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TALK.LISTEN.LOVE.TRUST: these are key ingredients for the best of relationships.Tune in to iLast Radio, 24/7 for Relationship advice and more.Feel free to call in to any show .... and share your thoughts, ASK Mz Deeva Relationship Advice, share your wisdom, or talk to featured Guests! Join the chat room if you are a Registered BTR user (free to register).WANT TO BE A GUEST or Guest Co-Host? Email Team Deeva: sayitwithDeeTv@gmail.com Thank you for tuning in and REMEMBER archives of shows are on everyday!!Let's REMAIN connected: Follow on Twitter/FB/Tumblr via @MzDeeVa4you

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Do Women Cheat when He Cheats or when He Shows up Broken?

#askDeeVaMen have been taught in nearly ALL cultures, that if a woman is #Happy and in good spirits, WHILE the guy she is with is not treating her right and taking her through, most men are taught it means she is seeing someone else.All sort of idiotic garbage quotes exist on this. So if a guy is cutting up, he tells himself these untruths and acts a bigger fool. So let me squash this myth, once and for all so the games can stop.Contrary to this popular idiotic belief that she has to be cheating if you are not her source for happiness...luvs, that is NOT TRUE!A content woman,  who KNOWS WHO SHE IS, prior to a guy with BS ending up in her energy space,  can continue to be happy,  loving and aware of who she is, WITHOUT cheating and replacing the guy who is all over the place trying to make sense of his chaos.Now, do beware,  she will take an exit if you keep it up.  Of course she will, content women are lovers of peace and remove themselves from those who constantly disrupt it.But, sometimes,  she will stick around at a distance for a while,  but not because she is entertaining your chaos, it's usually because she is not allowing it to interrupt her Happiness flow. No, she will not go searching for a man to replace your ignorance. ....BUT...A Man may come searching for her to replace your foolishness,  and a Happy woman, is also an Honest one, she will tell you and walk away with her new content,  self-aware, and peaceful Man.This truth I share may be debated,  however,  it's more of a testimony than advice, so I'm speaking from experience not just rambling on.#TalkBack #LetsTalk CALL IN 347-945-6968 and Ask DEEVA your relationship questions of the day!1. Agree2. Disagree3. This was Useful4. I didn't care for this at all.:-) ?


4 Mar 2015

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Side Chic Phobia: Ask DeeVa

Yessss, it is time to get this Side Chic talk out of the way for the new year!!Call in and let's talk about your phobias with it, her obsession with it, his addiction to it!!Ask DeeVa: 347-945-6968Tune in to iLast Radio, Tuesdays, 10:30pm cst


25 Feb 2015

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Ask DeeVa: When Do we Have the DTR Talk?

Yet another hot topic for Tuesday's 'Ask DeeVa' segment.The question: When do we have the DTR, define the relationship, talk?There are different answers for every situation! Tune in as Mz DeeVa explains and listen to additional shares from callers and guests.Tuesday, 10:30pm cst, 11:30pm est.Use Hashtags: #askDeeVa #DTR


11 Feb 2015

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How to Keep Your Luv from Cheating via Facebook Inbox n Twitter/IG DM

It's not strange news that connections via social media private message boxes have destroyed relationships, marriages and even careers!Join Mz DeeVa and her Guest hosts: Mz Yolanda Nicole, DJ Sipp, Tony Law and Ocean as we share some insight ( serious and humorous) as to how to put a COMPLETE STOP to your BAD behavior in the private messaging boxes!!CALL in LIVE, every Tuesday night: 10:30pm cst / 11:30pm est, 347-945-6968.#askDeeVa #iLastRadio


4 Feb 2015

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Men Talk Controlling Women: Live With or Without Them?!

Tuesday's panel brings straight talk from the men!Their #relationshiptalk #HotTopic:'Controlling Women: Live with or Without Them' Call in to Live segment: 347-945-6968


28 Jan 2015

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