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Tea time with Twaambo is a podcast hosted by Twaambo and brings you a breath of fresh air while making you feel refreshed, reconnected with yourself and feeling validated. With today’s society where we are not listened to or validated for our feelings, how do we know whether our feelings are normal, let alone justifiable? The solution is that sometimes we just need to talk. Listen to this podcast and get all of your feelings out in the open. You don’t need an appointment – just some lollies, and a cup of tea.

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Needing to be needed

Do you often find yourself resentful after helping the people around you?  Are you a chronic fixer and don’t know why you lay yourself on the line to help people?  This episode came right on time for you! Don’t forget to subscribe and share ! Invite me to bring the feeling of spring into your podcast, tv show or organization!  I travel to conferences , schools and organisations to share my story and encourage you to share yours too.  Email me : twaambo@trulytwaambo.com Please support this podcast on Patreon by clicking here www.trulytwaambo.com


17 Sep 2018

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