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This podcast is for yoga teachers who are ready to grow their business. Learn how to get perfect private clients for your yoga business! We will cover our step-by-step game plan to enroll ideal private yoga clients (and deliver results...so they become raving fans).Also, discover THE ONE THING to create a premium signature yoga program.How to grow a private yoga business to six figures, to have the lifestyle and impact that you’ve always wanted.Why old marketing tactics don't work (and what is working NOW).Learn the keys to finally get paid what you're worth as a yoga teacher...without having to to be pushy or salesy...AND...how to do ALL of this while staying true to yourself and ONLY doing what you LOVE and are best at, so you can live in alignment with purpose and impact...and help others create real change in their lives!

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07 Escaping the Yoga Teacher Trap: Authentic Business Growth

In this episode: How to enroll private client into your signature program Connecting with people on the individual basis Creating top priority to-do-list on things that will build your business How refusing to meet face-to-face may sabotage your growth Integrating compassion and service into your business How to approach your client face-to-face Client Commitment


20 Feb 2020

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06 Your Signature Program: The Secret to Making a Great Living as a Yoga Teacher

In this episode: What a Signature Program is and how to develop one. Creating a profitable business Integrating empathy and details by zeroing in on individual issues How to go from point A (individual problem) to Point B (full solution to the problem) Integrating your passion into your business Helping your clients on different stages of progression Business plan creation Narrowing your service to solve a few specific problems Establishing structure and commitment in your Signature Program How to create value for clients enrolled in the Signature Program Correctly pricing your Signature Program 


13 Feb 2020

Rank #2

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05 Why Private Yoga Clients Hire You

In this episode, you’ll understand how to get private clients and WHY get more insight into how you can harness the different aspects and structures that are essential to becoming successful. In this episode we cover: How to be a solution to your ideal clients’ problem The ONE question your clients want an answer to (so they can hire you)  How to make it easy to connect with you and hire you How to have a low barrier of entry” to working with you Create the “trust factor” with potential clients Why people hire you Eliminating hurdles for potential clients How to charge what you’re worth Owning your expertise  Powerful buying conversations (that aren’t salesy) Why people will gladly pay you good money  The myth of “selfie marketing”


6 Feb 2020

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04 How Corinne Grew Her Yoga Business With Premium Clients

In this episode: Learn how Corinne enrolled her first premium clients How your yoga business can be a great way to channel my creative energy in a positive way How creating business is like creating a piece of art Keep your mind focused and vividly alive. Corinne rejoices for all the movement which has come into her life through the Prosperous Yoga Teacher Training Join us to hear how Corinne left behind her scarcity mindset and stepped into self-worth and abundance in her yoga business!


4 Jan 2020

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03 The Yin and Yang of Yoga Business

In this episode, you’ll understand more about the two sides of the Yoga Business. Get more insight into how you can harness the different aspects and structures that are essential to becoming successful. In this episode we cover: What are Yin and Yang? Looking at the marketing perspective Putting a structure in place Understanding yourself as an Introvert Utilising empathy in your business Tapping in as an Extrovert Client Creation Asking simple yet powerful questions What a Premium Program is and how to create one Structure for your marketing funnel Reflection questions to understand Yin and Yang for your business Links: The Prosperous Yoga Teacher Website The Prosperous Yoga Teacher Facebook Page David Secondo Facebook Page David Secondo LinkedIn


17 Nov 2019

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