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Rebooting to you from 1994-1997, the Silver Mic Award winning radio show The Jonny Spot! We’re BACK! Join high school friends Jon (Jon Runnfeldt) and Alexandra (Alexandra Hartley-Leonard) as they get back to basics, process aloud, interview mental health experts, connect with listeners’ in lock down, recount simpler days and laugh a whole whole lot. Come back to... before... but only here and now. Go to www.thejonnyspot.com

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Peak Immunity!

Episode #28: Welcome to year 2 and Season 2 of The Jonny Spot Reboot. Jonny, Alex, Baxter, Cory and Lizzie all usher you in to a new fully Vaxed season. We passed the Panny Vax’s, we play some games in maybe our most obnoxious episode yet. Feel free to buy a shirt and make a donation on our website www.thejonnyspot.com.


31 May 2021

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The Korean Vegan Special

Episode #27: Looks who’s back! Joanne Molinaro, The Korean Vegan, is on for the FULL show. We talk about her origin story, her bowls, how she handles trolls, her activism and so much more. Her new cook book is available for pre-sale right here https://thekoreanvegan.com/the-korean-vegan-cookbook/. This episode is our “season finale” marking our final show of an entire year of The Jonny Spot. Don’t worry, we’re not taking a hiatus… We just can’t believe it’s been a full year of programing. www.thejonnyspot.com


18 Apr 2021

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TikTok You Don’t Stop

Episode #26: We welcome to the show Amy Heidt. Amy helped Jon get Alex hooked on TikTok and we’re here to see how the water is. This show also features an amazing throwback to 1994, and John Boy explains what the hell Clubhouse is. We are all young and hip and cutting edge. Go to www.thejonnyspot.com if you’re feeling generous and want to leave a donation. Every bit helps keep the show running.


23 Mar 2021

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Cool & Dope Cavanaugh

Episode #25: We are so excited to have Cavanaugh Bell, 8 year old anti bullying activist, on tonight’s show. Cavanaugh runs the non for profit CoolandDope.com with the mission of making the world an all around better place. He honestly couldn’t be any cooler, and wait till you meet his goat Pancakes. Cavanaugh went straight from The Jonny Spot to the Kelly Clarkson Show where he spoke right along with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Find Cavanaugh on all the social media at the handle @cooldopeliving


28 Feb 2021

Rank #4

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Alien Hair

Episode #24: It’s just DAYS after the attempted insurrection and storming of the castle. Biden has yet to be inaugurated and we’re jumping on the mic to stress talk. The topic is Alien Hair! Cory our special guest picked the topic. Well, he picked Aliens and then threw in his other topic suggestion a HAIR because he’s sour we never did it before. So, combine and we have Alien Hair. Welcome aboard and prepare to be probed. www.thejonyspot.com #alienhair #aliens #alien #gayradio #comedypodcsst #gaypodcast


24 Jan 2021

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New Years Eve Eve Plumb

Episode #23: It’s the night before New Years Eve. It’s an Eve Eve. It’s an Eve Eve Plumb. Did you ever just want to feel like you were Eve’s dropping on Jonny and Alex on the phone? Well this is pretty close to that experience. In maybe the most earnest Jonny Spot yet, your hosts call out their personal ups and downs of the year 2020. Jonny Spot regulars messages are played, and a whole lot of pontificating occurs. Go to www.thejonnyspot.com if you’re feeling generous and want to leave a donation. Every bit helps keep the show running.


10 Jan 2021

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Harry Xmas

Episode #22: Thanks for tuning into our very Harry Xmas. Gather ‘round the tree with Jon, Alex and John Boy as we talk about shirts, masks, packages being burned, packages being lost. Then we have on the children for a Xmas edition of “What The Children Are Thinking Now”. Lastly we close up the show with Kay @louslittletings from TikTok. Jon recently fell down a Harry hole on TikTok and Kay is our buoy. She breaks down what is Larry (a fandom revolving around the possible love story of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.) No “outing” is done here... Just fun and love and hope for the end of homophobia. #larrystylinson

1hr 3mins

20 Dec 2020

Rank #7

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Brand New Day

Episode #21: Well, we made it… We’re gonna live! In our first episode after Biden has become the President Elect we just wanna process and relax. We have Joanne, The Korean Vegan @the.korean.vegan, on to put our minds at ease. She’s a lawyer and she knows BS lawsuits when shes sees them. This episode has the most actual facts yet. Go to www.thejonnyspot.com and tap Ossoff’s peach to access Alex’s Actionable Items List.

1hr 2mins

17 Nov 2020

Rank #8

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Halloween Special

Episode #20: Want some candy children?! Tonight we’ve got spooky bones, spooky stories, tales of just one face, and so much more. Learn about little ghost children if you dare. Donate at www.thejonnyspot.com to help us keep coming back!

1hr 4mins

31 Oct 2020

Rank #9

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Painter - Film Premier Special

Episode #19: We are so excited to bring you a full hour with the director, writer (Cory Wexler Grant) and star (Betsy Randle) of Painter - A new psychosexual thriller available now on AppleTV, Amazon Prime and all cable providers via On Demand. Jon accidentally starts this show with a disturbing voice modulator on. Not a stunt, swear it was an accident. Everybody’s favorite TV mom Betsy Randle (Boy Meets World) who stars in Painter is an absolute delight on this episode. We all have a blast. www.thejonnyspot.com


24 Oct 2020

Rank #10