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The Estimate Rocket Podcast brings you off-the-cuff conversations from experts to help you excel and grow your service industry business. Whether you just started your own business or are a veteran with a thriving team, this show will keep bringing you useful ideas, training, interviews, tools, and tips each week to help you grow.

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Vision Conference 2021-2022 is here!

The Vision Conference is here to help you with Sales and Profit Planning for 2021 and 2022! Tom Droste , co-founder and CEO at Estimate Rocket, joins us for this special Estimate Rocket Radio episode to talk about what to expect at the Vision Conference that extends from October 21, 2021 into February of 2022. The ten sessions will be hosted two times a month and will help you collect numbers and trends from your past year's sales and financials which will be plugged into strategic initiatives and practical steps to help you achieve your goals. Tom will draw on his background in accounting to help you better understand the most important numbers in your business, and he has prepared spreadsheets to help you determine the approach you need to take to increase your future income and profit based on your findings. Every session will supply attendees with tactical exercises to be taken back and completed so you can come to every session prepared to envision the next steps for your company and help your team catch the vision. Learn more and register at https://www.estimaterocket.com/visionconference.


20 Oct 2021

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How to RIVAL: Profit Gym

On this episode of Estimate Rocket Radio, we conclude our How to RIVAL series of podcasts with a discussion with Bevin Hernandez, our lead developer and marketing director, on the topic of working hard for the money! Every business owner is in a profit gym of their own making, and they work every bit as hard for financial profit as someone going into a gym or health club works to get physically fit. Everything good is accomplished against the background of hard work, especially at the times when it looks easy to others on the outside. But with hard work should come smarter methods to exponentially increase the outcomes of that work. If you want to learn how to better RIVAL in the marketplace and make your work worth the effort, you can't get around the investment of time and energy that it takes to learn and increase your capabilities!Register for our RIVAL training at https://www.estimaterocket.com/rival. Register for our VISION conference at https://www.estimaterocket.com/visionconference.


18 Oct 2021

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How To RIVAL: Strategy Over Efficiency

On this episode of Estimate Rocket Radio we talk with Development Director Bevin Hernandez about operational efficiency and effectiveness, and we discuss how an authentic central strategy is often opposed to a pursuit of mere efficiency. If you don't accept the trade-offs of a focused strategy, a drop-off is soon to follow as you reach what is called the "productivity frontier." You can only win the efficiency game for so long before your product is matched, then leapfrogged, and finally out-branded by your competitors.  Read the Harvard Business Review article, What is Strategy, by Michael Porter.Register for Estimate Rocket's Vision Conference.


4 Oct 2021

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Sales Planning for 2022 with Nick Slavik of Ask A Painter!

On this episode of of Estimate Rocket Radio we are joined by the great and powerful Nick Slavik of Ask A Painter and Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration! We talk about specific strategies and tactics for increasing sales in the coming year, and how to build the type of team to sell $1MM of business. Nick has algorithims for everything, and he breaks down $1MM in sales to accommodate 1 sales person, 1 product manager, and 10 painters. Want to learn how he does it? Trust us...you do.Don't our guest appearance on Ask A Painter on Wednesday, September 29 at 2:30 pm CT. Find it at https://www.facebook.com/askapainter.Register for the Vision Conference at Estimate Rocket starting October 21 at https://www.estimaterocket.com/visionconference. 


27 Sep 2021

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How to RIVAL: The Hype Game

The Estimate Rocket Team tackles the hype game, how to succeed in a busy market, what the consequences of too much (or not enough) hype are, and overall some marketing tips for busy entrepreneurs. Register for RIVAL today to get more great content: http://www.estimaterocket.com/rival


20 Sep 2021

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How To Rival: Opinionated Offerings

On this episode of Estimate Rocket Radio we talk to Bevin Hernandez and Tom Droste about the pros and cons of using opinionated offerings to become a stronger RIVAL in the marketplace. Opinionated software is a well-known path in the development world that sets a product vision and moves in specific direction. The limitations of opinionated software and hardware causes some entrepreneurs to shy away from the prospect, but mature companies know "if you chase two rabbits, you catch neither." Business owners in any industry can learn how to wrap their processes around their opinionated offerings and, in doing so, RIVAL their previous best and become a stronger competitor!Register for Estimate Rocket's RIVAL Tuesdays at www.estimaterocket.com/rival.


14 Sep 2021

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How To RIVAL: Turtle or Rabbit?

The Estimate Rocket team talks about whether it's better to be the tortoise or the hare in business, how to have a balance between speed and strategy, burnout culture, and dealing with the unprecedented demand in the service industry.Want more great content? Level up your game with RIVAL!


7 Sep 2021

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Bevin Hernandez - How To Rival

Bevin Hernandez, Lead Software Developer and Director of Product at Estimate Rocket speaks about how Estimate Rocket is rivaling in the highly competitive landscape of SaaS software, including the evolution that Estimate Rocket is going through as a company. 


23 Aug 2021

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Leadership Through Hard Times with Nancy Batista-Caswell

On this episode of Estimate Rocket Radio, Nancy Batista-Caswell, award-winning and acclaimed owner of the restaurants Oak + Rowen in Boston and Brine in Newburyport, MA joins us to talk about leadership through challenging times. We discuss the impact of COVID on different industries, leadership that starts in the trenches and builds a working knowledge of the mechanics of a business, and "making the table bigger" for other leaders to step up and help move things forward. Even if you're not a restaurant owner, the principles cross over to any service industry where people are looking for active and engaged leadership that demonstrates a "bring-it-on" attitude to obstacles that others would balk at. Nancy doesn't balk, and she inspires the same confidence in the people around her.To learn more about our Low Stress Success series, visit the education section at www.EstimateRocket.com. 


17 Aug 2021

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Jim Kaloutas - Busting Through the Ceiling of Complexity

Jim Kaloutas of Kaloutas Painting talks with us about how a flexible growth mindset allows you to channel the right kind of stress into successful habits that keeping you heading toward challenges and not away from them. Included in his workshop will be a discussion about what to do when you reach the ceiling of complexity in your business, including steps to build the confidence, competence, and capability necessary to keep your company expanding while keeping your stress low.Join us for Jim's workshop.


9 Aug 2021

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