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Talking Trading - Your free weekly trading podcast, showcasing the world's best traders, trading tips, strategies and more.

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Quality, valued added trading Podcast!

By Wutsituya - Feb 05 2020
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There are so many good trading podcasts these days but have to say these guys are awesome. Caroline Stephens, Louise and Chris.... Soothing Aussie accents & quality interviews, motivation & self help for traders. Enjoy it so much I binged listened to most of last years episodes.

If you love the markets - listen to this podcast

By - Dec 04 2019
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The entire team and staff that puts on this podcast is top notch! Professional, focused, timely and inspiring. The content is on point, intriguing and NEEDED! If you are interested in trading ANYTHING - this is a must listen!

iTunes Ratings

11 Ratings
Average Ratings

Quality, valued added trading Podcast!

By Wutsituya - Feb 05 2020
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There are so many good trading podcasts these days but have to say these guys are awesome. Caroline Stephens, Louise and Chris.... Soothing Aussie accents & quality interviews, motivation & self help for traders. Enjoy it so much I binged listened to most of last years episodes.

If you love the markets - listen to this podcast

By - Dec 04 2019
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The entire team and staff that puts on this podcast is top notch! Professional, focused, timely and inspiring. The content is on point, intriguing and NEEDED! If you are interested in trading ANYTHING - this is a must listen!
Cover image of Talking Trading - Your free weekly trading podcast, showcasing the world's best traders, trading tips, strategies and more.

Talking Trading - Your free weekly trading podcast, showcasing the world's best traders, trading tips, strategies and more.

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Rank #1: Will ETFs and HFT impact your trading?

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ETFs and HFT account for 90% of daily turnover on the New York Stock exchange. In this episode, trading giant Daryl Guppy explains how they work and why they are here to stay. His enthusiasm is enormous. His knowledge vast. Sit back and enjoy the markets through his eyes. Also find out what London’s financial district is up with atomic time and Louise Bedford tells us this month is decision time for the Mentor Program.

MARKET WRAP – Jonathon Barratt

With a lot of volatility at the high end of the market the ASX closed on mixed results. A 5-year low for iron ore sent a shiver through the mining market and demonstrations in Hong Kong and events in the Middle East may create low confidence bubbles in the market. Find out Jono’s trading strategies this week.

Daryl Guppy – ETFs and HFT

Exchange Traded Funds and High Frequency Trading account for 90% of the daily turnover on the New York Stock Exchange.

Daryl Guppy says they are here to stay. Daryl gives a crystal clear explanation on how they both work, their impact on the markets and their consequences for traders. Also hear what makes him tick as a trader, his view of indexes and his advice to those in the markets.

To find out more about Guppy Traders go to:

Louise Bedford – Mentor Program

Louise Bedford tells us this month is decision time for the Mentor Program. Hear about the seeds of its birth through to the culture of caring and generosity which flows for those who participate.

To hear more and to register for priority notification and free trading resources, click here.

To download the mp3 file to your computer, right-click on the ‘Download’ link and choose ‘Save target as…’ or ‘Save link as…’ and save the podcast to a suitable location on your local drive. This episode of Talking Trading is also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

Sep 30 2014



Rank #2: Finding ‘Financial Freedom Town’

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In this week’s episode of Talking Trading hear how to cultivate a wealth mindset with Benjamin Harvey. Change your mind with these wealth blueprint strategies, which will lead you towards Financial Freedom Town. Chris Tate gives a wrap of the markets and what is trending.

Chris Tate

Chris takes a quick look at how the US, the European and the Australian markets are performing.

Hear what he has his eye on and where he looking for opportunities.

Ben Harvey – Authentic Education

We have roads inside our minds.

Roads we drive down repeatedly.

Want a different life? A life where you are financially free and you have all the wealth you deserve?

Ben Harvey has some secrets to share on how to create new roads inside your mind to get you to financial freedom town.

In this interview hear:

  • How to control the emotions of fear, guilt and greed
  • The importance of finding a purpose for wealth and reasons its distribution
  • The Law of Diffuse Motivation
  • Why our nervous system can only take 10% fluctuations at a time
  • How our money imprints determines opportunities

Many self made billionaires and millionaires were born broke. What they do differently is they strategically approach and rewire the way their brains think.

You can change your money imprint too.

