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Marriage Sucks

Anyone married, dating and or single hoping to one day be married, tune in! Through this podcast, we hope to encourage you that marriage is beautiful and rewarding, even though at times it can really suck. Here we will share and unfold some of the most difficult obstacles we've faced together and the freedom God has brought through them. We believe in the impact of vulnerability therefore, each episode will give you an honest look into our lives and our marriage. With God's word as our foundation, we will do our best to share tools and resources that have helped us overcome and even now currently helping us to overcome difficult obstacles. God is our sustainer and hope, we pray that is the biggest takeaway for everyone listening.

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Fighting Fair

This episode will cover some of our greatest fights. Throughout our marriage we have had some good ones. This episode is dedicated to helping you avoid the pitfalls that we've fallen into, over and over again. Setting boundaries for fighting can help you avoid starting world war III. Join us and learn from our mistakes.


14 Mar 2018

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