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The official podcast of Coach Taylor Simon! Health and fitness information can be confusing and contradictory making it hard to know what is real and what is merely marketing. Coach Taylor is here to cut through the noise and bring you the history and the future of human health and fitness.

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Ep 67: Weight Watchers Kids App…..

This ‘cast is going to either go over really well, or is going to cause me a lot of headaches…..I would say the section on my thoughts concerning the new Weight Watchers app for kids is going to be very polarizing. It is a hard topic and I think people are looking at it through the wrong lens. ______________________________________________________________ On this episode: The Weight Watchers Kids App (44:15 ) -good or bad??How to Lose Weight (37:00 ) -do it the PROPER way! The Fitness Industry (24:00 ) -I FINALLY figured out what is wrong with the industry! Insta Answers (9:00 ) -beyond lettuce salad-tennis elbow-hunger and intermittent fasting -naturally boosting hormones -tendons and ligaments -alkaline water Odyssey Update (3:20)-I had to buy new clothes…._______________________________________________________________There you have it! Episode 67: one for the record books-Coach Taylor

1hr 7mins

19 Aug 2019

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Ep 95: Muscle Confusion Isn’t Real

Good Day! Welcome to episode 95 of the Coach Taylor Podcast! Today I might have got a wee bit ranty and just a little snarky but you know, that isn’t really that abnormal, right? ___________________________________________________________________ On this episode: Are Long or Short Fasts Better? ( 24:54 ) Muscle Confusion is Crap ( 47:30 ) -The idea is pervasive in fitness but it is garbageHow To Use Fitness Equipment (32:30 ) -There is a ton of equipment out there and it is mostly garbage. The good stuff is misused most of the time. Let’s talk about why. Why You Should Go for a Walk Today ( 4:40 ) Coach Taylor Online ( 9:10 ) -Fresh vs. frozen-My latest blog-Facts don’t matter-Is diet pop healthy?-AND more!!!!!!!!______________________________________________________________ Hope the episode kept you all entertained!!!! Questions or comments, as always, send them my way! -Coach Taylor

1hr 3mins

2 Mar 2020

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Ep 79: The Problem with Society

Lol – weighty podcast heading right? The Problem with Society. Going to be controversial but it will all be true!!!!! Let’s just jump right into it shall we? Maybe I should mention TWO great rants on this episode… ________________________________________________________ The Problem With Society ( 56:44 ) -like, not all the problems, but at leas the ones health related-I have solved it. Boiled it down to one fact: people are lazy as fuck. NYT Running Article ( 37:00 ) -seeing as it is making the rounds I though I would weigh in….Crawling ( 30:00 ) -one of the most important things you AREN’T doing. Coach T Online ( 14:40) -snow days-can anyone do a pullup?-eat dirt-new glute training -woman barely survives ordeal at seaOdyssey Update ( 6:00) -gardens-einkorn___________________________________________________________ Hope you all enjoyed this one!!! Until next week – do some exercise and cook a meal! -Coach Taylor

1hr 13mins

11 Nov 2019

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Ep 74: Cold. Hard. Truths.

Welcome to episode 74 of Coach Taylor Radio. The big question of the week – Coach Taylor Radio or…. The Coach Taylor Podcast? I want to know!!!!!! __________________________________________________________ On this episode: A Cold Hard Truth About Diets ( 54:30) -What do I ‘think’ about paleoIs Red Meat Good for You Now? ( 37:43 ) How Your Body Fuels Exercise ( 22:30 ) Eat Like Your Grandparents (48:10 ) -Except you don’t really get what that means Coach T Online ( 13:00 ) -Why is running hard? -Advocare-Barefoot review Odyssey Update (5:40 )-feeling inspired-journalling ___________________________________________________________ Thanks for listening and dedicating your time to actually learning how to care for your health and fitness!!!! -Coach Taylor