Ben’s Free Financial Freedom Formula Seminar

Ben is running a series of top functions, and he’s offered Talking Trading listeners free tickets! Have a look where he’s presenting:

Manly Jun 14 (Wed)
Parramatta Jun 15 (Thu)
Adelaide Jun 17 (Sat)
Melbourne Jun 18 (Sun)
Perth Jun 20 (Tue)
Sydney Jun 24 (Sat)
Brisbane Jun 25 (Sun)
Gold Coast Jun 27 (Tue)
* 9am – 6:30pm each day

Click here to get involved.

May 31 2017



Rank #3: Market Wizard Tom Basso

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Imagine being able to hear the specifics of a Market Wizards trading plan?

In this episode it becomes real. The legendary Tom Basso walks through the technicals of his trading system and how he makes profit. Louise Bedford reaffirms that trading education is your prize.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

The true professional never stops growing and learning.

The true win in trading is your trading education so can you repeat the win again and again.

Never stop learning about the markets.

Market Wizard Tom Basso

Tom is most famously known as Mr. Serenity in Jack Schwager’s Market Wizard series.

Now retired from managing client money Tom was president and founder of Trendstat Capital Management, which at its peak handled $600 million worth of other people’s money.

Tom Basso shares his view on trend following and drills down into the mechanics of his personal trading systems.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Trend following systems and exploiting trends
  • Trading losses and how he views the next trade

In the past Tom Basso has painstakingly answered every trading question over personal email, Facebook message, and twitter feeds. But now he has now created his own trader website to answer trader questions and educate. He also has a narrated version of his book ‘Panic Proof Investing’ and he adds other topics he is interested in such as golf, lifestyle and healthy cooking.

Go there and check it out. You will even see a photo of Tom singing with Celine Dion tribute singer!

Dec 04 2018



Rank #4: Killer Strategies to Grow Your Trading Equity

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To download the mp3 file to your computer, right-click on this link and choose ‘Save target as…’ or
‘Save link as…’ and save the podcast to a suitable location on your local drive.

There are some things that work in the markets, and some that just DON’T! Learn how you can avoid shooting yourself in the foot. Also, you’ll hear what the professionals are trading this week.

Chris Tate – Killer Strategies

Learn how to grow your trading equity and not shoot yourself in the foot. What are some of the things that work in the markets, and some of the things that just don’t. Best-selling author Chris Tate will share his views about some of his killer strategies to make your equity grow. He tells us when to buy and sell a share, and the importance of a stop loss.

Evan McQuire – Options Corner

Learn what all successful traders have learned to hone their trading systems with options. Just what are the differences between options and stocks? These dynamos can become dynamite in the wrong hands. Used correctly though, Evan tells us that options can leverage your portfolio, multiply your wealth, and get you the results you’ve been looking for.

Louise Bedford – Kids and Trading

How young is too young to learn the secrets of the markets? How much of a difference would it make to your children’s lives if you could inspire them to become a trader, and take control of their financial lives? Louise Bedford is a mother of two and she shares her thoughts on trading, motherhood, and how to get your kids to focus on becoming great traders, whatever their ages.

Jan 21 2014



Rank #5: Rich, Rich, Rich

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To download the mp3 file to your computer, right-click on this link and choose ‘Save target as…’ or
‘Save link as…’ and save the podcast to a suitable location on your local drive.

Market Matters with Louise Bedford

Since the Dow fell out of bed, the Aussie markets still look lack lustre. From the dwindling list of hot sectors to the large list of cold, why is Louise waiting like a sniper to become net short and what is she looking for? Plus hear what she is trading this week.

Mentor Program Alumni Dinner

At the Alumni Mentor Program dinner for the graduates of the Mentor Program last Saturday night, a room full of like-minded individuals with a passion for the markets talked over champagne and wine. Hear what graduates had to say about The Mentor Program and find out just why being connected to a supportive ‘family’ of traders is so darned valuable.

Rich Rich Rich. What the heck does that mean? with Scott Lowther

Scott Lowther, private trader and systems tester, talks to us about the power of passive income and true financial freedom. Get those pesky pests called costs out of the way and learn some strategies, to make your bank balance go up while your head is down on your pillow. Plus hear all about Scott’s favourite book he recommends to everyone.

