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Backhand Shelf - July 16 2014

Well, it's been 4 months and 11 days but we're shakin' the rust off, blown' the dust off, and we've recorded a gift for you. Justin Bourne and Thomas Drance talk about the future of the league's players, coaches, and teams. Isn't the off season just great?


16 Jul 2014

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Backhand Shelf - Trade Deadline Summary

Justin Bourne, Thomas Drance and Scott Lewis review all of the trades that did and did not happen, discuss speculation on the day, and opine on the future of the affected teams as a result of today's Trade Deadline.


5 Mar 2014

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Backhand Shelf Trade Deadline - St. Louis For Callahan Trade

Justin Bourne is joined by Thomas Drance and Scott Lewis to break down the good and bad of the trade deal which sends Martin St. Louis to the NY Rangers and Ryan Callahan to the TB Lightning.


5 Mar 2014

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January 22 2014

Justin talks to Patrick Burke, Director of Player Safety for the NHL, about his job, the process, and what its like working with hall of famers.


22 Jan 2014

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Backhand Shelf - November 27 2013

The BShelf Podcast is excited and pleased to have Wendel Clark join us today to talk about his life in the NHL and Kraft Hockeyville, the organization with which he is involved which helps keep hockey alive for families in local rinks all across Canada. Visit www.krafthockeyville.cbc.ca for more information. We'll also welcome Down Goes Brown to the show to talk the current concussion lawsuit launched by former NHL players, our opinion on the new Islanders jerseys, and the NHL salary cap increase estimates and what that will mean for the league.


27 Nov 2013

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