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A podcast committed to healing from codependency, narcissistic abuse, with a heavy emphasis on raising consciousness for the benefit of healing mind, body, and soul.

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Are You Needy In Relationships

In this episode, Lisa A. Romano discusses dysfunctional neediness and the #1 Mental Hack you can rely on to end your need to feel needed and validated by others. Childhood emotional neglect is one of the major root causes of neediness in adult relationships. Use Lisa's conscious mind hack to overcome emotional dependency. Learn how to stop giving your personal power away with this incredible tool! Are you ready to stop giving your personal power away and gain mental and emotional clarity? If so, join Lisa and her team for a 12 Week Healing Journey Online. Click the link to learn more. https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp


27 Jan 2023

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8 Key Phrases to Help Turn the Tables on Mean People

Do you know a mean person who enjoys making you feel small? In this episode, you will learn about the 8 key phrases Lisa shared with someone who asked for some tips on how to handle a mean girl in her group. Listen in and learn how below the veil of consciousness, your fears can manifest in the ways other people perceive and treat you. The good news is, you can stand up for yourself and turn the tables on the emotional bullies in your life. Be forewarned, however, once you draw a line in the sand, you must be prepared for when the bully learns you're not backing down. Are you afraid to set boundaries? Do you edit yourself when in the company of others? If so, check out Lisa A. Romano's online self-empowerment, and inner transformation programs. Click the link to learn how Lisa's courses can help you develop self-confidence, clarity, and emotional freedom! https://www.lisaaromano.com


24 Jan 2023

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Childhood Trauma Hijacks Your Perception

Have you ever reacted negatively to the way someone responded to you? And have you ever been told that your perception was incorrect? Is it difficult for you to relax and trust others and as a result, are your relationships often full of arguments and misunderstandings? In this episode, Lisa A. Romano will share personal stories from her childhood that explain how childhood emotional neglect and trauma can impact the way you perceive others perceive you. If you are ready to look within and better understand yourself, this episode is for you.  Lisa and her team are relaunching her inner transformation healing journey this June 1st, 2023  If you're ready to understand as well as transform the invisible wounds and limiting beliefs that prevent your spiritual and emotional growth, The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program is for you. Click the link below to learn more.  https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp 


21 Jan 2023

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7 Fears Prevent Spirtual Growth

It is human to have fear. However, at the level of the subconscious, fears have the potential to determine human behavior, all outside conscious control. In this episode, Lisa A. Romano Codependency Recovery expert and Inner Transformation Coach will identify 7 key subconscious emotional fears that prevent you from experiencing healthy relationships, peace of mind, mental clarity, and success in your career.  Oftentimes, childhood emotional neglect and trauma arrest the psychic mind and keep us stuck reenacting subconscious patterns created at times in our lives when we were in hypnotic brainwave states. If you feel stuck, this episode is for you.  Learn more about Lisa and her Groundbreaking, Transformative 12 Week Course here; CLICK HERE Contact Information coach@lisaaromano.com 


15 Jan 2023

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Say Yes to the Self Even at the Expense of Saying No to Others

Do you feel selfish when you say no? Do you feel like a doormat? Do you give more than you take, and do you wish it wasn't so difficult to say no? In this episode, Lisa A. Romano, Life Coach and bestselling author, will teach you the wisdom of saying NO. "When you say NO to others, you are saying YES to the self, which is a new skill for anyone who has ever struggled to find their voice, speak their truth, set boundaries, and who was raised to believe they were put on this earth to cater to the demands of others." If you need a shot of courage today, this is it! Read about Lisa's Self Empowering Program here; Lisa A. Romano Online Course Take Lisa's FREE Codependency Quiz Here FREE QUIZ


11 Jan 2023

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The #1 Spiritual Reason to Learn About Narcissists/Escaping the Narcissists World of Virtual Reality