1hr 6mins

7 Oct 2019

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Ep: 77 Science and Culture

Welcome to episode 77: a good mix of hard science, some cultural analysis, and rando idle musings spewing forth from the mind of Coach Taylor….What more could you want in a podcast? __________________________________________________________ On this episode: Food Boxes ( 57:00 ) -Are they good or bad? My Favourite Training Tools ( 43:30 ) Coach T Online ( 14:00 ) -Protein Requirements -Fitness clothes -Warmups-Himalayan salt vs regScience Time (34:40 )-Why you DON’T need bigger weightsOdyssey Update (3:00 ) -How to choose a book-Composting -My recipes Get Outside Your Mind (29:30 ) -The importance of learning outside your current thinking_____________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoyed episode 77! Any questions, you know how to get in touch with me! -Coach Taylor

1hr 7mins

28 Oct 2019

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Ep 98: Grow Up and Start Adulting

Welcome to episode 98 of The Coach Taylor Podcast. I hope this episode finds you healthy and secure!! __________________________________________________ On This Episode: Hard Lessons on How to Stay Motivated (32:34 ) Social Media and FItness ( 22:20) -The entire fitness industry is suddenly going online…. but you need to be careful!!! They don’t all know what they are doing!!!!Coach Taylor Online (8:00 ) -How to start the TRX-The Corona 15-What can you do right now??Philosophy of Health (4:52 ) -ONE thing you can do right now to boost your health dramatically and save a ton of money! ____________________________________________________ Thank you for listening – questions or comments? Hit me up! -Coach Taylor


23 Mar 2020

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Ep: 76 Is Veganism True Health?

Alright, another long episode! I have been getting a ton of questions about the documentary, The Game Changers. I watched it last night and figured it is something that needs to get talked about. Is plant based better for us? What is plant based? What should you be eating? What did our ancestors eat? This episode, I answer it all!!!__________________________________________________________ The Game Changers ( 48:30 ) -is a plant based diet better for us? What is Cardio? ( 34:30 ) -an important section! -the term ‘cardio’ is super messed up! Article Reviews (21:40 ) -my own articles lol -One thing to do for a healthy diet-Why you should not track your calories Coach T Online ( 11:37 ) -is when you eat important-paleo diet stupidity -potatoes are good for you -sauerkraut better than probiotics-slow walking and early ageing -is Coach Taylor abrasive? Odyssey Update ( 4:02 ) -I hate TGU’s -Veggies! ________________________________________________________ It is a long episode and I think a very important one. There is no right answer to our diet and exercise and I really wanted to dive into that fact! -Coach Taylor

1hr 25mins

21 Oct 2019

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Ep 80: Why is Everything So Confusing?

It doesn’t matter where you get your information these days there seems to be a million different opinions and they all seem to say the opposite thing. Today I will go through a little bit of why that is! Also….in the intro I mention a section on good training machines….then I forgot about it…whoops. Will add it to next weeks episode!!!!! ___________________________________________________________On this episode: How Big is Big Enough? (33:30 ) -Movement vs. size and strengthAre TGU’s a waste of your time? ( 45:20 ) Runless Run Training ( 28:11)Intermittent Fasting and Eating Enough (39:53 ) The World’s Afraid of Scary Vegans (58:30 ) Coach Taylor Online ( 12:00 ) -Kimchi causes cancer-Eat what you want-Deadhangs-Too big for pullups-Hunting and ethicsOdyssey Update ( 5:33) ___________________________________________________________Thanks for listening! Questions? Topic ideas? You know how to get ahold of me! -Coach Taylor

1hr 12mins

18 Nov 2019

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EP 66: My Evolution Training Program

Welcome to episode 66 of Coach Taylor Radio! Some people noticed the teaser last week about my upcoming Evolution Training Program. That’s right, I am launching a training program for you, more teaser details are in this podcast!!!!! _____________________________________________________ On this episode: Evolution Training Program ( 8:00 ) -everyone needs to be doing this with meWhy Back Squats HAVE to Stop ( 39:20 ) Ballistic vs. Strength ( 28:14 )-why is this difference so important? Training as You get Older ( 21:30)Do You Need to Stretch? ( 35:30 ) Odyssey Update (3:10 ) _________________________________________________ Thank you for investing your time in my little corner of the internet!!!!! If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me! -Coach Taylor


12 Aug 2019

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EP 65: How to Heal Your Biome