Feb 04 2014


Rank #6: Reaching Your Summit

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Stay enthralled with this week’s episode of Talking Trading as mountaineer Patrick Hollingworth takes us back to the top of Mt Everest. Hear the joy Patrick finds in the mountains and why he says to abandon your clutch for comfort and go seeking adventures into the unknown. Louise Bedford urges you to stop ruminating and break your problems down in Mindpower as she reveals a key habit for success in her life. Plus get the low down on how the markets reacted to the federal budget with economist Jonathan Barratt.

Market Wrap – Jono Barrett

Big banks bear the lion’s share of the budget with a tax to raise $6.2 million over 4 years.

Hear Jono’s thoughts on the Australian budget and its potential on commodity markets.

Also find out what Jono has his eye on this week in the market.

Mindpower – How to Stop Ruminating

That which you nurse grows.

If you have a problem or an issue that you are dealing with it can take over your thoughts and your life.

Break your problem down and de-tooth it.

Plot a solution into tiny building blocks. Break it down so it doesn’t seem so immense in your life and break it down to do something today.

Patrick Hollingworth

The Summit Ridge of Everest is the most remote place on earth.

Cold, haunting and lonely.

And in the mountains death is real.

Why does Patrick climb when most of us would be tucked up in bed asleep on our pillows?

The answer….  the sheer stunning natural beauty of planet earth and the privilege of being places few people have been.

The mountains also put you in touch with questions of death and recognition of the fragile state of human life. You also see the corporate rat race is not entirely real and you don’t have to go down that road if you choose.

Patrick’s advice from the highest peaks in the world is to give up your clutch for comfort and embrace opportunities for the unknown and adventures. Going out into the unknown makes you a better person on the other side.

May 16 2017



Rank #7: It is not rocket science. Or is it?

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Go to the moon in this episode with former rocket scientist and renown algorithmic trader Perry Kaufman who took the exponential smoothing of missiles into the markets to determine buy and sell signals. Hear his views of the markets and why he never watches the movie Apollo 13. Louise Bedford looks at your trading Eureka moment.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

TRADING EUREKA moments are precious and the relief which comes from them are sublime.

Louise explains what happens in the brain when these moments occur and why we should hang on in to experience one.

Perry Kaufman

Perry began his career on the space program working on the navigation for Gemini which was later used for Apollo missions and subsequently military reconnaissance.

He was also incidentally one of the guys who caused the Y2K problem.

But even in aerospace they had free time.

Perry used exponential smoothing (similar to moving averages) to determine the path of missiles and he took that technique into the markets to determine buy and sell signals.

He evolved into a trader, strategy developer and risk manager using algorithmic systems and is a renown and leading expert in the field.

In this interview from The Bahamas Perry speaks about:

  • trend following and moving averages
  • why currencies play follow the leader and why when the US raises rates other countries have to follow
  • breakout systems
  • accepting risk as a trader
  • highlights of his time aerospace and why he won’t watch the movie Apollo 13.

To find out more about Perry and his prodigious work go to:

May 21 2019



Rank #8: Treasure Trading

Podcast cover
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Didn’t get a chance to make it to the one-day seminars with Chris Tate and Louise Bedford? Or do you just want refresher tips? Here are some of the key points shared by Chris Tate on how to be a successful trader. This episode will punch through any confusion you’re feeling.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Stop Procrastinating!

To get over procrastination break down that big project into tiny chunks and once you have started you are more likely to continue.

SHAME is a big reason people procrastinate. The best way to overcome it is consider the project done and associate good feelings with it.

Then truly you will be a high performer.

Chris Tate

We are treasure hunters ….  but often in the wrong way.

Good traders BUY NEW HIGHS.

But many people don’t grasp this concept easily. You will never be wealthy buying something that is going down.

In Chris’s mind most people are fossicking around in their grandmother’s underwear draw looking for shillings she collected when she was younger while the sensible people and good traders are looking in the right spot.

They have the right key to the bank vault.


The sheer simplicity of trading can bamboozle people because they expect it to be immensely complex.

But in reality all you need to do is listen to the markets and they will tell you everything you need to know.

And make sure you keep talking to other traders to get the support you need. They are the only ones who will understand your pain, your frustration, your growth and the errors you make.

In fact part of a traders resume is to be wrong. Trading is one of those professions where you are paid to be wrong and the traders who make the fewer errors wins.

And remember successful people have a directed given PURPOSE. Everyone is a beginner is something, the most successful beginners GET THE BASICS RIGHT.

