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Collapse at Hidden Verse Three Three Two

The Multiverse Generator is failing. Dimensions threaten to collapse and entire populations will cease to exist unless it is reset. One being from each of more than five thousand verses has been acquired, and their DNA verified. Only one remains. His name is Timothy Rayburn and he is a resident of Earth. The Consolidation of Organized Systems has sent a ship to retrieve him. Timothy is a teenager failing speech class due to a paralyzing fear of public speaking. He soon learns that his problems are quite small compared to the impending collapse of all existence. He must overcome his fear if he is to survive not only the dangers of space travel and multiversal war, but himself.

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A Swarm of Vipers

Captain Nule and Commander Geesh's hunt continues as the ship races across the vortex.


28 Jul 2008

Rank #1

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The Triptic Vortex

The Truthseeker crew faces a new, slithering threat.


25 Jul 2008

Rank #2

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Consolidation Congress

The Truthseeker crew attends an emergency meeting and Timothy learns just how dangerous thier mission will be.


30 Jun 2008

Rank #3

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The Asteroid Sea

Sparrim thanks Timothy with an unexpected gift.


16 Jul 2008

Rank #4

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Timeshift Tunnel

Bugs, time travel and the most embarrassing moment of Tim's life.


8 Jul 2008

Rank #5

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Choxide Mote

Tweezor's big family


22 Jul 2008

Rank #6

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A Mile of Open Air

The Meem attack Scorrinwall Base and Timothy falls for Sparrim.


15 Jul 2008

Rank #7

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An Uncanny Resemblance

Tim sees an alien that looks like his favorite actress.


30 Jun 2008

Rank #8

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The Multiverse Generator

Vulpa and Timothy try to re-set the mysterious machine as Tweezor attempts a quantum space fold.


31 Jul 2008

Rank #9

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Leaving Ebteon

The Redeemer, with Tweezor and Timothy aboard, gets away from a war torn Scorrinwall Base. Captain Nule and his ship are close behind, as is the cloaked enemy fleet.


15 Jul 2008

Rank #10