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Local politics, properly explained, with Ben Weisz.. Originally broadcast on BBC Local Radio. Produced by BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex.

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Ep20: Bikes. Lanes. Snakes.

Ben Weisz is joined by Kathryn Stanczyszyn and Ellis Palmer to look over the recent government announcements around cycling. Also, Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey chats road rage, former Copenhagen city architect Tina Saaby talks bike snakes and reporter Sam Gruet goes for a ride. Got a story for us? politix@bbc.co.uk


31 Jul 2020

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Ep19: Emergency. Leicester. Lockdown.

Ben Weisz looks back over the first week of extended lockdown in Leicester through audio diaries of its residents and in conversation with BBC Radio Leicester's Tim Parker.Got a story for us? politix@bbc.co.uk


9 Jul 2020

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Ep18: Everbody In. Klaxon. Monopoles.

In the first Emergency Politix & Chill since the pandemic, Ben Weisz chats to BBC WM Political Reporter Kathryn Stanczyszyn and BBC Radio Oxford's Bethan Nimmo abouit the announcements that the government has made to help look after homless people who have been house in hotels during the pandemic.email: politix@bbc.co.uk


25 Jun 2020

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ep17: COVID-19. Drones. Dating.

This week Ben is joined by BBC Radio London's Susana Mendonça and BBC Radio Shropshire's Joanne Gallacher with only really one topic to talk about; the Coronavirus pandemic. Rachel Schraer from BBC Reality Check goes through some of the misinformation that has been circulating around the virus whilst Sam Gruet presents a millenials guide to COVID19.


20 Mar 2020

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Ep16. Coronavirus. MPs. Sex.

Ben is joined by BBC Radio Oxford's Bethan Nimmo and BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire's Simon Gilbert to discuss the latest Coronavirus announcements, their new local MPs who are starting on their parliamentary journeys and a visit to the eco town in Bicester. As environmental campaigners launch a sex strike against councillors in Sussex, reporter Ben Gruet tries to find out what a sex strike is and what it might entail...Got a story for us? politix@bbc.co.uk


13 Mar 2020

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Ep14: Labour. Towns. Cher.

Labour Party members are picking their next leader - we follow the candidates to Brighton, and talk buses, towns and Britney Spears with candidate Lisa Nandy. BBC Radio Tees's David Macmillan explores what went wrong for the Party in the North East.Meanwhile, the BBC's Bex Bailey, Shelley Phelps and Amanda Akass ask what the real differences are between the contenders, and try to sort the campaign slogans from the Cher lyrics.


6 Mar 2020

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Ep14: Budgets. Riots. Scouse.

Ben is joined by BBC Norfolk's Robby West and BBC WM's Kath Stanczyszyn to chat parish council meeting protests, floods and bullying. Claire Hamilton from BBC Radio Merseyside shares some 'scouse' with Ian Byrne MP ahead of Global Scouse Day. Pete Simson from Radio Bristol meets an artist who has drawn inspiration from the city's history of riots. There's a whistlestop tour round the country for updates on council budgets and a cameo from Frank Turner. Got a story for us? politix@bbc.co.uk


28 Feb 2020

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Ep13: Floods. Beef. Lego.

Ben is joined by BBC WM's Rob Mayor and BBC Radio Gloucestershire's Freya Lee to chat flooding, mayoral elections and Uber. We hear about a Lego training session for councillors in Walsall.And after a row about roundabouts in Kent - we set the local politicians' beef to grime.


21 Feb 2020

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Ep12: HS2. Dumping. Cookies.

Ben is joined by BBC Radio Somerset's James Craig and BBC Radio Leeds' Kevin Larkin to chat HS2 and Coronavirus.Sam Ferguson talks about cookies on council websites. And as a cabinet reshuffle coincides with Valentines Day, a stellar cast of reality stars and relationship experts offer advice to Boris Johnson on how to dump someone.


14 Feb 2020

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Ep11: Brexit Night. Brussels. Ryecrocosm.

A sideways glance at politics across England with Ben Weisz.


7 Feb 2020

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