Aug 21 2018



Rank #9: Pilots of Success

Podcast cover
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It is time to be in the pilot’s seat of life and create your own luck.  Enjoy this episode with Louise Bedford and Michael Yardney on how the successful make their own opportunities.

Louise Bedford and Michael Yardney

Luck favours the persistent.

Luck favours the brave.

Luck favours the hard working.

Successful people create their own LUCK and their own destiny. They are the PILOTS of their own lives not the passengers.

Successful people have failed more often than the unsuccessful but they have survived…. they kept going …. they lived to fight another day.

Successful people have also tried the hardest. Talent alone is not enough, for luck to flourish you must relentlessly develop your own skills. It takes the right mindset, the right place, the right person and the right opportunity to create your LUCK.

Luck equals opportunity and preparation.

Who you hang around is also another big factor. You are also the product of the 5 people who are closest to you.

Michael introduced Louise to property investing and presented a whole new investment world to her.

Be prepared as an investor to create opportunities. Come to Michael’s Wealth Retreat June 9 -13 and link arms with an elite group of people who share the same mindset and immerse yourself into the principles of success.

Apr 25 2018



Rank #10: Kick Your Trading Goals

Podcast cover
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Mentoree Wendy Gaylord on her trading journey and Louise Bedford on why it is dangerous to share your goals too soon.

Wendy Gaylord – Mentoree 2016

Wendy Gaylord thought she was the last person in the world to have anything to do with trading.

But life had other plans for her.

Four years ago she met Louise Bedford at a party and her journey in the markets began.

Hear how the mentor program unearthed deep patterns in her psychology, which were preventing her achieving to her capacity and how taking Louise’s advice to break things down into baby steps became a strategy and life lesson.

Braden Gardiner – Trade Direct 365

Broker Braden Gardiner discusses his service at Trade Direct 365.

Mindpower – Louise bedford

Having goals is important.

Sharing goals is important too.

Not OVER sharing your goals is more important still.

Louise looks at what neurologically happens when you share goals too soon with people and why you must be guarded.

Your subconscious needs reinforcement after the achievement of the goal not before it.

Apr 11 2018



Rank #11: Market Wizard Tom Basso Part 2

Podcast cover
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Want to hear more from Market Wizard Tom Basso? Tom discusses the psychology of his trading, current markets and the new world he has created at Enjoy the Ride where traders have unique access to the life and trading of Tom Basso.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

TRADING IS your gift.

Think of your needs being met and you will be welcoming wealth into your account.

Trading is the gift you give yourself.

Tom Basso

It took Tom Basso 5 years to become profitable in the markets, but every year he lost less money and with every mistake he improved.

He kept peeling back the onion….

As time went by he learnt that DISCPLINE and SELF AWARENESS were vital in a traders psychology and he undertook exercises to increase his AWARENESS.

We discuss current markets as well as the EU.

And we talk about the world Tom has created on his website – A place to learn, a place to connect and a place to improve your craft.

Rather than answering the same trader’s questions over and over he has put them all in a short collection of videos as well as useful links and research.

Yes it is true – Tom hit a high note with the Celine Dion tribute singer.

He also offers sneak peaks into his healthy lifestyle complete with delish recipes.

Tom even emailed me some amazing healthy recipes.

But wait… Tom will still be around for mentoring, he won’t be going anywhere and you are still able to contact him.

Dec 11 2018



Rank #12: Frontier Markets

Podcast cover
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Aksel Kibar from ‘The Jewel of the Black Sea’ in Bulgaria on his trading style and the frontier market of the UAE. Plus, hear from Louise Bedford in her Mindpower segment about why you should never stop learning in the markets.

Aksel Kibar

Aksel has worked for the largest banks in Istanbul and Abu Dhabi.

He spent 9 years trading in the sovereign investment world of the United Arab Emirates witnessing its transition from a ‘frontier’ to an ‘emerging’ market.

In this interview we find out whether technical analysis was a legitimate way to look at the markets in the middle-eastern world and how it compared with fundamental analysis at the time.

We also discuss how charting is the international language crossing all borders and cultures and why Aksel started focusing on flat range break outs in the region.

Aksel describes his trading routine and the human emotions he has to be on the look out for whilst trading.

We also take a brief look at the socio economic climate of the UAE and Turkey and finally Aksel gives three pieces of advice to traders.

