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A liberal millennial and her conservative baby-boomer mother meet up with friendly experts to discuss the headline issues of today.

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Black In America pt. 1

It’s February and that means that the United States of America is officially celebrating black history month. Yet, for a country that has an entire month dedicated to celebrating its black people, America’s relationship with its melanin enriched citizens remains complicated. So, what’s it like to be a black person in a country that on the one hand celebrates you and on the other threatens you? Over the next two episodes of in Human terms, Joy Gilmer, an old family friend, black woman, and educator will share her thoughts with my mom and I as we explore what it’s like to be a black woman in America today.


22 Feb 2019

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Hunters vs. Madmen: Guns in America

Few subjects have challenged almost every American’s sense of safety and freedom like that of gun control.As a country, we are divided on this.One side sees the gun and the second amendment as an American birthright to protect our liberty .And the other side counts the casualties of gun violence as too high a price so a few people can feel like cowboys.But, too often we get stuck in a binary of thinking that we only have to options: ban all guns, or arm everybody. But is there a space in between? This week, long time hunter and social advocate Luke Mertes talks hunting, madmen, and gun regulation with my mom and I as we explore gun control in America. I hope you enjoy.


18 Jan 2019

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Shut Down for What? The Wall.

We only have seven days left before the three week timer on the government shutdown runs out. What’s at stake? Funding to build a wall between Mexico and the United States.Though a wall may stem the flow of migrants for a time, it doesn’t address the larger problems that have made the US immigration system difficult to navigate nor the ones that have pushed migrants to flees their homelands in the first place.So, what should Americans do and how should we think about the people that want to become U.S. citizens?Em Bricker, a legal worker in Indianapolis, joins my mom and I to talk about her experiences working with refugees at the San Diego border Fence, her perspective on the Central American Caravan, and what hopes she has for Americans as we sort through this big topic.


8 Feb 2019

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Our Friendly Neighborhood Muslim

For many Americans the words “Muslim” or “Islam” have negative connotations. Unfortunately, because a radical few excused their acts of terror on 9-11 and within ISIS by saying it was done for Islam, a surprising number of Americans assume that all muslims feel the same way-that they hate America. Yet, muslims have been in America for generations. They are our nurses, doctors, scientists, grocers, lawyers, soldiers, and friends and without them we wouldn’t be the nation we are today. So, can we separate the trauma we’ve experienced with the few radicals from the goodness we’ve experienced from the many wonderful Muslim-Americans? My mom and I hash it out with my friend Zuha Irfan in this episode of, "In Human Terms". I hope you enjoy!


4 Jan 2019

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Take Your President to Work Day

It can seem like an impossible request these days to ask democrats and republicans to work together. The recent government shutdown shows just how entrenched party lines can be. Where the 35 days of an inoperable government was the longest in U.S. history, President Trump has only promised a three week reprieve before the fight could get started again. So, while our politicians are the one’s haggling over this, it was the government employees, their lack of pay, work, and services to our country that were being leveraged as ammo by both sides. Today, we speak with Joel Miner Natural Resource Specialist for the Bureau of Land Management in Southern California and hear from him what it was like to be furloughed for over a month and what conversations he hopes will be happening in Washington D.C. as the three week timer ticks down.


1 Feb 2019

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