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Want a better understanding of buyer psychology and how to effectively differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive business environment?We've teamed up with industry leaders to provide you with tools and strategies for increasing your conversion rates, utilizing neuroscience in your sales/marketing content, and engaging your customers at first contact.

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Episode 2 - How to Accelerate Your Sales Process

In this episode, we'll explore how the tech buyer has changed and how you can use neuroscience to accelerate your sales process. Mark shares his deep understanding of the unconscious buying process and why it's so important to change the traditional sales approach.


27 Mar 2019

Rank #1

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Episode 1 - How Marketing Is Changing

In this episode, we'll be exploring how marketing has changed over the years and how we need to start thinking about it differently in the future.  Joining us will be Joanne Charley, Chief Marketing Officer at Neural Impact, a marketing professor at Capilano University, and senior marketing leader for the past 30 years.   Leading neuroscience research and psychology has revealed emphatic evidence for the role emotions play in our purchasing decisions.  We'll describe the ever-changing marketing landscape, where it's heading, and how you can utilize emotion in your marketing content and customer interactions to increase your conversions and accelerate your customer acquisition process.


13 Mar 2019

Rank #2