To find out more about Aksel’s work go to

Mindpower with Louise Bedford

The true professional never stops learning and growing.

The real win in the markets is the trading education you have gained after all this time.

The real prize is the growth your trading education has forced you to take.

Never stop learning about the markets.

Apr 18 2018



Rank #13: Your Trading Edge

Podcast cover
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Ever heard of Your Trading Edge Magazine? Its editor Kritika Seksaria gives insight into the world of the magazine and what she has observed from all her years with successful traders and Chris Tate gives a wrap of the markets.

Chris Tate

Indices around the world are bullish.

The Australian market was indifferent to the Royal Commission’s final report and it has continued its upward trend.

The Dow’s collection of stocks is explained by Chris as well as a look at top performing commodities.

Kritika Seksaria

If you are a trader you will have heard of Your Trading Edge magazine.

With an audience of 80 000 it is an industry standard publication and a right’s of passage for the serious trader.

Kritika is the editor of YTE and she has literally read thousands of articles on the markets….so what are her top pieces of advice for traders?

Kritika is making a special offer to Talking Trading listeners: A one year digital subscription for YTE.  Just go to the subscription page and add the code ytesub18.

Use this opportunity to become serious about trading.

Mar 05 2019



Rank #14: Boom! The Budget Bang – How does it affect your hip pocket?

Podcast cover
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This episode tells you how the federal budget is going to affect you, your family and your trading. Plus Chris Tate’s history of The South Sea Bubble shows that there really is nothing new under the trading sun.

Jason Cunningham

Accountant and TV star (The Living Room – TEN Network) Jason Cunningham gives us the ins and outs and the highs and lows of the Federal Budget.

How it will affect Australians, what Jason agreed with, what he didn’t, and his opinions on what is great in our country and what drives him bananas. Informative, fun and energetic – when was the last time someone told you to be good to be mother?

Did you know? – With Chris Tate

Take a walk inside Chris Tate’s mind in his Did you know? segment with these facts come market lesson on The South Sea Bubble.

While many modern traders believe they are seeing things for the first time, hear the similarities between the South Sea Bubble three centuries ago and the Tech Wreck 10 years ago. To be a great trader Chris emphasizes you must be a student of the markets and know that there really is nothing new under the trading sun.

Last week’s episode featured Dr Harry Stanton, an expert on the important subject of trading psychology. Harry, in conjunction with Louise Bedford, recently released the Mind Power Profit Pack.

If you want to learn more from Dr Harry and you’re serious about making money as a trader, grab a copy of the Mind Power Profit Pack. There are only 13 2 Mind Power Profit Packs left at the introductory price, so click here right now to find out more.

To download the mp3 file to your computer, right-click on the ‘Download’ link and choose ‘Save target as…’ or ‘Save link as…’ and save the podcast to a suitable location on your local drive.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

Jun 03 2014



Rank #15: Daily Versus Weekly Systems

Podcast cover
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Louise Bedford has traded both daily and weekly trading systems. Which one is the best for you? Jonathon Barrett gives a global markets update and Niv Dagan talks all things trading.

Jonathon Barrett

The US economy is starting to slow down, and with a hawkish statement by The Fed on interest rates, there could be a recipe for profit-taking.

Oil has come under pressure as Nigeria and Libya continue to produce, Opec cuts don’t seem to be working and the US continues with its own reserves.

Louise Bedford

Do weekly trading systems outperform daily?

Louise shares some of her 30 years experience in the markets.

  1. In a daily system you won’t be able to catch long-term trends and pyramid into a position. However, for the experienced trader there are still gains to be had.
  2. There are more transaction costs
  3. Unless you develop your skills, daily charts are noisy and it is harder to see the overall trend
  4. It’s possible to overtrade.

Niv Dagan – Peak Asset Management

Peak Asset Management is a boutique investment firm based in Melbourne. Niv and his team provide private and institutional investors with access to attractive corporate opportunities.

In this interview he talks about:

  • why investors always want more
  • the mindset of sophisticated investors
  • his passion for the markets
  • the role of stock brokers and compliancy rules which govern them
  • the difference between general and personal advice
  • why people are moving out from options to CFDs
  • online broking versus human broking
  • the litmus test he conducts on all his research.