Welcome to episode 65 of Coach Taylor Radio! This is a good one. I get asked all the time about how to get started taking care of your microbiome so I have a whole section on it!!! And the insta answers section is starting to become one of my favourite segments, lots of goodies in there! ________________________________________________ On this episode: How to take care of your microbiome ( 44:10 )Ban these from the gym ( 33:10 ) Insta Answers ( 16:50 ) -is the genetic setpoint real? -how to modify exercises-everything in moderation -my fav kombucha flavourOdyssey Update ( 4:16) -lots of stuff in here but really important to hear about my attitude change with TGU’s_______________________________________________ As always, I appreciate you listening! Feel free to subscribe to my ‘cast or share with anyone you know who needs a little more real health advice in their life!!!!! -Coach Taylor


7 Aug 2019

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Ep 83: If Peleton Offended You, You’re an Idiot

Bold title I know. But it has to be because this past week in the world of health and fitness has demonstrated a new level of idiocy. It is even so much more than pure idiocy, it is bordering on outright stupidity. I won’t stand idly by. I am not afraid to express my opinions. Someone has to reign in the crazy and speak some sanity!!!_________________________________________________________ On this episode: If the Peleton ad offends you…… (51:20 ) -seriously, while it was a stupid ad, it definitely was NOT controversial, well it wasn’t until the marketers sunk their teeth inHow Your Spine Works ( 25:18) -and why you are probably way to careful with your back The Reverse New Year’s Challenge (37:30 ) -could you go for a whole holiday season with, GASP, no alcohol?????Coach T Online ( 9:17)-lot’s of great stuff! Odyssey Update (3:30 ) -pretty scant…..kind of not much new on that front……________________________________________________________ Hope that you enjoyed it!!!!! I had an awesome time recording this one and stand by every single statement I made!! Much love, Coach Taylor

1hr 14mins

11 Dec 2019

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EP 70: Nipples and Balls Core Training

Welcome to episode 70 of Coach Taylor Radio! I am not going to lie, I really enjoyed this ‘cast today! It bored the fuck out of a lot of people but that is their loss!!! The section on the core is VITAL to your long term health. Listen to it. Understand it. _______________________________________________ On this episode: Nipples, Balls, and Your Core ( 44:01 ) -THIS is VERY important! -How to train and care for your core DO NOT Eat Every 3 Hours ( 28:30 ) Odyssey Update ( 4:50 ) -We have let ourselves become infants-I caught a fish! Insta Answers ( 18:30 ) -Coach Taylor is a, “scamming cunt”-How to deal with tight traps-Your Glutes -Journalling _________________________________________________ If you have any questions or comments, you know how to get ahold of me!!!!!! -Coach Taylor

1hr 7mins

9 Sep 2019

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Ep 97: How To Boost Your Health During Pandemic

This episode is a little different today. No segments, no sections, and shorter, only a half hour. It is dedicated to what you can be doing to keep your immune system healthy and strong as we go through this unprecedented moment in history. There is a lot you can be doing to keep your body resilient and strong in the face of the current health risks. I did the episode this way to make it more accessible to a larger number of people. I want you to share this with anyone who needs a beacon of light in a seemingly non-stop doom and gloom situation. As always, here for any questions you might have! Take care of yourself! The right ways! -Coach Taylor


16 Mar 2020

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Ep 68: Idle Musings

Welcome to episode 68 of Coach Taylor Radio! Feeling somewhat philosophical today and I think the episode is a little like meandering through a meadow thinking thoughts….lol. It still delivers some great health and fitness info though!!!! _______________________________________________________________ On this episode: The ONE Thing ( 48:00 ) -what exercise can you do right now to boost your health?Odyssey Update ( 6:00) -creating mental space-plants-what food tastes like -cooking and meal sharing Why are people unwilling to change? ( 40:30 ) Good Calories or Calorie Deficit? ( 33:20 ) -the debate is still ragin on…..Insta Answers ( 20:50 ) -the food combining diet -childrens menus-toilet paper and fat loss _________________________________________________________ Thank you all for listening!!! The next couple of weeks I will be talking more about my Evolution Training Program. Stay tuned or make sure you are in my private Facebook group to get the info once I publish it-Coach Taylor


26 Aug 2019

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Ep 96: How to Make Your Life Better

