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Rorschach Your Reality is all about the way we constantly interpret input around us (often unconsciously), and then use our perceptions to create stories that hold immense amounts of power in our lives. When we choose to reframe our perceptions and rewrite our stories, we can change our lives.

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Primary Questions, Episode 2

You know that fall back question? The one that's always rolling around in the back of your mind? The one that's probably really not that healthy?Yeah, mine has tended to be all about what other people are going to think, or how they might choose to judge me. It's just where I naturally tend to fall.So when I heard about naming your primary question and then crafting one that was NEW and that actually made your life better, I was super excited.Join me as I talk about my own process with primary questions, and please do take the time to name (and reshape) your own.As always, find my site at www.rorschachyourreality.com or over on IG @rorschachyourreality.


11 Jun 2019

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