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Bucket List Life Podcast is proudly brought to you by Trav Bell - The Bucket List Guy. Trav is a passionate speaker, coach and author and inspires people to live their Bucket List Lifestyle. Trav is growing a global following of what he terms "Global Bucket Listers" and his positive message is spreading fast. With a focus on Personal Development Trav helps people create a life that allows them to chase their dreams. Trav believes life is way too short not to live a Bucket List lifestyle.

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Episode 36. Morry Morgan

Morry Morgan is a wisecracking entrepreneur and founder of School of Hard Knock Knocks. The School of Hard Knock Knocks (SHKK) is a stand-up comedy school that trains keynote speakers, newbie comedians and bucket list tickers, with a faculty of guest 'A-list' Australian and international comedy coaches.


9 Aug 2021

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Episode 35. David Jenyns

On this episode of the #BucketListLife #Podcast I talk with David Jenyns.  David’s entrepreneurial journey began in his early twenties when he sold Australia’s most beloved sporting venue, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business. To achieve this, Jenyns spends most of his time supporting the growing community of certified SYSTEMologists as they help business owners implement SYSTEMology. This podcast is inspiring and well worth a listen.


3 Aug 2021

Rank #2

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Episode 33. Christine Handy

Best selling author, cancer survivor, speaker, radio show personality.National and International modelling career. FOX radio breast cancer expert-TV and radio guest speaking on cancer and womens issues.


22 Jun 2021

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Episode 34. Terry Tucker

Terry is a former policeman turned motivational speaker and author. Terry shares his journey with Cancer and the many lessons he has learned during his amazing life so far.


21 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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Episode 32. Michael Romeo

Certified Bucket List Coach Michael Romeo chats with Trav Bell about his WHY, his background and his mission to help people live purposely fulfilled lives.


26 May 2021

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Episode 31: Steve Sims

Steve Sims, the man who Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines call, "The Real-Life Wizard of Oz," and author of " Steve started as a bricklayer/biker from the tenements of East London. The grinding work taught him life lessons for sure, but in a pivotal moment of clarity, he decided he was capable of more.


15 May 2021

Rank #6

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Episode 30: Dale Lykins

Following a more than 30 year career as a pastor in the United Methodist Church, Dale came to a realization: the church he had given so much to was grounded more in perpetuating the institution than actually meeting the challenges of people’s lives and questions in a modern world. In the past two years, his passion shifted toward connecting with people seeking to live an authentic, honest life, regardless of faith. WHAT DALE DOESDale’s work centers on human connection.


15 May 2021

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Episode 28. Christian Boo Boucousis

Diagnosed with a serious medical condition, Boo could no longer fly fighter aircraft so he took the plunge into business. Using the skills and knowledge he acquired in the Air Force, Boo attributes his success in business to the values and discipline he learned in and out of the cockpit – focus, efficiency, continuous improvement and simplicity.He is a leadership and performance expert and the author of “On Time, On Target: How Teams and Companies Can Cut Through Complexity and Get Things Done….The Fighter Pilot Way”.


20 Apr 2021

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Episode 27. Angel Ribo

Angel RIBO, known as The CEO Confidant, is an Influencer, LinkedIn strategist, International TV Host, Public Speaker, CEO Consultant, Board Member, Philanthropist, frequent Podcast Guest. In the last 21 years, Angel has helped more than 1,500 CEOs in 33 different countries to Accelerate the growth of their businesses. He was born near Barcelona, and he has lived in 8 countries and speaks 5 languages.


20 Apr 2021

Rank #9

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Episode 26. Pavle Luger

Certified Bucket List Coach Pavle Luger chats with Trav Bell about his WHY, his background and his mission to help people live purposely fulfilled lives.


7 Apr 2021

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