Bold title right? That’s how I roll. But in all honesty, if you take this podcast to heart, I will PROMISE you that in 30 years you will message me and thank me for how awesome your life is. Will I still be podcasting in 30 years? I have no idea. Maybe? You will definitely be sick of me by then!!!!!! _____________________________________________________ On this episode: Don’t Train Specificity ( 31:40) Why Does Everyone Hate Rice and Grains? (24:00 ) 25 Things to Do Daily for a Better Life (45:00 ) Do You Know How Good You COULD Feel? ( 6:00) Coach Taylor, Online (10:30 ) -Protein Powder for kids-Red meat and health -Post-workout recovery -Ads are dumb ___________________________________________________ Question? You know how to get a message to me! -Coach Taylor

1hr 8mins

9 Mar 2020

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Ep: 78 Ranting While Barefoot

I am actually almost always barefoot so being barefoot during todays ranting is not out of the ordinary! Things do get a little ranty today….but not like angry ranty…more, I am fed up and done with everything ranty….._________________________________________________ On this episode: I Will Start on Monday (20:00 ) -will you? Why Monday? -this is where I begin to give up on people You Don’t Know 43:00) -you don’t know what you’re doing at the gym -you also probably don’t know what you’re actually capable of Barefoot isn’t Complicated (32:20 )-you don’t need fancy programs or equipment to be barefootOdyssey Update ( 2:30) -TGU’s suck-Made my own bread-Why choose to feel like shit? Coach T Online ( 13:30) -How sore should you be -Daily movement __________________________________________________ Thanks for investing your time with me! Questions? Send them my way! -Coach Taylor


4 Nov 2019

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Ep 100: Brutally Honest Advice

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Coach Taylor Podcast!! Has anyone listened to all 100 episodes? Lol, that would be crazy!!!!! For this episode, I talk about the history and the future of Coach Taylor and I do an overview of my most famous blog of all time: The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat. So sit back, grab a kombucha and enjoy!!!!!____________________________________________________________ I am humbled and eternally grateful that anyone listens to my podcast. I remain dedicated to bringing you the honest truth and only real, evidence based information. No scams, spams, or shitty trends. I am your source for REAL health and fitness advice!!!! -Coach Taylor


8 Apr 2020

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Ep 69: How Fitness Changes Your Life

Welcome to episode 69 of Coach Taylor Radio! All sorts of goodies in here today and a really big update on my year long health Odyssey!! It has been a crazy last few months and this past week I saw a life goal come to fruition! __________________________________________________________________ On this episode: Odyssey Update (9:00)-I made a huge investment and accomplished a life goal, all because of the Odyssey Insta Answers (28:32 ) -ever a reason for gastric bypass? -why isn’t stretching necessary -pseudo sugars Too Much Junk Food Will Make You Blind ( 52:00 ) -we have seen this in the news but it is just another symptom of a far larger problem that doesn’t even shock people anymoreAre Trap Bar Deadlifts Safer? ( 44:00 ) _________________________________________________________________ Thank you for listening to Coach Taylor Radio!!!!! Questions or comments? Feel free to send them my way!!! -Coach Taylor

1hr 4mins

4 Sep 2019

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Ep 101: Motivation and Gardening

Seriously, the MOST inquiries I am getting at the moment are about gardening and how to get started! So, here you go! A huge long segment on how to get started with gardening this year! Also some interesting stuff in Coach Taylor online AND I talk about this new trend to pretend it is ok to sit around and wallow in your sorrow while we are all confined to our houses. Motivation is tricky and taking care of your mental health can seem daunting, but sitting around watching Netflix and eating bags of chips is NOT going to make anything better. Thanks for listening, hit me up if you have any questions!!! -Coach Taylor


16 Apr 2020

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Ep 82: How to Survive the Holidays

Welcome to the 82nd episode of The Coach Taylor Podcast where I unintentionally destroy all the happiness in your life. You’re welcome. _____________________________________________________ On this episode: How to Survive the Holidays (39:40 ) -The Actual Truth, not the usual fitness industry bullshitTanning Your Asshole (28:30 ) -How important is it really? Coach Taylor Online (18:17 ) -DB touch the grounds-Advent calendars -Autophagy Odyssey Update (6:32 ) -90% done! ___________________________________________________ This episode is going to get a lot of disagreement and I am ok with that. Mostly it is just because I say things that no one wants to hear…-Coach Taylor


2 Dec 2019

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