Get exposure to Niv’s bi daily market wraps and have the in depth low-down on what is the happening in the market morning and night.

To find out more about Niv email him directly at:

Or go to his website

Jun 27 2017



Rank #16: The Laughter Advantage

Podcast cover
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Anthony Ackroyd is one of Australia’s best-known comedians and he features on this week’s episode of Talking Trading on the benefits of laughter and to how find joy in your life. If love conquers all but laughter makes it possible then Anthony challenges us to find the joy in every day life and nurture the humour which is already there leading to more success, health and wealth.

Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd is one of the leading comedians of his generation in Australia. He has graced most Australian television channels with his skits, improvisations and impersonations on shows such as The Comedy Company, Hey Hey its Saturday, The Big Gig and Good News Week. At one stage he was so famous he was the subject of a question on The Wheel of Fortune.

He is in short – One Funny Guy.

Exhausted from fame, Anthony set about applying what he learnt as a stand up comedian to help people as a Clown Doctor and now as a laughter coach.

Did You Know?

One minute of a good solid belly laugh is equivalent to 10 minutes on an exercise bike for aerobic conditioning and that every time you laugh you release:

  • A hormone which boosts your immune system
  • Dopamine or the reward chemical
  • Oxytocin which makes you feel closer to other people
  • Endorphins which make you feel more motivated and inspired
  • Serotonin which makes you feel more peaceful

And if that is not enough, the Japanese believe that laughter is spending time with the Gods.

Anthony’s favourite motto is love conquers all, but laughter makes it possible and he delivers three tools for creating happiness and laughter:

  1. Intention to find more humour
  2. Attention – what we focus on grows
  3. Interpretation – we learn to see the humour in all situations

Anthony is passionate about people adopting the laughter lifestyle and finding the joy that is actually there in life. After all, laughter is the shortest distance between two people and it is the sound of the soul waking up.

To download Anthnoy’s stress less, laugh more ten point plan, or to register for Anthony’s blog The Laughter Advantage go to

Highlights of Talking Trading are also available on Louise Bedford’s Soundcloud.

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

Aug 04 2015



Rank #17: XX Rated Trading

Podcast cover
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Louise Bedford on gender in the markets and which comes first the chick or the dreg, Chris Tate on how to kick start a small account and Adam Talbot on the little things that make success.

Mindpower – Louise Bedford

Research by Harvard sociologist Rosabeth Kanter on her study Men and Women of the Corporation found that women tend to be pigeon-holed in a corporation and typecast into 4 categories:

  1. Mother
  2. Pet
  3. Seductress
  4. Iron Maiden.

But the research showed when more women were employed those gender-based differences dissolved.

We don’t have enough female traders.

In the Trading Game community 30% of traders are female but in retail CFD markets only 10% are women clients.

Let’s start encouraging gender equality with trading. Trading has true longevity for people, it doesn’t rely on the power of your body it relies on the power of your mind.

It a viable way of keeping money in your twenties and thirties and into old age.

This research inspired and encouraged Louise to keep speaking out. She really wants to see you succeed and share in your success as you upgrade your lifestyle and realise what you are capable of and step into your power and identity as a trader.

 A Little Trading – Chris Tate

If you had a small account of 5k what would you do to kick it off?

To start small Chris would get used to dealing in the markets and learn to acclimatise your responses.

The markets show people what they are really like – ill disciplined, lazy, frightened, and unwilling to do the things that make you successful.

How you respond will be the harbinger to if you are successful.

Book Review The Slight Edge – Adam Talbot mentoree of 2016

Adam reads this book once a year and the one book that has made the biggest impact on his life personal.

The message of The Slight Edge is the secrets to success are the little choices we make each day – the little things that are easy to do and also easy not to do.

Over time the compound effect of these little choices will lead you to the success you desire. Do the little things that matter ESPECIALLY when no one is watching.

Free tickets for the Online Trading Summit

“Join me today at the Online Trading Summit, a free online event featuring video interviews and presentations with more than 30+ top traders (including yours truly).

It’s going live during the week of 10th – 16th September 2018 and includes interviews with top traders who will share with you how they got started with trading and their personal secrets to sustaining long-term success in trading.

I’m presenting on one of my favourite topics in the whole world… candlesticks, but in a way that you’ve never seen before. I’ll show you how I use them to trade volatile markets.

