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Hue Jackson is Plugged in with Jay

On this episode of  Plugged in with Jay..... I had the pleasure of sitting down with Coach and getting to know him a little better. I can say with the utmost certainty that he is a great person! He is a great coach! And he is a great guest! I enjoyed chopping it up with him and hearing about his experience on HBO's Hard Knocks, growing up in South Central LA, and his coaching career.


7 May 2021

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Mike Clay is Plugged in with Jay

    Mike Clay is an ESPN analyst the really needs no introduction to teh Fantasy Football community. He joins the show to go over his draft strategy for the upcoming fantasy season as well as lets us in on a few tips to better our cahnces of taking home fantsy gold!  Mike Clay was a grat guest and I cant wait to have him on again! He was very open with any questions I asked, and was, as always, a professional.  Make sure to follow Mike on all major platforms of social media, and go subscribe to ESPN Fantasy Focus so you can catch him talking to Matthew Berry and company each season


7 May 2021

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James Koh is Plugged in with Jay

     James D Koh joined me on Plugged in with Jay and gave some excellent advice on what you need to do in order to get where he is in the Fantasy Football industry, and it ain’t easy!       James Koh is a fantasy football analyst with DirecTv Sports, and has worked with NFL Fantas Live in the past with previous guests Marcas Grant, Adam Rank, and Michael F Florio.


7 May 2021

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Darren Waller is Plugged in with Jay

SHOW LESSDarren Waller doesn’t need an introduction, but he I’ll give you one anyway!  Darren Waller is an NFL Pro-Bowl tight end for the Las Vegas Raiders, and is one of the best people I’ve had to blessing to have met and become friends with.  D Wall and I talk about his music, his career, what the new age slang is for “good”, as well as some life hacks using meditation and how to meditate using the time you have.  Please enjoy this interview, and stay tuned for many many more!


7 May 2021

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Chayo Nash is Plugged in with Jay

Had the pleasure of sitting down with @nappyboyentertainment artist @chayonash and discussed a lot of topics from his inspirations in his music to his desire to collab with Ariana Grande... I’m playin’.... or am I?!


11 Jan 2021

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T-Pain is Plugged in with Jay

I know, I mostly do interviews with Professional Football players, and I’ve been extremely blessed to have done them with some amazing players, people, and talents. And as I will never forget any of them, this one is an interview I will hold near and dear. Talking with him allowed me to see behind the auto-tune and get to really know him. I’ve been a huge fan to put it mildly for over 15 years, and have everything he’s put out, but now actually being able to call him a friend is surreal, but I don’t see him as just a great artist anymore, I see Faheem Najm as an incredible person


8 Jan 2021

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Plugged in with Jay: Steve Smith Sr. An Insight into Agent 89

Founder of The Steve Smith Family Foundation, host of one of my favorite podcasts @cuttoit , Future Hall of Famer, Carolina Panthers Hall of Honor inductee, Steve Smith Sr blessed me with a sit down. He was driving and even then made this humble podcaster’s day by showing up with some audio. I can’t thank him and Joe Fushey enough for setting this up. This was a great honor to interview one of my all time favorite ballers. And to learn more about the man behind the jersey was awesome! Steve Smith Sr. is an all around good person. Thanks again to Agent89 and @cuttoit for this experience.


28 Nov 2020

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Plugged in with Jay: An interview with CEO of DEC Management, David Canter. Episode 1

Real Recognize Real..... That's what I took from this incredible interview with David Canter. This man is one of the greatest agents to hit the industry. Real recognize real is something that I believe means that when you have an individual that is honest, doesn't pull punches, and puts his best foot forward as the person He/She are, while building an empire of whatever they have at their disposal around others who are as real as they are. Real people recognize, and appreciate, real people. David Canter is all of that. A great agent, person, father and human being. Someone that will represent his clients with a lion's tenacity, and get the very best of what they deserve for them. Listen to this man go through the life of an agent, and get ready for some amazing stories. I cannot wait to get him back on the show!

1hr 49mins

11 Nov 2020

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Plugged in with Jay: An interview with Jamal Anderson

I get to sit down and hear some great stories from one of the greatest Falcons running backs to wear the Red and Black! Jamal and I had been in touch for a while about doing an interview, and finally were able to make it happen! I hope he had as much fun doing this as I did! I cant wait to have him back on the show!


11 Nov 2020

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Plugged in with Jay: An Interview with former Giants Running Back David Wilson

I had the pleasure of sitting down with David E. Wilson, Beat Mechanic and former Running Back and electrifying return specialist for the New York Football Giants. We discuss his music, football, life, and the time he was pranked by Eli Manning. David is a great guy, and has a great story!!


12 Oct 2020

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