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Episode 20: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Type of book: Historical Fiction/Southern Fiction/American Novel Synopsis: Homegoing is a novel that follows the decedents of two Ashanti half-sisters from Ghana. One linage is sold into southern slavery while the other marries a slave trader and stays in Africa. As the story unfolds we follow both families through time and discover a deep, felt history from their collective lives, which in turn helps to highlight the human condition. Love? Like? Dislike?: I LOVED it! It is exquisite. Verdict: Read it. Then read it again. Goodreads score: (out of 5): 4.4 My Score: 5.0 stars – all of them :) Themes: slavery, the human condition, oppression, liberation, family, home, world history, American history, African history, love, loss, abuse, growth… Pages/published: 300 pages; published June 2016 Correction: I said as a white European. I meant as a white European descendent who is a U.S. citizen. I’m from the United States, I’m not from the E.U. Thanks for listening, I super appreciate it. Please feel free to follow on iTunes (podcast app on your iPhone), Google Play Music (android users), Stitcher, RadioPublic and Podbean. If you want the www's it’s, www.iheartreadingdammit.podbean.com :)


30 Sep 2018

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