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A Daily Dose with Dr. Greg

Dr. Greg Mongeon brings you a daily dose of functional medicine expertise. 20 years of experience in practice combined with the top minds in health, self-development, mentality, and overall wellness brings the best of lifestyle and integrative medicine to your listening device. Remember, nothing shared on this podcast is medical advice!

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Dr. Greg: Welcome to Allergy Season

And just like that - it's allergy season. What does allergy treatment look like from a functional medicine perspective? What is the root cause of some of the allergy issues we face? Dr. Greg Mongeon takes on the topic that affects millions of Americans every single year. Think beyond the allergy meds and consider a fresh approach!


6 May 2022

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Dr. Greg Mongeon: What is Functional Medicine?

You've heard the buzz: functional medicine is in the spotlight! But what is functional medicine? How does it differ from traditional western medicine? Is this all a bunch of nonsense or is there an art and a science to it? Dr. Greg Mongeon takes on these questions and more in "What is Functional Medicine?" Thanks for listening to the Daily Dose with Dr. Greg.


2 Mar 2022

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Podcast #1. DJ Hillier

On this episode I sit down with DJ Hillier and nail him with questions about Fitness, Life, Love and What Makes Him Tick. Enjoy!

1hr 22mins

3 Aug 2020

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