 In this episode, you will learn about the #1 spiritual reason to learn about narcissism and why learning to accept what you cannot control can help you escape living in a narcissist's virtual reality world. The path to healing implies we are seeking inner peace, inner confidence, and inner clarity. To attain such spiritual mindsets, we must be clear about our goals. When learning about a narcissist in your life, narcissistic relationships, or toxic people, it is essential to remain mindful of where you are going.  To heal from a toxic relationship and the manipulation tactics of a narcissist is to one day feel liberated from the virtual reality world a narcissist lives in. Emotions such as revenge and frustration will keep you tethered to their virtual reality world. Working to understand and learn about narcissism with a spiritually sound agenda and intention will help you discover the benefit of letting go, seeking grace, and refusing to argue or fight with a narcissist.  It is possible to survive a narcissistic relationship and to thrive in ways you once only dreamed of. However, to achieve such a worthwhile goal, you must be mindful of the quality of your thoughts and your intentions for learning about narcissistic personality disorders.  Narcissists offer the contrast to help you more clearly identify what you don't want and, therefore, what you prefer.  We are all born asleep and remain in spiritual, mental, emotional, and vibrational slumber until we awaken. Narcissists refuse to awaken. Don't allow their slumber state to keep you stuck, falsely believing you can control what you cannot.  If you are ready to confront the wounds of the past and develop inner peace, confidence, clarity and autonomy over your life despite a painful past, The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program is a powerful transformative roadmap that can help you become the master of your emotions, mindset, beliefs, actions, and thoughts and thus your life.  https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp 


6 Jan 2023

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When You Let Go Your Life Moves Forward; Your Soul Needs You to Let Go

In this episode, Lisa A. Romano, thought leader and transformational life coach, shares her insights regarding your soul's path and the need to elevate your consciousness to evolve spiritually. Childhood trauma results in subconscious, faulty, limiting beliefs that arrest a soul's growth. The ego is subconscious, protective, and reactive to that which has been downloaded into the subconscious mind. Without a spiritual, mental, and emotional shift, life is lived at the subconscious level. Listen up as Lisa shares her sage-like wisdom for those who have experienced childhood emotional trauma, narcissistic abuse, and parental neglect, the keys to becoming greater than the sum of a painful past.  Suppose you are ready to heal your life and move forward with inner confidence, inner peace, and a sense of inner integration. In that case, Lisa's transformational 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program can help you improve your thoughts, control your emotions, and develop the confidence to make decisions that mirror your most authentic self, despite the past.  https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp 


2 Jan 2023

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Control is an Illusion; How to Cope When Everything Goes Wrong

In this episode, Lisa A. Romano shares a recent experience with losing control and how she quickly regained her composure while offering a webinar to over 1400 viewers who had registered. Control is an illusion, and when we subconsciously attach to any belief that has us feeling as if nothing could go wrong, we make ourselves vulnerable to suffering. Even if you have done everything possible to avoid things from going wrong, there is always the potential for things not to go as planned. Listen and learn from Lisa's sage wisdom as she opens her heart and shares with you what she recently learned during a moment of pure vulnerability.  To view Lisa's webinar, the one she discusses here in this episode, visit; https://www.lisaaromano.com/blog/healing-family-trauma-codependency%2F If you are ready to overcome the fear of setting boundaries, speaking your truth, and the need for approval and validation, Lisa's Trauma Informed Brain Based E Learning 12 Week Program is for you.  https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp 


30 Dec 2022

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What Deflates a Narcissist's Ego? 15 Examples/ Understanding Narcissism

In this episode, Lisa A. Romano, Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse Expert and Coach, explains what types of situations deflate a narcissist's ego and why you should understand this aspect of narcissism. Narcissism is on the rise, and the more you understand how a narcissist's mind works, the better able you will be to avoid becoming caught up in the world of crazymaking communication that is the world of narcissism. Subconscious conflicts make us prone to toxic narcissistic relationships. Lisa's 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program saves people from the enmeshment of narcissistic-codependent relationships. To learn more, visit https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp


26 Dec 2022

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10 Signs Your Inner Child is Still Wounded

Many adults from toxic homes don't even recognize how their childhoods have impacted them as adults. Toxic family systems are set up to deny the root cause of family dysfunction despite the children of the homes feeling as if they are choking on what the family won't and can't admit to. Congratulations if you are on the healing journey and looking to understand yourself better. The only way to live a sane, authentic, purposeful, and meaningful life is to learn to speak your truth. Emotions are our truth, but so many of us don't know how to interpret what they are trying to tell us. In this episode, Lisa A. Romano, codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery coach, helps you understand ten signs your inner child is still wounded and needs your attention asap.  Lisa's 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has been hailed as groundbreaking and revolutionary! If you are ready to heal your inner child, and leave your family drama behind, check out Lisa's program here: https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp


23 Dec 2022

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