This is going to be an amazing event, so go here to grab your ticket now while I’ve still got some free tickets available by clicking here.

You don’t want to miss what people are calling the online trading event of the year.”

– Louise Bedford

Sep 04 2018



Rank #18: Highlights of 2015

Podcast cover
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In the final episode for Talking Trading this year we take a trip down memory lane and relive highlights of our special guests. Hear the pearls of wisdom from our two MARKET WIZARDS, Linda Rascke and Dr Van Tharp, remember the jewels of experience from CHARTING LEGEND Peter L Brandt and the insights and knowledge from our many life coaches, authors and financial experts.

What did the former translator to the Dalai Lama say about mastering the mind?

What was it that life coach Tanya Geislar said about your success?

And just how well did Peter L Brandt know his trading plan?

We would also like to say a very big thank you to all the mentorees who were brave enough to share their story on Talking Trading during 2015:

Maree Burgess

Karen Hansen-Palumberi

Adonis Desteunis

Catherine Roberts

Maria Montgomery

Kirsten Stoldt

Joe Papa.

Their stories have the been voted the favourite items by Talking Trading listeners and their journeys will continue to inspire and comfort traders achieving excellence and financial freedom.

We have loved your company this year and look forward to 2016.

Dec 23 2015



Rank #19: Piranha Trading

Podcast cover
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In 2008 Adam Khoo was ranked among the top 25 richest Singaporeans under the age of 40. This interview shares his trading methodology, psychology and the wisdom of his grandfather.

Louise Bedford Mindpower

Louise loves doing yoga and trading is a lot like yoga.

Those repetitive basics you do again and again to make tiny incremental improvements.

Hear how Louise loves to base her identity on being a trader.

Adam Khoo

Adam’s career in the markets started in childhood when his grandfather gave him share certificates to invest for Chinese New Year.

It was the beginning of an investment journey, which has evolved from fundamental analysis to technical and a confidence in a trading methodology with a proven statistical edge.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Adam’s trading strategy and techniques in stocks and FX
  • The importance of rigorous testing of your system to give you the confidence in the markets
  • How long term profits in the markets come down to your system’s statistical edge
  • Money management and how he maintains his psychological equipoise in the markets
  • The way he looks at his trading in terms of a business
  • How discipline in the markets is EVERYTHING.

Finally we hear just how wise Adam’s grandfather was with his finances.

To learn more about Adam Khoo’s stock and forex trading strategies, check out his Piranha Profits trading courses or register for his free webinars today.

IFTA Conference

Chris Tate and Louise Bedford are presenting at the IFTA conference in Malaysia October 26 – 28.

IFTA is International Federation of conference of Technical analysts.

If you want to tap into an international community of technical analysts find out more by googling IFTA or book in at

Jul 10 2018



Rank #20: Stellar Returns

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In this interview with Chris Tate, we hear what are accurate expectations of a short-term trading system and how much cash flow it can bring. Louise Bedford talks about taking responsibility for where you are in life and your trading education.

Chris Tate

That is the thing about trading… No one is ever going to ring you up and say:

‘You have made too much money, STOP MAKING SO MUCH MONEY.’

Short-term trading adds diversification and cash flow to your portfolio.

However, there are realistic expectations for a short-term system.

You can only get what the market will give you.

You may buy the Aussie dollar for 79c but you are not going to sell it for $7.90. You can’t a have a life changing return from short-term trading. It is not designed for what a long-term system does.

You need to have to have the right tool for the right job.

In this interview with Chris Tate, we also talk about back-testing and how human bias can creep into the analysis, renaissance technology and Jim Simons, and the psychology of traders who make a lot and then lose a lot, and realistic returns of the markets over the past years.

Louise Bedford – Mindpower

Automate Your Pain

What do you procrastinate about? Usually it some activity that you think is a drudge activity.

So link your activities to push your day ahead.  The more you can link a habit with another the easier it will become for you.

Play your ‘A GAME’.

It is hard as an adult to accept responsibility for your actions. Yet to grow that is exactly what you need to do. Accept responsibility for where you are in life, if you don’t your circumstances will never change. You will always find someone to blame, some excuse to give, some reason why you are not where you need to be.

Be the best version of yourself.

There is no trading emotion that Chris and Louise haven’t felt themselves in the past.

Accept where you are in your trading education. If you have followed your trading plan that trade is never a failure.

Sep 06 2017