Radical Strategies is a podcast about creative careers. Hosted by LA based creative director, Rod Chong, each episode features a different creative professional, from photographers, fashion designers, musicians to automotive designers, video game developers, and content creators. The focus of our conversations: the ins and outs of developing a professional creative practice - how to get started, what mistakes to avoid, and important best practices to bear in mind. This is a great resource for anyone pursuing a creative career.

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Bisi Ezerioha | Electrified Engineering: Creating the Future

Our last Radical Strategies Season 6 podcast recording is a fab conversation with Bisi Ezerioha. It’s a fascinating story, starting from Bisi’s beginnings in Nigeria, his move to the US, and a deep dive into how he learned automotive engineering in the underground Los Angeles street racing scene. He has plenty of advice about getting started in content creation too. An inspiring chat all in all :>


14 Jul 2022

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Christine GZ | Maximum Attack: The Race Driver

From the Canary Islands to the International Stage. Extreme E off-road, and rally racer, Christine GZ steps us through how she built her motorsports career. It's a fascinating story, with many twists and turns, showcasing the power of Christine's fearlessness, positive mindset, and tenacity. She also has many insights on how to land sponsor deals, race drives, and a social following to boot. This is a fun one!


18 Jun 2022

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Andy Blackmore | Of Formula One, Games and Racing Cars

Love race cars? Video Games? Dream of having a creative career in motorsports? Want to know how to make this happen? Well look no further than this conversation with famed race car livery designer, Andy Blackmore. This is a fun chat, where Andy discusses his time working on the McLaren F1 GTR program, F1 racing in the 1990s, and his stints on EA’s F1 and Need for Speed games. He’s also got plenty of great advice for any burgeoning freelance designers. Have a listen!


8 Jun 2022

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Wilson Tang | Star Wars, Need for Speed and Beyond

How to have five careers in one? How to start creating in one area and end in another? How to bridge working for a renowned Japanese architect, Shin Takamatsu to Anime, Star Wars, and Need for Speed racing games? How to start your own video game company? Want to know more? Listen to what concept designer, art director, and entrepreneur, Wilson Tang has to say! In this episode of Radical Strategies, Wilson and our host, Rod Chong, deep dive into all aspects of his career and critical lessons learned along the way.


30 May 2022

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Nour Alkhadra | Video Gamer to Acting Lead

Sometimes you just have to unlock the right combo of elements - the right angle to apply your skills and talents. Our next Radical Strategies guest, Nour Alkhadra appears to have done just that. Since a recent career change, she’s been on a quick ascent in the acting world; having just starred in a Middle Eastern TV series and is a few months away from the launch of her first feature film starring role. Check the conversation for the details. It’s a fun one. (Yes she's also a hardcore gamer!)


20 May 2022

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Kate Gorbacheva | The Discipline of Band Photography

Welcome to the world of music photography - care of LA-based shooter, Kate Gorbacheva. Known for her work with progressive metal bands like Periphery and Animals As Leaders and gothic + doom + folk artist Chelsea Wolfe, Kate talks us through the ins and outs of photographing live shows for a living. It’s a fab interview for any aspiring photographers!


13 May 2022

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Misha Mansoor | Metal Guitarist to Entrepreneur

Want to feel inspired? Like anything is possible? That you’ll find your way in life? Well, listen to what our friend Misha Mansoor has to say. In this week’s episode of Radical Strategies, Misha chats with our host, Rod Chong about the start of his progressive metal band, Periphery, and how he built up multiple income streams and business ventures. It’s a fantastic story, full of great advice for any aspiring musicians and creatives.


4 May 2022

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Dalal Elsheikh | Getting Started in Automotive Design

Welcome to Radical Strategies Season Six - eight conversations showing eight dream jobs and the people behind them. Let’s learn how they scored their dream gigs and how they got started! First up we have automotive designer, Dalal Elsheikh, someone who definitely has the beginnings of a dream career happening. Tune in to hear our host, Rod Chong, interview Dalal on how she got started, and what’s involved in her day-to-day life as a car designer.


26 Apr 2022

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Tru Erin Elmore | How to Start: Digital Art and NFTs

Our good friend, the digital artist, Tru Erin Elmore is back, chatting with Rod Chong about the evolution of her artistic vision and initial entry into the NFT space. The final episode of Radical Strategies Season 05, this is yet another primer for anyone interested in digital art and its relation to NFT collecting.


8 Apr 2022

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Mike St-Jean | Tech + Audio: When Music Meets NFT

This is a most fascinating conversion - a chat between Web3 strategist + adviser and music-forward NFT artist, Mike St-Jean and our host, Rod Chong. This interview is a must-listen for any recording artists who are interested in the NFT space - it’s a chat focused entirely on the convergence of music and NFT tech. 


30 Mar 2022

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