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Understanding PTSD, anxiety, awareness, and our struggles to help develop a new course of action.Finding new tools to help un-clutter your mental real estate and get you back on track.

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Starve It Out

Starve it Out.I share a dream that I recently had and talk about how it relates to a few things that I have been working on to help grow my mindset.


28 Mar 2021

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Crawl Phase

From a leadership perspective, the "crawl, walk, run" phases have been great building blocks to promote growth with results..I talk little bit about how it can be beneficial to use this technique..I share my plans to use a crawl phase to help build my faith, mindset, and discipline for a 5 day growth building excersise.


21 Feb 2021

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Control, Alt, Repeat.

We are familiar with using "control, alt, delete" on our computers to force certain programs to shut down..We often use that in our every day life away from computers..I have found that many times I want to force close something that I should have left running..It comes with a balance of understanding situations in our lives and being aware of our emotions..sometimes we need "control, alt, repeat" in our lives.


15 Feb 2021

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Cancel Culture

We talk about Cancel culture and recognizing times in our lives that it helps us and can hurt us.How Matthew 5:44 really jumps out at me when this comes to mind."But I say, love your enemies!  Pray for those who persecute you!"The last things on our mind is to pray for our enemies, but i share my insight on what changed my thinking and how i try to apply this in my life.


18 Jan 2021

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Not losing your spot.

Talking to a mental health professional can have a huge impact or even halt your military career.Losing your flight status or security clearance for getting help are possibilities and prevent these warriors from even starting a dialogue.How can we reach this group of warriors to start a new process?Is this something that should be done?I think so, and I talk about a few reasons why I didn't want to.


3 Jan 2021

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Christmas 2020

Being grateful and thankful is important for growth.Recognizing anxiety and depression before it hits hard.discipline = Freedom.Don't wait until the new year to start working on your goals.


24 Dec 2020

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How Tacos brought joy in this veterans life..Tacos became more than just a food for me.


13 Dec 2020

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Understanding veteran hardships on holiday seasons.

A break down of key monuments or landmarks that "trigger" veteran struggles on holidays.Not everyone is smiles and joy during the season for these reasons.These include;*Finances*Being away from loved ones or home*Loss of loved one, friend, or brother/sister in combat*Survivors guilt& why so many veterans want to escape reality because of the pain these issues bring.


7 Dec 2020

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Veterans Day 2020

Recognizing and thanking Veterans.  How do you accept people saying, "thank you for your service?"Tools to build a resilient strong mindset.Recommended books to read or listen to.


11 Nov 2020

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Perspective on Suffering

Understanding two types of suffering.1.  Self created suffering.2.  Unwanted suffering.Getting to a point of recognizing suffering and create growth and resilience from it.Learning that focusing on the pain and hurt from suffering is what we are used to.How to focus on the growth and change aspect of suffering.Creating more growth and resilience .


8 Nov 2020

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