*Music With Kimberly Dawn

To all the moms out there: I appreciate, respect, and cherish you! It is through you that I found inspiration to launch my monthly podcast Moms With Passion And Purpose, as an extention of my current All About You podcast.   Meet Kimberly Dawn. She is one of those women in my community that many look to for inspiration. Kim exemplifies a woman with passion. She finds drive in her music while leading a purposeful life in our community of Westlake Village, California. She is constantly looking out for others; whether it be participating in charity work with Casa Pacifica, lending a helping hand in school functions, or offering support for members of our community. Kim always leaves a lasting impression with her generous heart. She is a loving wife, incredible mother, and an extraordinarily devoted friend to her tribe of women.  In this episode, Kim shares how she manages to find time in her busy, often chaotic life to stay true to her passion of being a songstress. If you want to know how she does it all: writing, performing, traveling, and manifesting a life that we all might be a little envious of, she lays it all out on the table in All About You. When I first got a peek into her sacred, creative space, it opened up a new level of fascination in me. If you get a glimpse in her closet, you’re likely to feel that way too. In Kim’s words, she lives in her “Barbie dream mansion” that she manifested as a little girl.  We can all learn how to have more balance in our lives with grace and ease and Kimberly Dawn has mastered that skill. It was such a pleasure and so much fun to spend time in her beautiful home, recording study and dreamy closet. We both have four kids and are on a mission to help others. I adore this beautiful woman and I know you will too.    


13 Jul 2019

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Ep21 Shadow Motivation, Extraordinary Love, & Internal Authority With Gabriella Taylor

As John Lennon once said: “All we need is love.” Love is the highest frequency on the planet and can heal us in endless ways.  It is necessary for a healthy mind, body, and spirit and there is truly no greater power.   We all need and want love in our lives as it is not only one of our basic needs but also liberates us.  It provides life force energy, whether that love be shared with our romantic partners, children, pets, careers, or nature.  Remember to take time to appreciate the many abundant things the universe gifts us, big and small, and love it in all forms.  Our energy is infinite, and life is magical. It isn’t as easy as it sounds to stay this open and optimistic, but we as humans are here to create relationships; to feel and experience love in all ways possible.  Have you ever explored why we sacrifice so much for love?  Your spiritual heart yearns for that reflection in others so you can see the depth of your own heart.  We all know that feeling of joy, excitement, and unbridled ecstasy when we are accepted and loved by peers and significant others.  It allows us to feel liberated from the negative parts of ourselves that we push away and allow to drag us down. This talk will have you floating on that euphoric cloud.  When we feel heartbroken or denied of love from others it is difficult to shake the overwhelming emotions as that fluffy cloud turns dark and gray. It showers us with insecurities, self-doubt, and hopelessness.  It is in this shadow self that our wounds and unfinished soul work are revealed. This is the true journey of discovering that extraordinary love we seek, not only with others, but with ourselves as well.  Often, the most daunting thing of all to love is yourself. It takes a lot of courage to open up deeper parts of ourselves and accept the good with the bad and ugly. Learning to make peace with seemingly undesirable sides of yourself and creating a relationship of self-acceptance will always be worth it.  This is really the journey of the ALL ABOUT YOU podcast and what inspires me every day to go deeper within and get to know myself at the core. When we choose to live from a heart-centered place, our hearts spread open to receive. This love is limitless and timeless and becomes the fuel that drives all your choices, welcoming meaning and purpose into your life. As we begin to excavate this uncharted territory, we meet our biggest teacher LOVE in all its glory. This conversation with Gabriella, a good friend and classmate from many moons ago, brings us to the forefront of what it takes to dive deep into our loving. The skills needed and awareness it takes to navigate the beauty of our heart.  I am so excited to share her work and her mission to help women unveil the depth of their own hearts, deep desires, and passions so they can give and receive love in the healthiest, most bountiful ways. We all come with our unique expression of love and I hope that this conversation gifts you with an expansion of your heart and mind so you can explore new ways of living and loving. Love is our biggest teacher I am so excited to share my good friend Gabriella Taylor and her incredible work to understand the complex emotions and feelings that come with our tender hearts.  Life is brighter and far more beautiful when filled with joy and passion. Connect With Gabriella gabriellataylor.com Instagram @gabriellataylorcoach


10 Jan 2020

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